The Many Symbols of Jewelry

purity-ringOne of the biggest reasons I love jewelry is because jewelry can so eloquently symbolize meaningful points of our lives. Like the bond of a close friendship represented in a friendship ring, or the love and commitment of a marriage represented by a wedding band.

Jewelry can also stand for your steadfast faithfulness to your religious beliefs. Your promise to wait takes its shape in a purity ring.

I’d been receiving some calls and questions about purity rings and whether I design them. This jewelry designer says yes!   I thought this would be a good time to showcase some of my favorite design themes.

For those of you who don’t know, purity rings are jewelry that is worn as a sign of chastity.  This movement started in the 1990’s among Christian groups, but the practice has been adopted by several other faiths.

Without further ado, here are 5 of my favorite purity ring designs.

A Purity Ring for Any Faith


The Unblossomed Rose Purity Ring

​The unopened rose seems a perfect symbol for purity. It’s also a very beautiful ring design. It is feminine and artistic.​

This design is religiously ambiguous, making it appropriate for anyone of any faith.


A Reminder of Your Promise


Heart and Cross Purity Ring

​The symbolism of this ring​, loving your faith and loving your commitment, is a really nice reminder of your promise.





Hashtag Purity Ring

​As a person who tweets, I have to say I love this ring. It’s got a sense of humor and a very current way of stating your purity promise for the world to see.

The Heart is a Gift


The Gift Wrapped Heart Purity Ring

​A heart is a good symbol for love​, and I love how this rings appears to be an opened heart with a cross.

Ring Says it All


The Sacred Love Ring

This is an example of a recent trend to do a fairly simple ring with a word or words on it.

Much like the first ring, it isn’t specific to any religion.

Final Words

When you’d like to give the gift of a purity ring I suggest that you think about the uniqueness of the girl you’ll be giving it to. Find one made up or custom design one that really blends with her dreams, aspirations and promise to be pure. For a girl of faith I think it is really nice to weave a cross into the design.

Purity Ring Designing Jeweler,

Calla Gold

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