Finger Mate Hinging Shank for Rings for Enlarged Knuckles

Wedding Set With Finger Mate Hinging Shanks Do you have Osteoarthritis?  Rheumatoid arthritis? Enlarged knuckles? Are your knuckles fine, but the finger behind them is small? I’m guessing your rings spin. I’m guessing you wish they wouldn’t. I wish for your rings to fit you properly. This blog post is one of a series about…

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Spinning Vintage Ring Fixed with a CLIQ Hinge Shank

Cliq hinge|Vintage Emerald cabochon platinum ring|Gallery view of vintage filigree ring|CLIQ hinging shank|cliq hinge shank

  It is seriously annoying, having to take off your rings to type. Hilary keeps a jar by her computer to put her rings in when she types. She loves vintage jewelry and knows that top heavy rings are no-goes. But she couldn’t help herself. Her latest dream ring was a large emerald cabochon cut…

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