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Vagina Necklaces – From Sexy to Lucky Charm

vagina necklace

After writing up my “Vagina Necklace that got a Second Chance” blog post I got curious. What other vagina necklaces are there out there? It turns out quite a few. For you edification I spent some time on ETSY looking into what’s new in vagina necklaces.At the top, this is the Golden Pussy by Invagination,…

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Hi-Tech Jewelry, The Evolution of Jewelry – Review

|||||||Ringly Luxe - Activity Tracker + Mobile Alerts + Meditation Smart Bracelet|

Jewelry, as a craft, hasn’t changed much in thousands of years.  There were certainly changes in designs and metal compositions, but overall we only developed new ways of manipulating the metal to our whim. That’s all changed in the 21st century.  This younger generation of tech-savvy young people is helping to spur an evolutionary process for…

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Dog Jewelry, Decorations and Armor

Dog jewelry

The Chinese Year of the Dog Since February 16 was Chinese New Years and 2018 is the year of the dog, I thought I’d reprise an earlier post on this beloved canine. Especially since I was born in the year of the dog! And just so you know, according to Chinese astrologists, those born in…

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