Engraving a Kiss Inside a Wedding Ring! Laser Engraving is Awesome!

Wedding Kiss at Circle Bar B in Santa Barbara

Jordana Seals it With a Kiss.
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Jordana wanted to seal the deal with a kiss. How do you put a kiss on your husband to be’s wedding ring? You get your wedding ring designer or favorite jeweler to get it engraved inscription-style inside his ring.

New Technology Allows You to Get Creative and Personal With Inscription Engraving

New laser engraving technology allows creativity beyond just room for more words and more font choices in inscription engraving.

With laser engraving you can put in a simple symbol or picture. Jordana saw where someone had engraved their child's fingerprint inside a ring and was inspired to be the first to engrave a kiss!

See my blog post about the different types of engraving to compare the different styles of engraving and the effects they create.

Lip laser engraved inside the wedding ring

Jordana's Kiss Inside His Wedding Band

Jordana dreamed up this idea of a kiss inside her honey's ring and here's how you can do it too!

How to Engrave a Kiss on Your Honey’s Ring

1. Locate a jeweler who can do laser engraving, especially images.

2. Locate fingerprint type paper that is very sensitive to the image printed on it.

3. Get an inkless fingerprint pad.

4. If you didn’t find fingerprint paper, get very high quality white paper.

5. Take multiple lip prints of your upper and lower lips.

6. Look at the prints and ensure that the outline of each lip is very clear.

7. Your jeweler will need to simplify the number of lines of your lip print.

8. It is easier to see the engraving image if you chose either the upper or lower lip because the thinness of the area to be engraved makes the full two lip engraving less articulate looking.

Script font in laser engraving in a wedding band

Beautifully Scripted Message also Laser Engraved in His Ring

9. Add a written message with your kiss to also be laser engraved.

10. Allow added time for laser engraving as your lip print must be entered and simplified in a computer program before the engraving can take place.

Inscription Engraving Makes Your Ring More Special

Having that inner engraving sets your ring apart from others. Many times the fellas want a simple gold band. Your ring may be unique and full of character and diamonds. The guys don’t go that way. But you can elevate his ring with the special-ness of an inner message. And you can seal it with a kiss!

I Made a Video About Laser Engraving

Check out my video explaining laser engraving:


rose with wedding rings. Mad Photo.com image.

Jordana and Brian's Wedding Rings.
Image MadPhoto.com

Are you feeling inspired?

Engraving Jeweler,
Calla Gold

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Engraving a Kiss Inside a Wedding Ring! Laser Engraving is Awesome!

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Lynn K. Jones
10 years ago

Calla, I had no idea you could laser engrave something like a lip print onto a ring! What can’t you inscribe with laser engraving?

Sue M.
Sue M.
10 years ago

Calla, I just have spent about an hour on your site. Once I hit your blog I just started reading and learning.
But this laser engraving of a kiss takes the cake. I never heard of such a thing and love that the technology is there. Like, right now!
Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!
Your Fan Sue