Apr 9

Vagina Necklaces – From Sexy to Lucky Charm

By Calla Gold

A lovely example among vagina necklaces

After writing up my “Vagina Necklace that got a Second Chance” blog post I got curious. What other vagina necklaces are there out there? It turns out quite a few. For you edification I spent some time on ETSY looking into what’s new in vagina necklaces.
On the left, this is the Golden Pussy by Invagination, made of polymer clay, rhinestone and spray paint.

One of those vagina necklaces that contains a penis
This French sex token is from the 1960’s according to its seller, Old Print Loft. Evidently these are lucky charms. This is the most out-there of the vagina jewelry examples I found.
One of many vagina necklaces
I thought this was the prettiest of the vagina necklaces I found. It is made by the Typsie Gypsies and it is called the Yoni Orchid. They describe it as a vulva pendant, and it is made of polymer clay, glitter, pigment powder and a pearl.
OK, I know I just deviated here, but I couldn’t help it. This is a uterus necklace. It is made by Your Best Sanctuary. I love the way they took agate geodes and saw a uterus. This uterus necklace is made of polymer clay, mica powder and the geode.
This vaginal necklace is made by Tuza. It’s made of gold plated sterling silver with cubic zerconia’s. Because nothing says sexy, like a bit of sparkle and bling.
vagina necklace made of clay
This necklace is called the gold vulva necklace. It’s by Vulva Underground. I’m detecting a theme here. It is made of clay.


Vagina necklace
Calling all over 18 Harry Potter fans. Who are also into erotica. This necklace is hysterically called The Flying Snatch. Cough cough, must stop laughing. This necklace is created by ScrewUJewelry who have many funny things to say about what you are saying when you wear this. Such as, “Perfect whether you’re a feminist, a fan of vagina, or want to tell someone “I give a flying f*** about you!”

I hope you were as entertained and enlightened as I was. Do you have a favorite?

Your Personal Jeweler,


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