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Discover How a Jewelry Stylist Helps in Buying Jewelry that Makes You Look Good

By Calla Gold

Kim Kardashian in huge necklace

This Necklace is “Wearing” Kim Kardashian. That’s Not Right.

This Jewelry Stylist Wants You to Look Your Very Best

After speaking on “Image, Self-Confidence and Success” last week at Antioch University of Santa Barbara  I’m in the mood speak as a jewelry stylist on what your jewelry should do for you. It has a job!

“I Just Have to Discover Awesome Looking Jewelry Right?”

There are many pieces of breathtaking jewelry displayed in windows around the world. Which styles are right for you? What style secrets and advantages do celebrities have that we don’t?

Monogram Necklace

Taylor Swift Wears This Necklace That Perfectly Frames her Face and Mirrors Her Feminine Look. Very nice!

Have you ever seen a pretty necklace wearing the woman? I sure have. Today I’m going to talk about the difference between pretty jewelry that you display on your body and jewelry that makes you look good.

Discover What Stylists do For Celebrities

Stylists know that looking your best on the world stage of award shows, talk shows and other public outings is part of the branding and selling of a celebrity.

Why should celebrities be the only ones to hone their personal brand and perfect look?

Thanks to wardrobe consultants, personal shoppers, personal stylists and in my case jewelry stylists we regular folk can create effects with our unique looks as well.

Most of us know the simple stuff, like don’t wear jeans to the corporate office, or multiple bright colors in the boardroom. But how much do we know about the effect that our jewelry style choices have on the impression we leave with others?

What do You Need to Know to Discover Your Best Look?

Designer Patty Tobin

Patty Tobin, Jewelry Designer Typifies the Jewelry Stylist Type.

Stylists study body shape and how material drapes and how to conceal bumps and enhance your eyes, or your neck or your ankles.

They also know that a large and simple, bold necklace can frame the face, just like too long a necklace can focus the attention on your breasts.

That’s fine if you’re on a date or on the red carpet for your latest porn flick, but do it on purpose instead of being the unknowing effect of a poor accessory choice.

It’s a cool thing that there are people who know about this stuff. And maybe you have a natural and innate sense of it yourself. Hmmm, maybe you don’t need to read this. But then again it took me years of study to hone my knowledge, so me, I like to get a second opinion from a stylist.

Discover How Your Body Shape, Face Shape and Jewelry Shapes Complement Each Other

Different body types benefit from different shapes and proportions of jewelry. I’ve written a series of articles in Professional Jewelry Magazine on this very topic.

Professional Jewelry Magazine Cover

Professional Jeweler Magazine With One of a Series of Jewelry Choice Articles by Calla Gold

To read up on which earring shapes to wear with your individual face shape check out my article; “Selling Earrings to Fit the Face“.

For advice on ring shapes and proportion for your style of hand check out my  article; “Helping Hands: Hands and Finger Shapes Determine the Right Ring Style.”

In choosing flattering necklace length based on your neck length and bust size, I also wrote this article; “Necklace Selection: Take a Woman’s Age and Body Type into Account When Helping Her Find the Right Necklace.”

Woman Looking in a Mirror

Stand Back From Your Mirror for the “Across the Room” Look. See How Others See You.

Discover How the “Across the Room” Look Helps You With Your Jewelry Selection

The next time you are trying on jewelry be sure to step back from a large mirror by about three feet. I call this the “across the room look.” This shows you how your jewelry makes you look to others.

Your jewelry should highlight or call attention to your good features. If you can’t see it or if looks like a growth on your ear, I don’t care how intricate and amazing it is, it’s not making you look good and doesn’t belong on your body.

Discover Your Best Look, Not the Prettiest Piece in the Display

You can buy good-looking jewelry or jewelry that makes you look good. The difference is that some jewelry uses you as a mannequin.

Hilary Duff in big earrings

Hilary Duff is Overwhelmed by Her Ginormous Earrings. Her Delicate Features Need a Smaller Statement.

“Wow, what pretty earrings.”  If you hear that a number of times your jewelry may be wearing you!

What is better to hear is, “Dilly, you’re glowing today!” The better jewelry choice works, by adding to your beauty. A good jewelry choice draws attention to your eyes, or makes your neck look longer, or fills out a narrow face, or makes your hand look feminine and graceful.

Discover a Jeweler That can Help You Find the Jewelry That Works for You

An important part of your success in picking jewelry pieces that highlight your best features, and increase your overall impression of beauty, grace and intelligence, is teaming up with a savvy jewelry stylist. They are out there.

Don’t let some old fuddy-duddy jeweler, trying to move “old dogs” foist bad choices off on you.

Calla Gold Designed Necklace with NAWBO symbol

Calla Gold With Lynda Weinman of After Designing Her Necklace.

A jewelry stylist may not even know they are one. You know your brilliant friend who has amazing instincts in picking clothes that end up being your favorites?

There are jewelers like that too. They’ve got the eye. Go out and discover that right friend or jeweler to help you pick the jewelry that does its job. Your jewelry’s job is to makes your look sing!

Jewelry stylist,
Calla Gold


6 thoughts on “Discover How a Jewelry Stylist Helps in Buying Jewelry that Makes You Look Good

  1. Having attended your style event for Association of Women in Communication and enjoyed your style tips greatly, I was pleased that you did this follow up blog post. I especially liked your advice for public speaking jewelry.
    Now I have another reason to enjoy bolder jewelry.
    You always do such a great job in your jewelry style Calla!
    Dr. Lynn K. Jones

    • Thank you Dr. Lynn for your on the ground at the event feedback. In your public speaking you have all my encouragement to wear your bold jewelry!
      Jewelry Stylist Calla

  2. I love everything you said! I love that the Calla Gold Jewelry experience includes style checks for your clients.
    Jewelry is meant to enhance your look, not overwhelm it. I always do the “across the room” check to make sure nothing looks obnoxious. Good advice on not needing to wear jewelry people can’t even see. You have such a great sense for styling jewelry!
    Lisa Darsonval

    • Hi Lisa,
      I love your “Calla Gold Jewelry Experience” phrase! That’s great that you do the “across the room look” when checking your jewelry and outfit.
      I’m sure you ate the best dressed Matchmaker of them all!
      Jewelry Stylist,

  3. “Have you ever seen a pretty necklace wearing the woman?” Love it! But so true. And so is the opposite, jewelry being too small to even see; Calla’s advice on picking the right piece for the right outfit and taking a step back to check demonstrates her marvelous talent for using jewelry to add style and elegance to your appearance.

    • Catherine,
      I’m so pleased you took the time to let me know you liked this post. I’m pretty passionate about jewelry doing its job of making you look you best, so I’m extra happy to hear from you!
      Jewelry Stylist,

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