Superfit – CLIQ Hinging Shanks for Large Knuckled People-Review

Engraved ring with Superfit Shank|Superfit shank on engagement ring|Superfit shank for rings|Superfit ring ten years old|Depth of a ring diagram||Superfit Cliq ring hinge|superfit - Cliq hinging shank|cliq hinge man's ring

  CLIQ Hinging Shank on Yellow Gold Engagement Ring As a specialist in modifying rings that spin to be more comfortably worn, I have written on various possible solutions previously. See my related blogs on speed bumps, butterfly springs and Fingermate hinging shanks. Jumping right in, it’s time that I added to the reviews of…

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Wonder Bra For Your Ear Lobes!

lobe wonder on finger tip for ripped earlobes

Lobe Wonder Do You Have Torn, Ripped or Long Ear Holes? I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest beauty enhancers in my Santa Barbara Jewelry World. My helpful clients lead the charge to willingly test new and cool ideas. Lori Cooper of Wardrobe Wisdom my stylist, helpfully brought these to my attention…

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