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Wear it Don’t Warehouse it, Rhonda’s Coin Earrings Re-do

Rhonda’s Coin Earrings Re-Do Rhonda and I had already met a bunch of times selecting jewelry pieces to define her new executive look. Before I tell you about the coin earrings re-do project, allow me to tell you about the amazing andĀ fascinatingĀ Rhonda. I’m Calla Gold and among other duties as a Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler…

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Inherited Jewelry, From Unworn to Cherished, Debra’s Story

Debra’s Mother’s Little Wedding Band Surrounds her Ruby, Framing it Beautifully   What to do with inherited jewelry? When Debra was fifteen years old, her mom died. The one piece of jewelry she had from her mom was a small gold wedding band. Through marriage, kids, and travel, Debra always kept it with her. Of…

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