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Spring Jewelry Trends 2013 With a Nod to Hollywood

By Calla Gold

Choker necklace, vampire style

Vampire Chic Brings Vintage Fashion and Choker Jewelry Back to Evoke Romantic Longing

Hollywood and Vampires Influence Jewelry Fashion

The archetypes of Hollywood entertainment from the innocent “angel” to the darker vampire themes have laid their stamp on the jewelry styles of  2013.

We’re seeing angelic, delicate and innocent gem colors with a soft diaphanous translucence to those colors this spring. And there are darker elements making our jewelry more edgy as well.

Today I’ll be talking about Spring Jewelry Trends,  spring jewelry colors and how some of them are influenced by Hollywood.

Your spring jewelry trends aren’t just flowers and bright colors anymore. Even the gem cuts you’re used to looking at have gotten a new look.

Emerald Earrings and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Rocking Pantone Emerald Green in Real Emeralds.

Spring Jewelry Trends are led by Pantone Emerald Green

Between Pantone’s color of the year emerald green and the creative ideas percolating, on the runway and off, this spring’s jewelry trends have exciting new influences.

This Spring it’s all about color, from the bright of emerald to the  translucent and dreamy gems in the new and delicious sliced  gem collections.

Blue Jean Chic and Casual Fashions Usher in Rustic Finishes for Jewelry

Jeans and Jewelry, Ralph Lauren style

Large Dressy Dangly Earrings Look Great With Jeans. Ralph Lauren Jeans.

What jewelry you can wear with blue-jeans-casual has expanded as well. I’m seeing dressy chandelier earrings with jeans, where hoops were the wildest style you could pull off previously.

Ralph Lauren says “Denim offers a fresh take on cocktail style and for most occasions can look as formal as a little black dress, and how casual or dressy your denim looks depends largely on accessories and shoes.”

I read that as earring, necklaces and cool belts! Thanks Ralph! I’ll be dressing up my jeans with wilder jewelry accessories!

This Santa Barbara jewelry designer is loving the jewelry in your future. Here is the Calla Gold Jewelry  Spring Jewelry Trends of 2013!

Spring Jewelry Trends 2013 High Points 

Calla Gold Jewelry Tourmaline Chandelier Earrings

Pink and Green Translucent Tourmalines Shine in These Matte Gold Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier and Dangle Earrings

With easy to toss hair and flouncy fashion details, it’s not the year to be serious with your big chandelier earring styles, except on the red carpet of course.

Lighter, earrings that dangle with stones that are translucent and cloudy – in sexy tones like chalcedony, rose quartz and aventurine (light green) are going to get a lot of play this spring.

Sliver Gem Earrings, Calla Gold Jewelry

Sliver Cut Opal Gem Earrings with Diamonds all Around

Popular Gem Stone Cuts, Caboshons and Slice Gems

Fun cuts to look for in your chosen gems for spring are Cabochons, that sexy rounded look invites you to look into the gem like staring into a pool of water.

Slice gems, like fizzy frozen froth on your ear blend translucence, lightness and dreamy mystery.  Slice Gems are the new gem cutting method that allows you to wear a big and colorful gem earring without dragging your earlobes down.

These luscious lollypop thin, Katie-Perry-outfit-gorgeous colored earrings are all about innocent fun.

Calla Gold Jewelry Designed Caboshon cut Ruby Designed Ring in Yellow Gold

Caboshon Cut Rubies Sing in This Ring for Mary

Soft Translucent Gems and a Rustic Feel in Metals

Part of the spring look in gems and jewelry is a soft and almost rustic feel. This is achieved with matte finishes for the metals and translucence choices in gems.

Amber Glow, Earthy and Natural

Amber Earrings and Kate Bosworth

An Angelic Kate Bosworth Looking Innocent in Amber Earrings

Other interesting spring choices will be amber with it’s always unique interior views.

No two pieces are the same and with the desire for an individual style, amber with it’s ever unique look from piece to piece let’s every woman who chooses amber stand alone.

Amber also a creates a beautiful fire-ember-glow-accent to frame your face.

Amber even comes in green, naturally!

