Spock Earrings by Raja Gondkar

These Spock Earrings Will No Doubt Help You Mind Meld With Aliens or Get Married!

Trekkie or Trekker? What Do I Call My Star Trek Loving Self?

Has this Santa Barbara Jeweler divulged that she’s a Star Trek Fan? Well I am.

So when these fabulous prize winning earrings by Raja Gondkar showed up I had to share.

They Just Shriek Wedding Jewelry Don’t They?

So Jeweler Raja dreamed up these Spock-Ears Earrings and bagged an award, for of all things, “Bridal Wear” at the 9th Indian Jewellery Design Competition. Way to go dude. Can I come to your wedding?

Raja Rules

Pug With Spock Ears

How Pugs Look in the Star Trek Universe

Raja Gondkar heads up the Design Department of the Indian Institute in Mumbai.

Pug Dog Trek Alert

Since I’m geeking out on Spock Ears, I can’t stop. I love animals, and pugs are just cuter than cute, so I had to include them in on the fun. Lord Google giveth me much to be amused by!

Back on Track With Discussing Spock Ears

But back to that design theme. As well as Spock Ears there are Elf ears, undoubtedly inspired by the Lord of the Rings Series, which I am of course a fan of. Is this the same thing by a different name?

Seriously I do Work!

Spock Ear Surgery

This “after” shot of the elf-ear surgery was found on Google

You have to wonder with all this sci-fi and fantasy watching I get up to, when I have time to design jewelry. Well notice I’m talking about someone else’s designs today.

Ear Surgery Anyone?

If you are really into the elf /Spock ear look, there is now a surgery you can have to make that change permanent.

I think I’ll do that! Not!! No, I’m kidding. I stopped at two ear piercings in the, “messing with my ears,” department.

Hmmm, I’m in the mood for a Star Trek rerun, how about you?




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9 years ago

This is such a fun post!! It made me smile and indulged my inner geek big time!

9 years ago

Oh, the places you will go, Calla! Ah hah aha I am always amazed how you make a blog about jewelery (or do you prefer the spelling “jewellery”?) so dang tootin’ fun and worth reading. For the record, I am not a trekkie, but I would trekkie to your blog each week to see what mischief and creativity you are up to!