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How to Figure Out Your Finger Size, Especially You Guys!

By Calla Gold

Ring size measuring device

Narrow Band Ring Sizer

Your Correct Finger Size Measurement is Crucial

“Calla, in Lake Tahoe, at the store they said Mark was a size 7.5. Then they shipped us his Titanium band. He can’t get it over his knuckle. We’re getting married in two weeks!”

How did this happen? In this post I’ll tell you how to figure out your finger size reliably.

Two Strikes for my Couple

Strike one: Titanium can’t be sized. This will make getting Mark a new wedding band in time for the ceremony a necessity.

Strike two: Mark was given a wrong finger size and has to get properly sized to solve their problem. Until Mark has a correct size he can’t order a ring with confidence.

Sizing can be quite tricky

ring sizer for fingers narrow size

This is a Narrow Ring Sizer for a Narrow Ring

Make your ring too loose and it ends up buried in the sand at the beach. Or lying at the bottom of your favorite body of water.

Make it too tight and you’ve got a major fight on your hands to get it back off.


No Offence, But Guys Often Get it Wrong

Guys are especially prone to ordering a ring size that is too loose. As a Santa Barbara Jewelry Blogger, I just wrote a post about it. “Guys, And Lost Wedding Rings, Stop the Madness.” Check it out guys.

And next time you’re out and about, see how many married guys are walking around without wedding rings on. Lots! That’s not good.

So what’s the deal here? Why is it so difficult to properly measure your finger? I’m going to tell you.

The Professional Finger Measurer, (Your Jeweler) Has the Right Tools

adjustable ring sizer

This style can give wrong ring sizes too easily

First off, get your finger sized by a jeweler who knows their business. Trying to do it yourself with a string or strip of paper is risky, at best. Those plastic sizers that are adjustable that you get in the mail aren’t as accurate as I’d like either.

Jewelers measure fingers with metal ring gauges— called ring sizers. These are sets of metal rings ranging in sequential sizes from small to big sizes. If you’re needing your own ring sizer go to Amazon.

Wide Band Ring Sizers vs. Small Band Ring Sizers They Make the Difference

Ring Sizer Gauge for Wide Band Rings

Wide Band Ring Sizers

Be aware that there are wide ring sizers for finding the correct size for wide rings and narrow ring sizers for measuring finger sizes for narrow rings.

Small ring sizers are about 3mm in width; wide ring sizers about twice that.

Wider wedding bands usually require a slightly larger ring size. You’ll want to use a wide band sizer to ensure a good measurement. For example if with a narrow band sizer you are a size 8, a narrow ring should fit fine on your finger. But if you are buying a wider band, you will probably need more like a size 8 ½.

There is no cut and dried rule that says. “If your narrow ring size is an 8 then your wide ring size is a ½ a size larger.” My life would be easier if there were rules like that; that’s why measuring your finger by a competent jeweler is so important.

A good jeweler will figure out the difference between the thickness of your ring shank or band and the width of the ring sizer being used and correctly guess your size.

Not All Fingers Are Created Equal

Wide Wedding Band with Enamel in the Lettering

This Band was Wider Than the Wide Band Sizer, so We Successfully Guessed the Size

Remember too, that all your fingers are different sizes. If you’re right handed, chances are, the ring finger on that hand will be larger than its opposite on the left.

This means your rings won’t be interchangeable between fingers. You wedding ring most likely won’t fit properly on any of your other fingers.

Fingers Expand and Contract

Our fingers expand and contract due to different environmental factors such as heat, cold, humidity, and our level of activity. Often, our fingers are smaller when we wake up and get bigger as the day goes on. For this reason, getting sized for a ring is usually better done later in the day than earlier.

Four Things Not to Do Before You Get Your Finger Measured for Size

Chop sticks and salty cheetos

Salty Cheetos Change Your Finger Size

  1. Work out. It makes your finger bigger.
  2. Eat salty chips or a lot of salt. It makes you fingers bigger.
  3. Eat a bunch of apples. They make you lose a lot of water weight, making fingers smaller.
  4. Do strenuous work with your hands. It makes your fingers bigger.

