disney-landThe Magic of Disney Jewelry

Like every little girl, I would dream of going to Disneyland.  I would beg, I would nudge, and I would helpfully remind my mom and relatives that I REALLY wanted to go to Disneyland.

Thankfully, my uncle Stan didn't have any better sense than to take me multiple times and sweat in lines for several hours while I chattered on excitedly about Princesses, Mickey, Goofy, and everyone else.

It should come as no surprise that some of these enamored kids would grow up to jewelers.  Here are just some of the great and playful works of art created by a few of these jewelers.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is arguably Disney's most iconic mascot, so it's no surprise to find great pieces like these yellow gold and diamond earrings.

You can pick up this ring and matching earrings from the online Disney store.

A Ring From Under the Sea


This ring is so cute!

I am a big fan of this 'The Little Mermaid' inspired pearl engagement ring.

I especially admire the careful details of the fish and the neat finishing work that make this floating white and yellow gold ring sparkle.







Seven Dwarves on a Two Finger Ring

With the super impractical, but celebrity famous two-finger ring design, Sleepy, Sneezy and pals get their day in the jewelry sun!

If they ever do a theme night for Disney music on the X-Factor where I saw many examples of two finger rings, they will have to swan about in this one!





I love this Bambi diamond pendant.

I still do eat meat, but Bambi makes me not want to eat Venison!

I think Bambi should get an award from some worldwide federation for the forwarding of vegetarianism for helping to create the most vegetarians I know!


 All Beauty and No Beast with this Necklace


World-renowned jeweler Chopard has collaborated with iconic London store Harrods to create a Haute Joaillerie collection inspired by Walt Disney's Princesses.  I fell in love with this 'Beauty and the Beast' inspired piece!

With glittering diamonds, fabulous blue sapphires and varieties of pink sapphires, the celebration of different cuts and different hues looks pretty princess-y to me.











The Magic of Disney

As an adult I still visit Disney often with my once a year Disney visiting friend, Nancy. I love how the world of Disney allows us to take on a Peter-Pan-like role, of being eternally young.

Wearing my Play Crown,
Calla Gold

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Linda Menesez
6 years ago

Calla, you never cease to amaze me at the variety of subjects you cover on your blog! I have a granddaughter who would love to have any of these. She adores anything Disney!



Avianti Jewelry
Avianti Jewelry
6 years ago

The seven dwarfs ring is adorable! and very creative!!

Lynn Johnson
Lynn Johnson
6 years ago

Do you know where a ring like the little mermaid pearl engagement can be purchased from?

Alicia Rogers
Alicia Rogers
5 years ago

Do you know where a ring like the little mermaid pearl engagement can be purchased from?
The link from Calla Gold does not have the item listed on its site.