Playing 9 Holes of Golf With These 9 Golf Jewelry Items

Nine Holes of Bling

Golfing at sunset

I’ve recently been taught how to look at some of the more technical aspects of my web traffic, such as the demographics. It turns out 40% of my readers are men! No doubt some of you are here studying up on jewelry for your ladies.

So, in order to keep things even, I thought I’d give some more gender neutral jewelry ideas. The first thing that came to mind was golf. I know many men who play golf and know some women who play golf. I figured, why not start there?

Here is a tour through the nine holes of gold jewelry!

A Pendant With Some Clubs

Vintage sports 14k yellow gold golf bag with movable clubs

By Oaks Jewelry Boutique – $229.00

This golf bag pendant is adorable and piqued my interest because the little golf clubs can actually be tucked into the golf bag!

The golf bag has a loop bail that will fit up to a 2.5mm wide chain. The charm measures 20mm in height by 11mm wide.

Check out the Etsy page for this piece, here: Vintage Sports 14K Yellow Gold Detailed Golf Bag with Movable Clubs Pendant Charm

Golf Balls in Time to Tea-Off

Sterling Silver Golf Ball Cuff Links

By Mavastyle – $449.00

These are solid sterling silver golf ball cufflinks. These are handcrafted and beautifuly detailed.

Also, cufflinks are probably the jewelry many guys will actually be okay to wear!

Check out Etsy page for these Sterling Silver Golf Ball Links.

A Charming Golf Bag Charm

Vintage 14k golf club charm

By BelmarJewelers – $545.00

Here we have a vintage style golf club charm in 14k yellow gold.

With its dark blue and red stones adorning the bag, and the pearls that detail the bag, this charm will certainly draw some eyes to it!

Here is the Etsy page for this Vintage 14k Golf Bag Charm.

Tea-off With this Pendant

Tea Off Golf Ball Pendant 14k white gold

By DRichardJewels – $650.00

Your golf and jewelry enthusiasts will love this Tea-off Pendant.

It’s handcrafted and made entirely of both white and yellow 14kt gold. Not to mention the diamond that has been placed in just such a way that it will catch the sun and glimmer brightly.

You can read more about the “Tea it Up” pendant on its Etsy page, here.

A Ring for the Married Golf Lover

14kt golf ball engagement ring for men by CADI Jewlery

by CADIjewelry – $760

There is finally an answer to the age old question “How do I show my lifelong commitment to both my wife and the sport of Golf?”

The answer? This 14kt gold band. It’s dimpled texture accurately mimics the look and feel of a golf ball while serving as a symbol of your commitment to your spouse.

You can read more about it, here.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Your Golf Lover

18k gold diamond golf ring

By littlethingsvintage – $995

Father’s Day is quite a ways away, but this ring might give you some inspiration.

This 14kt yellow gold ring includes two white baguettes as the golf club and a .05 carat diamond as the golf ball. How cool is that?

A Paper Clip, For the Man Who Has Everything

HERMES Gorgeous RARE vintage silver tone Golf paper clip holder

by BlackRedSquare – $1,094.24

This piece is called a paper clip, but its dimensions (6 inches long by 1.8 inches wide) make me think it’s a money clip.

Whatever its function may be, I love it!

The Perfect Golf Bag Pin

18k gold diamond blue sapphire golf bag pin

By SimplyRememberMyShop – $1,399

This golf bag pin will put most jewelry pieces to shame.

Not only is it made of solid 18kt yellow gold, but check out those diamonds and blue sapphires!

A Golf Ball and Tee Necklace

Diamond Golf Tee Necklace

By ParkCityJewelry – $2,849

This handcrafted diamond golf ball and tee pendant is made in both 14K white gold (golf ball) and 14K yellow gold (tee). The golf ball has been adorned with diamonds.

The inspiration for this piece actually came from a day playing golf. The owners at ParkCityJewelry saw the passion of those who played and wanted something that could symbolize that passion both on and off the golf course.

Well I think they nailed it!

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Dani Antman
7 years ago

How clever of you to find all these golf related jewelry items! Never knew they existed….will keep them in mind for the golfers in my life.