Five Reasons Why You Still Might Get a Wrong Size

arctic diver, Lewis Pugh

If You do This Before I Measure Your Finger, It’ll be a Smaller Size Than You Need

  1. Humidity enlarges your fingers
  2. Heat enlarges your fingers
  3. Cold shrinks your fingers
  4. Your fingers go up and down in size during the day and during the month
  5. If you take medication, that can affect your finger size


Fit Feel, What’s Too Tight and What’s too Loose?

You may have a particular tightness or looseness that you’re most comfortable with in the fit of your rings. It’s an important thing to know about yourself because your Jeweler will measure your ring to the tightness they like.

It may not be the feel you like. For best results, communicate your fit feel to your Jeweler whenever resizing your rings and when having custom-made rings created.

Guys Resist the Urge to go Loose in Your Ring Size

If you guys have never worn a ring before, you’ll gravitate toward a loose fit. Just know that’s too loose for a ring you’ll wear every day.

Wedding Finger

Get a Snug Enough Fit That it Can’t Just Slip Off When it’s Cold

Try on the half size smaller than your comfortable size and see if it’s constricting, or merely more snug. Pick a fit that requires a bit of a tug to get over your knuckle, but isn’t tight once past the knuckle.

Titanium and Tungsten Rings

One more caveat. Titanium and tungsten rings are next to impossible to size. This means if you just have to have one, make absolutely sure that you size your finger perfectly. Five years later, though, when you’ve gained or lost weight and that ring no longer fits…sorry, Charlie. Read my blog: Don’t Buy a Tungsten or Titanium Wedding Band.

finger measuring

Your Wedding Ring is All About Love, Keep it Near, Keep it Sized Just Right!

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?

There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing your ring for the first time, whether it’s shipped to you from an online source or from your neighborhood jeweler who just custom made it for you…and not being able to wear it because it doesn’t fit.

Get your fingered measured correctly the first time by a professional jeweler.

That would be one who has different widths of ring sizers and is familiar with finger sizing. It will save you lots of time and aggravation.

In case you wonder what happened to Mark, I measured his finger properly and rush-made a white gold wide wedding band and he made it to the church on time!

Finger Measuring Expert
Calla Gold





24 thoughts on “How to Figure Out Your Finger Size, Especially You Guys!

  1. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing the good bad and ugly behind ring size and proper measurement. Can’t tell you how many rings I have lost over the years, too many apples, I guess. Nice save on Mark’s wedding band. Cheers!

    • Melodee,
      Keep coming back, I’ve given horsebackriding tips, proposal advice and critiqued the jewelry celebrities have worn and translated it to how we can look great in our jewelry. Just trying to keep it interesting!
      Calla Gold

  2. This is such useful information for me as a matchmaker. Now I know what to tell all my matched clients what to do and not to do when sizing for their wedding rings! I wouldn’t even think to do it myself. Thanks Calla Gold. Do you have any other helpful advice on picking or dealing with engagement and wedding ring choices?

  3. Great tips! It’s nice to know how the finger sizing should go. When I’ve handed my hand over in the past it reminded me of going to the Doctor, they know it all and you’re in the dark. Calla Gold, thanks for shedding the light on finger sizing.

  4. Great article! I had to replace a lost ring I’d had for years and discovered more than I ever thought I’d learn when I entered “jewelers and ring sizing” when searching online for information. I went to your online article – “wide bands v narrow bands”, and discovered how heat and weather effect the size and on and on… But I never found an article as clear as this one. Wish I’d found it before my baptism in finger fitting had begun in earnest!

    • Dear Scott,
      Thank you so much Scott for telling me your adventures in losing, sizing and researching about it all. You’ve made my day for sure! I’m glad it was so clear for you and you took the time to tell me.
      Sizing jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  5. Can a jeweler size a ring up 1/8 size? My ring was a size 5 but was too big so it got sized down to a 4.75 but now it’s too tight–I have to wet my hands and put soap on them to pull the ring off over my knuckle. I don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Ivet,
      A ring can be sized 1/8th of a size. Usually when someone gets a ring sized a quarter of a size they can barely tell the difference.
      If I ran in to your situation I’d verify the size that it is now on a jeweler’s sizing pole and verify your finger size. An quarter of a size shouldn’t make that much of a difference.
      In other words I’d verify that that is the real difference between your previous size. It sounds like more like a half size difference.
      A Sizing Jeweler,

  6. That information on how guys are about the size of their rings and how to get their size correctly helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Eva,
      I’m guessing you got him to try the smaller size and he hasn’t lost his ring in the ocean or any of those places guys with loose rings loose their rings. Thanks for letting me know that helped!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  7. But if i want it as a surprize and have never had a ring what do i do

    • Hi Julie,
      Pick a simple design that can be sized after the gift is given. An average size for a man is an eight. Rings can be sized many times with no harm to them.
      Go for it!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  8. Dear Calla,

    Thank you for this helpful explanation about wide vs. small ring band sizers. I wish I knew this earlier!

