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Lorrie’s Custom Designed Ring Goes National

Unique shapes in engagement ring with three main diamonds

Before I tell You About Lorrie’s Ring…. As a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer, I’ve been asked how I can design in so many different styles when many Jewelers have a certain style that they stick too. I addressed this very question a year ago when I spoke in New York at the MJSA EXPO. (MJSA…

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Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Are Diamonds Really a Girl’s Best Friend? Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold and her husband Jeremy Gold dish about diamonds. Decades ago, DeBeers coined the expression, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I confess…it’s a catchy slogan. But is it true? Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? As a guy, I think not. Diamonds are…

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Kim Kardashian’s Ring, Does She Keep it?

A Gift is a Gift isn’t it? By Jeremy Gold Kim Kardashian is splitting up with her new husband, NBA basketball player, Kris Humphries. Question: Does she give him back the engagement ring? This opinionated Santa Barbara Jeweler has something to say about this. I listened interestedly to KLOS radio where everyone had an opinion…

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