Drusy Quartz, Texture and Wow Factor

Drusy Quartz Ring

Drusy Quartz is reminiscent of sugar or snow

Drusy quartz with it’s misbehavin’ messy-sparkly-mystery look is a winner for spring with it’s alluring peek inside-a-quartz-geode feel.

Gem Trade Net says, “Drusy’s are gemstones with a natural surface texture much like fine sugar crystals that formed on the Quartz by the phenomena of micro-crystalline facets millions of years ago. Drusy crystals went unnoticed in the jewelry world until recently, when they began appearing in the work of noted carvers and jewelry designers.”

Wear it in a ring so your friends can grab your hand and drool.

Calla Gold Jewelry White Gold and Black Rhodium Banges

Black Rhodium Treated White Gold Bangles with Pearls and Diamonds.

Gold Bangle Bracelets Earthy and Versatile

Gold bracelets with a nod to higher gold prices are thin, feminine and delicate in make, with rustic matte and hammering finishes to give them extra oomph.

And for the bangles on the left the influence of dark and edgy is created using a black rhodium finish over the gold.

Vintage Jewelry, in on a Tide of Hollywood Period Movies

For vintage lovers, your ship has come in. The vintage look is very hot right now with art deco at the forefront. Vintage pieces go beautifully with the bright emerald green color of the year and other bright color notes.

Beloise Jewelry Design

Snake Jewelry Taking Hold of her Hand

Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake in Style

It is the year of the snake and with snakes coming out of hibernation soon, spring is just the time to rock your snake themed jewelry (pins, rings, earrings).

Diamonds and the Hotness of Black Diamonds

Black and White Diamond Bracelet

Why be subtle? Notice How Awesome all the Little Black Diamonds Look?

In the world of diamonds, black and white diamond combinations are dynamic.

But black in springtime? Yes black is the statement for fashion forward, edgy and cool.

When you use black diamonds less is more. I’m speaking to size of gem. To get the maximum glitz factor from your black diamonds use lots of little ones instead of one big one.

Black Rhodium Heats up a White Hot Trend

When black rhodium is added at the edges of slice gem earring settings for a touch of night, the vampire chic comes in to add hipness to their beauty.

Black rhodium is showing up in jewelry from edgy jewelry designers the world over.

Calla Gold Jewelry Blue Chalcedony and Diamond Earrings with Black Rhodium Earrings

These Dreamy Aquamarines are Just a Touch Naughty with Their Kiss of Night Detail.

Black rhodium also improves the look of off-color diamonds and older cut diamonds.

A Black Rhodium finish makes engraving look more dimensional.

Happily black rhodium is showing up on wedding rings and it looks awesome!

See my post about black rhodium.

Which Spring “Touch of Fresh” or “Kiss of Night” Will You Embrace?

Will you rock new bigger slice gem earrings in soft dreamy gem colors? Or will you give yourself the gift of that emerald you’ve always wanted because it’s  the color of the year? Or will you spice up that outfit with black diamond accessories? Or perhaps you’ll go in search of a crystalline fantasy with drusy quartz for something your jewelry collection has never seen before? Which do you pine for this spring? Tell me!!

Your Spring Jewelry Trend Spotter, Calla Gold!



22 thoughts on “Spring Jewelry Trends 2013 With a Nod to Hollywood

  1. I enjoyed reading your Calla Gold Spring Jewelry Trends! I feel color projects how we feel and should be the basis of the outfit we choose for that day. So, the jewelry I pick often is a statement or accent piece to my outfit.
    Jewelry adds that feminine touch and represents an aspect of our personality in many ways. The chandelier earrings are fun and sexy, I love them and you can never go wrong. Of course, a classic vintage piece inspires a special feeling of nostalgia, and the earthy gems, both big and small bring out the classy hippie in me.
    The healing power of gems like the moonstone, speak to me in moments when I need support. All the pieces you spoke of inspired me to wear more of what I often forget I own as well as choose something new that inspires me for spring this year, maybe blue chalcedony. Calla that was a great and informative article!
    In the Get Happy Zone!

