I love this Star Trek Ring by Paul Michael Design

My favorite Star Trek Ring by Paul Michael Design

As some of my readers may have figured out by seeing my Doctor Who and space jewelry blog posts, I'm a bit of a Sci-Fi fan.

I hadn't gotten around to making a post on my all time favorite Sci-Fi show, Star Trek, until now!

So without further adieu, I present to you some awesome Star Trek jewelry!


This first ring is my favorite Star Trek inspired jewelry piece!  Crafted by Paul Michael Design.

Star Fleet Earrings

Trekkies should have a way to signal to others that they belong to Starfleet, and these lovely Hand-made Sterling Silver Star Trek Dangle Earrings from Celestial Metalworks are perfect!

I love their dangly multi-element vibe. You could so spot a Star Trek aficionado across the room in these.

I've always thought the shape of the Star Fleet inverted asymmetric "V" was iconic.


CAD Image of Starfleet Ship Necklaces by Paul Michael Design

 Begin Your Voyage

We have certainly progressed beyond some of the dreams and predictions once had by Sci Fi writers about the future in the 2000s.

We don't have flying cars, but you can always get a spaceship for around your neck.

Anyone with dreams of being the captain or commander of their own ship would be proud to sport one of these necklaces!

They can come in black rhodium finished silver, yellow or white gold.

Solid 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Custom Handmade Star Trek Inspired Starfleet Insignia Engagement Ring by SuiGenerisJewels

Custom  Star Trek Inspired Starfleet Insignia Engagement Ring by SuiGenerisJewels

Will You Be My Navigator?

I love this custom made, Starfleet Insignia engagement ring! I only wonder why they are showing it on the index finger. Possibly a nod to the marital customs of an alien species.

Works for me!

For those wondering, yes the diamonds are real!


Spock Ears by Raja Gondkar heads up the Design Department of the Indian Institute in Mumbai.

 It Would Be Illogical to Not Love These Spock Earrings.

You may recall these from a previous appearance in my post: Spock Ears Inspire Out of This World Jewelry.

Since I was doing this post I felt it was OK to go through the time space continuum and bring the focus again on these award winning diamond vulcan ear earrings.

I'd wear them!


Star Trek Inspired 14K Yellow and White Gold Engagement Ring with Blue Sapphire by VaLaJewellery

Star Trek Inspired 14K White Gold Engagement Ring with Blue Sapphire by VaLaJewellery

 Sapphires, Gold and Star Trek

Last, but not least is this 14k white gold Star Trek engagement ring with a blue sapphire.

Beam me up Scotty for a lifetime of love among the stars. Or at least with a gorgeous ring and my heart in the stars.

Well I very much enjoyed spending time seeing what Star Trek inspired jewelry is being made by my fellow jewelers. My hat is off to them.

Time to go and binge watch some Star Trek TNG. Are you more original Star Trek or The Next Gen type of person?

Trekkie or Trekker, I'm there,
Calla Gold





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Amy Marie Orozco
6 years ago

I love this compendium of Star Trek Jewelry. Calla Gold, would you call that the Final Frontier? I really need to put a Star Trek marathon on my list of things to do while bedridden. Really, I’m woefully lacking in those cultural references.

Raja Gondkar
Raja Gondkar
6 years ago

Thanks Calla, for appreciating my design! and keeping it alive, in deed it has become a classic with love (and hate) it received…Raja Gondkar Jewelry Designer

Lisa Darsonval
6 years ago

I can’t say I’ve seen Star Trek, but this was such a fun post to read! Jewelers are so creative when it comes to integrating things they love together. It is nice to see what catches YOUR eye, Calla, so please continue to post more like this!