Hello Kitty, how many ways do we love thee? Hello Kitty first appeared over 40 years ago on a vinyl coin purse in Japan.  Ever since, she has been taking accessories by storm!

Don’t believe me?  In 2014, Hello Kitty was estimated to be worth about $7 billion a year, all without any advertising.

Red Back View of Tesla

How About a Hello Kitty Right There?

I didn’t realize until I looked into it how popular and financially powerhousy she had become over the years. With no advertising! That’s amazing!

At the end of this post I make my plea to Tesla to do a Hello Kitty edition, are you with me? And now, without further ado, here are some of my favorite pieces of Hello Kitty jewelry!

A Set of Kitties Jewelry


Two Piece Ring Set, from Sanrio.

This set of two Hello Kitty rings in gold tone with a heart and bow would  make excellent knuckle or pinky rings. The bubbly style of the ring shank is perfectly cheerful.

As a 2-piece set you have a little more versatility.  You can wear them stacked together or separately. And glance at them while driving to make you smile.

 Hello Kitty Jewelry, The Star!

Stars and black enamel with rhinestone accents adorn this bracelet.  It’s part of the Hello Kitty Rising Star collection. It’s made of goldtone, zinc alloy and enamel.

I would recommend this bracelet to a pre-teen and teenage girl.

 Two Kitties Are Better Than One

I’m always a fan of unique jewelry styles.  This bypass style ring has a distinct look. I love that the endlessly fascinating Hello Kitty actually has herself to say hello to all the time!

It is part of the “nOir” Hello Kitty collection.

 Chan Luu Does the Kitty Proud

Sanrio brought in renowned jeweler Chan Luu to help create a handmade, single wrap bracelet. Chan used Swarovski mint alabaster crystals,  beautifully framed by henna-colored leather.  The finishing touch is the sterling silver Hello Kitty charm.

I’m a fan of Chan Luu and was delighted to be able to feature a bracelet designed in her style with Hello Kitty.

 An ID Bracelet is a Cool Way to Show Your FanGirlness

This ID bracelet is made in 9K Gold with a glossy-finish. With a pink enamel Hello Kitty decoration identifying you as someone who is fun and has whimsical taste.

Get your name engraved proudly and wave your Hello Kitty flag as a  fan for sure.

 To go With Your Tricked out Tesla

Hello Kitty is loved by children, tweens, teens and adults. If your love of Hello Kitty has graduated into adulthood, it’s time to show your love with diamonds and pink sapphires and 18kt gold.

Cute, precious and irresistible.

Hey Tesla How About a Hello Kitty Tailpipe to Start? Oh Yeah, You Don't Need a Tailpipe!!

Hey Tesla How About a Hello Kitty Tailpipe to Start? Oh Yeah, You Don’t Need a Tailpipe!!

A Hello Kitty tailpipe is a must wear when tooling around cutely in your sweet ride! Why? Because even though Hello Kitty has been around for over 40  years, to me she represents youthful exuberance, inquisitiveness, cuteness and what’s new. And what’s good in life.

I believe Tesla and Hello Kitty go together and I’d just like to say, “Hey Tesla, how about a Hello Kitty edition?”

Are you with me? Let me know in the comments!

Hello Kitty and Tesla Loving Jeweler,
Calla Gold


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5 years ago

It’s always insane to see how deep the Hello Kitty rabbit hole goes– this is what happens when a generation raised on Hello Kitty grows up and becomes the core demographic for luxury items.

5 years ago

Hi Calla!

Hello Kitty is definitely an icon and will continue to bring happiness for many more years. The ring set is adorable.

Amy Marie Orozco
5 years ago

Love, love, love Hello Kitty. Really bummed I lost my Hello Kitty alarm clock around 1985. Sure, why not? Tesla, how about a Hello Kitty edition?

5 years ago

Hi Calla!
Have to say I was never into the Hello Kitty thing. However, the pic with the Hello Kitty Tailpipe is OMG Sweeeeet!! Is it yours?