Succulent plant displaying a wedding ring by Calla Gold

Deana's Ring Balancing on a cool succulent.

Sexy Succulents so go With Wedding Rings

Who doesn’t think of those cactus-like, sandy soil-loving, drought resistant, easy-to-grow sexy plants when getting married, right?

When this California jeweler is designing wedding rings of course I think succulents!

Succulents and weddings go together like milk and cookies. Like popcorn and butter. Like Ken and Barbie. Like the Enterprise and Captain Picard. Right?

Wedding ring with rows of pave leading to three main diamonds by Calla Gold Jewelry

A fabulous tower of a succulent with Deana's cool wedding ring.

Deana's Diamonds and Succulents

So when Deana told me she was using succulents as the center pieces on all the tables at her beach wedding, I wasn’t surprised. Sand, succulents, and weddings…of course!

When I delivered her custom wedding ring to her at her home prior to the big day, we had a blast photographing it next to her sexy succulents.

Ring with an Agave

One of Our Hiking With Rings Pictures. With Big Succulents!

Our Wedding Rings Take us Hiking

Interestingly, my husband and I had done a similar shoot after I’d received a new camera for my birthday a number of years ago.

Every so often, we’d stop on our hike and take pictures of our wedding rings on top of an interesting piece of wood, next to a particularly vibrant flower, on a succulent or juxtaposed to an old rusted piece of metal.  But I digress.

Deana and Robert Right After the Ceremony. Married on the Beach!

Deana and Robert Right After the Ceremony. Married on the Beach!

Deana Shared Her Beach Wedding Photo With us

I thank Deana for sharing her ring, her wedding picture and her love of sexy succulents with me.

Are You Inspired Yet?

Hopefully, by now you might be a bit inspired to

a) take a hike

b) dust off your old SLR and get some pics of your jewelry—out in the wilds

c) get married

d) visit your local nursery—for sexy succulents

or e) blast me for picking Picard over Kirk.

Succulent Fan, Star Trek Fan, Marriage Fan and Jeweler,

Calla Gold

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About Calla Gold

Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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Lori Cooper
7 years ago

I love Deana’s ring!

Linda Menesez
7 years ago

Calla, I love this post! Your sense of fun comes through, loud and clear. And, of course, I love her ring! It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Dr. Lynn K. Jones
7 years ago

I am definitely inspired! I love the design the two elements create within the whole picture. You and those around you always create the best ideas. I guess that’s the Calla Gold Jewelry way. Collaboration and uniqueness!

Rachel W. Oneal
Rachel W. Oneal
7 years ago

When California Jeweler Calla Gold is designing wedding rings of course I think succulents! Cute post!

7 years ago

Calla is such a pro in every sense of the word. I always love reading your blogs.

Kristi Wrightson
7 years ago

Calla Gold that is such a beautiful diamond ring and I love the photos of her wedding ring with the succulents! It is so nice to see the couple picture too. Your blog posts are informative, inspiring and personal.
Dr. Kristi