The ibangle MP3 player. So Far Just a Concept

The ibangle MP3 player. So Far Just a Concept

Jewelry, as a craft, hasn’t changed much in thousands of years.  There were certainly changes in designs and metal compositions, but overall we only developed new ways of manipulating the metal to our whim.

That’s all changed in the 21st century.  This younger generation of tech-savvy young people is helping to spur an evolutionary process for jewelry – hi-tech jewelry.  Some of you may dislike the sound of that, but I would highly recommend you read the rest of this blog post before you make a judgement call!

Just keep in mind, there are already different styles and looks to this hi-tech jewelry, so if you don’t like the ones I picked here let Lord Google show you more!

So, you ready to have your mind blown by some hi-tech jewelry?

Smart Bracelets – Activity Tracker, Alerts, and Meditation Guide

Ringly Luxe - Activity Tracker + Mobile Alerts + Meditation Smart Bracelet

This bracelet by RINGLY has a lot of handy, or should I say wristly, features!

It functions as an activity tracker by allowing you to record the steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve traveled, and how many calories you burn. By connecting to your smartphone through bluetooth, you can have your bracelet inform you of important calls, texts, emails, or any other custom alerts from over 100 different apps! It will also provide you with a guided audio meditation and breathing exercises to help you get through a stressful day. Last, but certainly not least, it looks really nice! I’ve enjoyed reading some of the reviews where happy customers talk about the compliments they got on their bracelets only to then tell people that it’s also a piece of tech! They’re currently sold out, but if you’re interested in them check back on their site every now and then: Ringly Smart Bracelet

Already Have a Fitbit? You Still Have Options!

If you loved the idea of a fashionable tech bracelet but you already own a FitBit then you can still have the best of both worlds.

FitBit has tons of options that are fashionable and still retain the lightweight-ness of a normal FitBit.

The jeweler in me loves the aesthetic choices offered in this latest round of offerings.

The one I’m showing here is just one of many available styles but check out the submitted photos by people who purchased it: FitBit Leather Style Bracelet

Want An Activity Tracker but Don’t Want a Bracelet?

high tech jewelry watch

You can get a watch! This watch brings all the functionality of the previous two bracelets but it also tells time! You know, because it’s watch!

Reading through the description I actually think this watch has one feature that the bracelets don’t. This watch will also monitor your sleep. Personally, I go to bed by 10 pm in order to get up by 5 am, but if you have questions about your own sleep patterns this feature might be nice to have in your tech jewelry!

You can pick this Holland Hybrid watch at Nordstrom.

Ringly – Feeling the Vibrations in a Noisy World

Are rings more your style?  Well Ringly also makes some beautiful, high tech rings!

Each ring is crafted with plated 18K matte gold, and set with black onyx and man made pretty colored stones.


Ringly’s launch collection. [Click on photo to enlarge]

To use these hi-tech rings, you simply download the app, connect your ring to your phone, and customize your various functions.  You have 5 vibration patterns to work with, so you can set these to go uniquely to your scheduled events, phone calls, text messages and even have specific vibrations for unique people!

They are also, as I write this, sold out. Here’s their page in case you want to check back every now and then: Ringly Tech Rings

The Momento Pearl – Holding Your Memories Close

Momento Pearl high tech jewelry

Momento Pearl. Dreamed up by Chi Huynh

We couldn’t forget about hi-tech gemstones!  The momento pearl is a hand-carved, white freshwater or black Tahitian pearl set in either sterling silver or 14K white or yellow gold.

It was dreamed up by longtime jewelry designer, Chi Huynh, whose company Galatea is known best for its wildly creative and boundary busting designs.

This little guy can hold photos, text, voice recordings, web links or videos, and probably more!  You can transfer info to and from your smartphone by just tapping the pearl to it!

If you’re worried about losing the pearl, don’t worry the app’s data is also synced in the cloud. Check out this video about the Momento Pearl to see it in action!


Hi-Tech Jewelry is Here to Stay

Will traditional jewelry retailers, the gatekeepers of the business, give jewelry gadgets their blessing?

Daniel Gordon, a Jeweler Who Embraces the Future

Daniel Gordon, a Jeweler Who Embraces the Future

Daniel Gordon, a social media planner and sales associate at Diamond Cellar says the future of the jewelry trade hinges on its ability to embrace change — and that means welcoming wearable tech jewelry into its showcases. “I think jewelers will eventually carry smart products and smart jewelry and it’ll even go high-end,” Mr. Gordon said. “We’ll see four-and six-figure items that have smart technology. I don’t think we have a choice. If the consumer wants something that can receive texts and look beautiful, we’re the perfect catalyst for it.” – Daniel Gordon in the New York Times.

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5 years ago

I drift from wanting the latest phone to asking myself – why?
For sure I love my jewelry and don’t want to see the fashion go to disposable jewelry.
Tech jewelry doesn’t grab me. Except for the bracelet necklace to keep women safe on a date.
And well maybe that colorful bracelet to tell you when you’ve gotten a text when you’re in a crazy loud place.

Lynn K. Jones
5 years ago

I’m not one for the fancy bells and whistles (or should I say microchips), but that anti-date-rape bracelet and memento pearl are both fantastic ideas!