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Kim Kardashian’s Ring, Does She Keep it?

A Gift is a Gift isn’t it? By Jeremy Gold Kim Kardashian is splitting up with her new husband, NBA basketball player, Kris Humphries. Question: Does she give him back the engagement ring? This opinionated Santa Barbara Jeweler has something to say about this. I listened interestedly to KLOS radio where everyone had an opinion…

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Revitalizing Your Jewelry – Costume Pearls – Sarah’s Story

Pearl Necklace After Restring Job

  Woman holding pearl necklaces — Image by © Peter Frank/Corbis Case Study: Sarah’s Faux Pearl Solution. Sarah inherited three strands of pearls from her grandmother, Maureen.  Maureen was known for her love of pearls and could more often than not be seen wearing at least one pearl necklace. Not All Pearls Come From the…

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