    Here is my unhappy story: When I went to People’s Jeweller’s (I’m in Canada) to have my ring finger sized, the rep there told me I was size 4 (she used ring band sizers to determine that). Both my engagement and wedding rings are made to a size 4 and both fit me perfectly so in my mind, I was a size 4 and that was the end of it. Recently, my loving husband told me to choose a ring as my one-year anniversary gift (Isn’t he a prize?). I chose a gorgeous vintage-inspired rose-gold ring with a wide shank. He ordered it in size 4 like I took him to and presented it to me before my family. Unfortunately I was unable to slip it on my finger. A beautiful moment was thus ruined forever. 🙁 I spoke with 2 reps from that company and neither was able to explain to me why that ring did not fit me when it was a size 4. They just kept telling me I have to pay them to get it resized, but I was thinking “to what??? I AM a 4 and this is a size 4!!!”

    Now that I have read your explanation, it all makes perfect sense and I now know that I may have to go up half a size with rings with a wider shank. When I was at the store getting my finger sized, the rep obviously used the small sizer bands. I don’t think that store even has a set of wide sizer bands. I don’t think they even KNOW that it could make a difference. They are completely not knowledgeable when they should be the experts for people like I.

    My husband has since re-ordered that gorgeous ring in a size 4.5 which I think should be a perfect fit. But I will know in the future to go up half a size for wider rings.

    Anna 😀

    • Dear Anna,
      I really appreciate you sharing your story. It may be that the jeweler doesn’t know how different thicknesses of rings can need a different size on your hand. Very unfortunate. You really want to slip a gift ring on when you receive it in a perfect world.
      I hope your ring fits beautifully when you receive it.
      By the way each ring finger is a different size. If your gift ring will go on your right ring finger and not the left, it might end up still being too small.
      Anna, thank you for sharing your story.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  9. I have a question. What is considered a professional jeweler? What are some examples?
    Thank you so much for your help. I made the mistake you had said not to in the blog. I was gonna fix it, but it was from past. I really don’t need that ring anymore. I should just sell it or pawn it.

    • Hi Jeffry,
      I talk about a number of different types of jewelers in this post:
      What I meant by a professional jeweler, is not just a jewelry sales person, but someone who knows more. Not all people that work at a jewelry store can properly figure out your finger size.
      I’m with you on old wedding rings. If it didn’t work out, don’t wear it for the new relationship.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  10. Calla’s blog post on “How to Figure Out Your Finger Size, Especially You Guys!” was invaluable to my correctly identifying my ring size. I’d originally seen an inexperienced clerk at a local Zale’s who’d used a narrow band ring sizer. My ring was at least twice as wide as that narrow ring measurer. After reading this post, which Calla recommended I read, I made a good investment and bought a wide band ring sizer from Amazon with the best reviews (, changed my request to Calla for half-a-size smaller, and it fits perfectly. Plus her work was stellar.

    The communication with Calla and the entire experience of getting this decades-old, favorite ring resized was positive. I hope to send many referrals her way.


    • Hello Kevin,
      I love the initiative you showed as a distance client to get your size to me correctly. Thanks for making it so that we both won on your very cool ring sizing!
      Sharing your story is very helpful and I appreciate it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  11. Hi Calla,

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge ! For sure, I had such an experience before, the ring would not perfectly fit my finger, even though I had already tried it on before I bought it. I guess because of the reason that you mentioned – Working out before I was measured… It certainly can make my finger bigger.

    Your article surely gives the people who are getting engaged very important advice. Ring’s sizing can be a big problem!

    Also, based on my experience, except the sizing, the shape of the diamond on the ring is also a very important issue which needs attention too.

    Thanks again Calla!

    • Hello Spencer,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you have a great fit now for your ring.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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