Jun 16

The Vagina Necklace That Got a Second Chance!

By Calla Gold


The vagina necklace blog post

The Diamond Ring on top we Made to Go with Mary’s Alex Sepkus Wedding Band

Sometimes Working on Something New, Gets You to Look at Something Old

I knew I was going to have fun with Mary from the minute I met her. A therapist, she looks at life with a quiet joy and a sparkle in her eye. I was designing a ring for her with a diamond her husband wanted me to set.

She contributed a lot of ideas for the ring we created, which made it fabulous. Somewhere along the way we got on the subject of jewelry she wasn’t wearing. I re-designed a few pieces while working on her diamond ring with great results.

The Vagina Necklace

The Diamond Vagina Necklace Re-Created After the Fact for Story Telling Purposes!

The Diamond Vagina Necklace

Because we were batting 1,000 on her unworn jewelry re-designing, she pulled out a particular necklace and said, “This is the ‘diamond vagina necklace.'” Milk would have sprayed out my nose at this point had I been drinking. Needless to say I honked most unbecomingly.

“What’s the story of this, uh, diamond vagina necklace?” I asked her. (Have I mentioned how much I dig her?)

“One of my family friends was shopping for an engagement gift for me.  Maybe the salesperson really wanted to sell it. Who knows why it was chosen. I didn’t really like it, but wore it a few times. Until a friend said, ‘hmmm, diamond vagina necklace?'”

“I never wore it again.”

Forty Years Later

“I’d like to wear it if it was just the diamond part.” I asked her about turning it horizontally and attaching it was on a really pretty chain. She loved the idea and was excited to proceed.

the Vagina Necklace after its redo!

Mary’s New Necklace, that gets Daily Wear.

A Small Change and a Great New Look

When it was completed, I brought it to her and her eyes lit up. We spoke two weeks later and Mary told me, “I want to wear it every day. I love it. I’m getting compliments on it and it’s just great!”

Day made. And I got to write a blog called the “diamond vagina necklace.” Who gets to do that? Thanks Mary. You rock!

Do You Have an Unworn Gift?

Dig deep, you might have buried treasure, a piece of jewelry that could be re-designed. It could possibly become a great story and a better piece of jewelry.

Re-designing Jeweler,
Calla Gold


20 thoughts on “The Vagina Necklace That Got a Second Chance!

  1. Yep, the vagina necklace certainly is inspiration to dig deep into the jewelry box. I really, really like the idea of redesigning pieces of jewelry. Thanks for this blog post. Loved it.

    • Hello Amy,
      I’m so pleased to see you inspired by the vagina necklace to dig deep into that there jewelry box!
      Re-designing jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  2. Well Calla, the title of this blog post sure got my attention (HA!!) I had to read more!

    Your client’s honesty was the breakdown that helped lead to this breakthrough. I love the new design. It is classy beautiful and timeless!

    As always your design is golden!! Keep sparkling!

    • Hi Lorrie,
      I’m delighted that the title busted through the noise of your always over full inbox and grabbed you.
      I loved Madelyn’s honesty too and her realization that she really would like to wear it if only it could be changed in an pretty way.
      It was such a win of a project. To take a forty year barely necklace and re-purpose so it is loved and worn frequently makes my day! To get a funny story along the way is gravy!
      Calla Gold

  3. What a great story! It’s always amazing how you are able to repurpose people’s jewelry into something wearable and unique.

    Laughing out loud and impressed!

    • Hi Darla,
      Loving that you are laughing out loud! I love jewelry, but I really love when jewelry gives me a big laugh!
      Jeweler with a funny bone,
      Calla Gold

  4. Calla, you crack me up. I love your vagina necklace story.
    I could so understand your client’s story. Having received some ‘not my taste’ jewelry in the past I can relate.
    Now I’m thinking I’ll re-look in that old jewelry box of mine and see what’s not being worn, re-name it something rude and re-make it. Because having a good story for your jewelry re-do elevates it.
    The things I learn from your blog!
    Thank you for my laugh of the day.

    • Hi Tracey,
      A little known fact was that when I was a teenager I wanted to be a stand-up comic. I never pursued it, but I’ll save the vagina necklace for my first stand-up effort! I’m so pleased to have amused you!
      I’m especially pleased that Mary’s story is inspiring you to look at jewelry you’re not wearing!
      Calla Gold

  5. Calla Gold, this has to be the best re-design of a necklace story ever!! I just need an excuse to say it, your vagina necklace story made me laugh out loud. Your rated G new design is stunning!

  6. Love this story and I will soon look in my box for an unwearable piece!

    • Hi Dr. Valerie,
      I’m so pleased that the vagina necklace is inspiring you to dig into your jewelry for the unworn potential treasures!
      I’m so glad I told this story!!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  7. Love the title! What a silly name! But I see why it was called that; you did an amazing job giving this necklace a new life! Maybe I should take a look into my jewelry collection to see if I have any questionable pieces of jewelry myself.

    • Hello Lisa,
      Thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts on the vagina necklace redo!
      Sharing it has been so fun! I’d be delighted if you unearthed a project or two for us to redo!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  8. Calla,
    I love how you can transform a piece of unwanted jewelry into beauty! And not just that, I love that you wrapped your important message that pieces can and should be re-worked if you are not wearing them, into such an entertaining true story.
    Madelyn sounds like she’d be a great therapist. I’d imagine she could help someone take their funky life situations, find something funny about them and then re-frame and re-build confidence and risk-taking skills till they could have a funny story of how things went south and now they are in a great place and proud of it.
    Great blog post!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you so much for your great comment. I’m sure Madelyn would love your take on what she must be like. She is great and this story wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t open to change and improvement in her own life.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  9. Oh Wow!!! I was eating chips with my lunch as I read this and I tell you the chips did fly right on queue! Just as the milk would have if I had been drinking at the time. Amazing what impact other peoples perceptions can have, and in this case it makes better jewelry. I LOVE the pieces you have made for me and this inspires me to look further for what else I may have!

    • Hi Delane,
      I loved that the chips flew!!! Also I’m digging that you’ll be laughing your way to your jewelry box in search for your own story of redone jewelry of the future.
      It makes my day that the projects we’ve done before now have made you happy!
      Your Happy Personal Jeweler,

  10. Haha! I particularly enjoyed reading this entertaining and also inspiring post.
    I think the finished product is certainly not vagina-like! Great work as always, Calla.

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