Flexible Rings, Shaking Hands and Public Speaking

Ouch, my ring just bit me when you shook my hand! Have you ever met someone new, had your hand shaken and experienced a jolt of pain as your ring dug into your surrounding fingers? That happened to me when I was a speaker at a Las Vegas Jewelry Convention. I ended up shaking about…

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Why is My Ring Cracked? Preventing Pinched Fingers

Engagement Ring With Cracked Shank and Rhodium Worn Off

  When your finger feels pinched, it’s probably because your ring has cracked. My client Sarah called me two weeks ago. “My finger hurts so bad. It got pinched when my ring cracked. Why would it crack? It’s not even that worn down.” She asked. “Thinness of a ring shank, that bottom part that goes…

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Changing the Texture of Your Ring – Video

Multi Textured Multi-colored sapphires Ring in yellow gold by Calla Gold

  Changing the texture of your ring makes it new and different. Are you a candidate for changing the texture of your ring? You may not even know. From shiny to matte, from smooth to hammered, there are many ways to change up a piece of your jewelry by adding texture to it. I’m sharing…

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Engraved Rings – Five Things You Need to Know

Platinum Hand Engraved Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Hand Engraved Engagement Ring. Calla Gold Design What exactly is ring engraving? My phone rang on a rainy day. A nice guy named Lon said, “My girlfriend Sue wants engraved rings. We were talking about ring styles she likes, because I want to create an engagement ring for her. I haven’t started the design process…

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Purple Heart Ring for Larry – A Creation Story

|Purple heart medal man's ring. Yellow gold, purple enamel, amethyst and black oxidation

Superbowl  Ring – Purple Heart Ring If you’re a guy and you won the Superbowl you get a ring. And it means a lot and you wear it. If you’ve been in the military and get a meaningful medal, doesn’t it make sense to wear that honor as a ring? This is a story of…

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