From Video Jewelry to Dr. Who!

I had so much fun doing my blog post on video game jewelry that I decided to try one on Sci-Fi jewelry!  At the recommendation of the young people in my life I decided to dedicate my first Sci-Fi jewelry post to the longest-running science fiction television show in the world, Doctor Who!

It seemed very appropriate because when I was very young my father started his lifelong love of Dr. Who and shared it with me.

Earrings That Are Out of This World

Doctor Who - Gallifreyan writing

Doctor Who bronze tone dangle earrings – Time Lord symbol in Gallifreyan writing

Let’s start off with this pair of Who-tastic earrings!  The image on the earrings is the symbol of the Time Lords, the lost alien race to which The Doctor belongs!

These light-hearted Dr. Who loving earrings will proclaim you aesthetically and philosophically a Whovian.




A Time Lord Needs a Companion


Time Lord and Companion Wedding Bands in Sterling Silver

“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.”
— The Doctor, Season 6, Episode 6 of Doctor Who

The Doctor doesn’t travel across all of time and space alone, and neither will the pair who has these!



A Tear in Space and Time


“Crack in space and time” Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Ring

A crack in the very fabric of reality.  Reality begins to collapse within itself, leading to cracks like this appearing throughout all of space and time.  Looks like one found itself on this ring!

This sterling ring is quite cool in my book. As a jewelry designer I love texture and asymmetric details in jewelry. It just adds that unique pop which in this case nicely represents a time crack.

Sometimes I feel the time cracks closing in on me when I have too much to do in too little time to do it.

By Amanda Henderson of Jewel Lust. Nicely done Amanda.


Time in Relative Dimension in Space, AKA the TARDIS


TARDIS Hand Wired Pendant with Light Blue Beads

For those of you who don’t know, this blue police box is actually the Doctor’s time machine.  It’s ability to camouflage itself was damaged, so it is stuck in the shape of an early 1900’s British police box!

The British police box has become one of the biggest icons of the Doctor Who universe.

I personally love their choice of bright lapis lazuli blue for this fabulous time travelling device.

It’s Bigger on the Inside


TARDIS Jewelry Box

In the show the TARDIS is the size of a police box on the outside, but gigantic on the inside!  Just think of Hermoine’s purse from Harry Potter.

That will most likely not be the case with this lovely, handmade jewelry box, but is there a more appropriate place to store your Doctor Who jewelry?


A Doctor Who Wedding!

It wouldn’t be a Calla Gold blog post if we didn’t work the wedding jewelry into it!

Courtney and Cory from Austin, Texas had an amazing Dr. Who themed wedding. Check out their beautiful Whovian rings.


For Someone Who Believes in Forever, What Could Be More Perfect than a Ring that Says: “I’ll love you in the past and into the future.”


The groom’s band is adorned with Gallifreyan writing, the writing of the Time Lords!

It is from Custom The brides ring is from Meyers and Farrar Jewelers.

The TARDIS makes an appearance in jewelry box and cake form!

The TARDIS makes an appearance in jewelry box and cake form!



What Better Way to Toast the Couple than With Time Lord Technology!


“If there’s one thing I believe in — just one! — I believe in her.” ~ The Ninth Doctor

 Dr. Who or Harry Potter – Design With Your Enthusiasms Shining

Corey and Courtney share space time dreams and enthusiasm for the sci fi realm. How wonderful to use their shared fascination as a theme in their wedding jewelry. They are joined not only by their love, but mutual interest in their shared universe with Dr. Who.

Do you have something you both love? Maybe that unique affinity could be expressed in your wedding rings!

Thinking it’s time to do a bit of Dr. Who binge watching, I am so behind,
Calla Gold
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5 years ago

I just came across this post in Google. Thanks for blogging about my ring. It would be nice if there was a credit to the makers of these pieces of jewellery.

Robin Moler
Robin Moler
8 months ago

Hi there, I love the Gallyfreyan wedding rings. I’ve found the men’s ring website, but the Meyers and Farrar Jewelers website has a number that is disconnected. Do you happen to know if they are still in business or how I could connect to them?

Thank you!