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“Image, Self-Confidence and Success” a Santa Barbara Event on Personal Style

By Calla Gold

Sarah Jessica Parker in huge flower dress; Personal Style

Sarah Jessica Parker Looking Beautiful and Fashionable. But What is She Saying About Herself?

High Fashion vs. Your Personal Style

Fashion icons and trend setters like Sarah Jessica Parker influence fashion trends with outfits and accessories that use color and style to create big effects.

Using the interplay of their clothing and accessories fashion trendsetters are able to tell a story about themselves while dictating what is considered up to date in the fashion world.

You don’t have to be at the center of the fashion world.  You just need a style that looks fashionable for you and what you do.      You need a personal style.

Mrs. Parker has got her look, but how do you figure out yours? How do you reach your successful image? And how does wearing your successful image boost your self-confidence?

“Image, Success and Self-Confidence,” an Event!

The Association of Women in Communication of Santa Barbara is offering a team presentation at Antioch University of Santa Barbara called “Image, Success and Self Confidence.” Valerie Burns, image consultant and Calla Gold, jewelry consultant and designer will share fashion and accessorizing tips and guidelines to help you tell your story and portray your unique and successful look through your personal style.

Head shots of Valerie Burns and Calla Gold

Valerie Burns Image Consultant and Calla Gold Jewelry Consultant and Designer

A Little Bit About Your Image

For your own success you need to either look like who you really are or who you want to be.

If you are unemployed and want to work, you’ll dress for success.

If you are an artist, you’ll dress with more color and creativity and you’ll find you’ll attract people who love art.

If you want to highlight a personality trait or a physical plus point, your clothing and jewelry are your tools. At this event we’ll talk to you about how to maximize your image impact for success.

How Not to Portray Yourself

Tattoed to the max woman; personal style

Would You Want her Defending You in Court?

Only on TV would you see a fully tattooed and pierced attorney defending a store owner to a rapt jury. In real life that same attorney would show no tattoos or piercings and be wearing a suit.

In order to be taken seriously by that jury you’d need to look like what they believe an attorney should look like, but it’s still possible to have elements of your personal style.

Explore Ways to Communicate With Your Wardrobe

Join authors, bloggers, journalists and other women in communication for this great event.

Explore what your clothing and jewelry are saying about you. Are you sending the right message? Find out by coming to this event.

Image, Success and Self Confidence

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013, 5:30 – 7:30pm

Association of Women in Communication – Santa Barbara presents with –

Antioch University of Santa Barbara

602 Anacapa St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

To Register for the “Image, Success and Self-Confidence” event.

You are encouraged to bring an outfit you’d wear for giving a presentation. Valerie will give tips on why it works and how it could tell your story better. Calla will look at your jewelry accessories and explain the differences between the type of jewelry you want to wear for public speaking and the type you want to wear for face-to-face meetings. Valerie and Calla will also explain how you can use that knowledge to create a more successful look when speaking to crowds.

Your Jewelry Style Consultant,
Calla Gold

Here’s a post I wrote about what your jewelry is saying about you:
Your Jewelry is Talking, Do You Know What it is Saying?

2 thoughts on ““Image, Self-Confidence and Success” a Santa Barbara Event on Personal Style

  1. Calla,
    I know that you will add lots of great information about how to wear jewelry to portray the image you want at the Antioch/Association of Women in Communication event. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say and show us!!
    Dr. Lynn Jones
    Chapter President
    Association of Women in Communication – Santa Barbara

    • Hi Dr. Lynn,
      I loved the audience participation and just the lively fun of the Image event. It couldn’t have gone better!
      Happy Speaker,
      Calla Gold

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