Antique Ring Restoration Story – Filigree Hearts Re-Made

|Vintage ring with broken filigree|Antique ring

  When Cheryl finally received the antique ring that belonged to her great-grandmother she loved its intricacy and sweet details. The little filigree hearts were her favorite part. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line one side of the ring with the little hearts had maybe been stepped on. It was badly broken. Great Grandma’s Antique Ring…

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Ring Disasters, Part 4 – Re-Tipping vs. a New Head

broken diamond Head with no diamond in it

Some of my most loyal, long-time readers may remember my “Ring Disasters” series from 2011. More questions have come up recently about the issues addressed in this particular post. I realized that I could add more information and explanatory photos to answer your newest questions. So, check out this new and improved re-tipping post. Maybe you’ll…

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Re-Tipped Prongs and Porosity on Your Engagement Ring

Porosity spots on a ring, ring porosity problem|Porosity in Re-tip and Bad Workmanship by a Hack jeweler

  What is Porosity? In the simplest of terms, porosity is how holey a material is. No – not “holy” in a religious sense, but “holey,” as in “full of holes.” Materials such as pumice stone and concrete tend to be very porous, while materials like glass and hard plastic are relatively non-porous. All materials…

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All About Enamel Jewelry

Gold and Enameled Girl Face Pendant

Enamel Jewelry Why do I Love Thee So? Have you ever had enameled jewelry? Has it ever met with disaster? Has the work of Lalique ever sent you into Victorian romance day dreams? If so, I wrote this for you. First I’ll tell you a little about it.

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Fix Your Jewelry!

Yellow gold wide ring with damage from garbage disposal

You Don’t have to be a Plumber to Fix a Ring If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Fix Your Jewelry! Like any other chore, this jewelry fixing jeweler has seen how easy it it to put it off. At some point, though, you just have to bite the bullet and…

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