    • Jackie,
      Your in depth response to my Spring Jewelry Trend ideas is much appreciated. You really had good opinions about why we accessorize and what we are communicating with our choices.
      I’m happy to know that there is a hippie inside you. I always think of the inner hippie as a happy carefree person. So, yeah I can see that now. Blue chalcedony would look amazing on you Jackie!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  2. Hi Calla,

    Loved your Spring Jewelry Trend Forecast!! I just read it through and was very impressed and inspired by all of the new knowledge/terms I was informed on when it comes to gem cut, gem and metal colors, styles, and special jewelry finishes.

    Darla Bea

  3. I gotta say Calla, I love vintage anything (especially houses). As well, it’s great to know of new approaches to larger, heavier earrings that will not drag down my earlobes. Mark this jewelry trend forecast preview as one of your timeless posts that will become a classic!

  4. I love the druzy quartz trend! SO fun and magical – very boho chic.

    I am also a huge fan of the vintage snake bracelet! Gorgeous!

    I’m looking forward to your next Calla Gold Fashion Forward Fun and Fabulous Fine Jewelry Trend Update.


    • Hi Jennie,
      I could see you in both the drusy quartz magicalness and the sexy snake bracelet! I’ll think about another Fab Trends of Jewelry report soon! Thanks for your nice feedback Jennie.
      Calla Gold

  5. Calla, I just love the way you describe all of your lovely wares. I know I’ll will be seeing them on your customers.
    Please keep spreading the joy.

    • Hello Francis,
      I appreciate you coming by and reading my Spring Jewelry Trends post. Seeing some of these gorgeous pieces on my clients will be great fun!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  6. Calla, I’d imagine Blue Jean Chic is very big here in Santa Barbara for jewelry design. I really love the large stone cuts which are so popular now. You certainly have your finger on the pulse regarding contemporary jewelry design!

    Thanks for another delicious blog!


    Dr. Lynn K. Jones
    Personal Life and Executive Coaching

    • Hi Lynn,
      I’m actually rocking my blue jean chic today with a twist. I’m of course wearing my long tassle necklace, slice gem earrings, which I’ve gotten a LOT of compliments on, stacking rings and the twist is I’m wearing dark purple jeans. I love them because I can be business like and super comfortable and rock my spring jewelry trend-tastic jewelry.
      Thanks for visiting Dr. Lynn!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  7. That Black and White diamond is to die for. The drusy quartz looks yummy. How could this rock ever have gone unnoticed! Great article on jewelry trends in 2013.

    • Hi Cindy,
      I am in agreement with you on the amazingness of the black and white diamonds and the awesomeness of the drusy quartz! Thanks for letting me know you liked the jewelry trends report!
      Calla Gold

  8. I love crystals and gems, so your section on drusy quartz really spoke to me. Calla it’s fun to see them showing up as new fashion trends. I especially the mysterious looking black diamonds. That black diamond swirly design bracelet is just out of this world. If I was walking the red carpet I would so want to wear that bracelet!
    Calla please do another jewelry trends report sometimes soon. I really loved reading this!
    Dr. Catherine

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thank you for coming by the blog and telling me what you love. Drusy is great isn’t it? That black bracelet is something I’d love to wear on a red carpet myownself!

  9. Great article, Calla. You definitely have a knack for pulling out jewelry trends.. even creating them! I really was fascinated that the Twilight-type vampire fiction and movies are having influence beyond teenaged fans.
    I could care less about those movies and vampires in general, but I appreciate the darkly romantic vibe that has infused jewelry fashion even in the brightness of Spring. It’s like a contrarian jewelry trend to have black in Spring. It makes me feel like a rebel! I’m going to pull out my black jewelry and rock it in the Spring sun.
    Thanks for the fun article.
    Rebel Rae

    • Rae,
      I love your fun, rebellious urge to wear black. It is so not So-Cal to wear black. Rock it girl!
      Your Personal Jewelry Predictor,

  10. This Spring Jewelry Trends Report is genius Calla Gold. I’d like to see you do this again. So I printed it out and took it to my jewelry box.
    Hmmm, not so good on the new trends. So I’m calling you to fill in a blank or two.
    I love the slice gem earrings and the misty big gemstone rings.

  11. Great article on Spring Jewelry Trends…. Really appreciated. I really like the vampire influences. That edgy touch makes it a bit more exciting.

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