How Laser Ring Welding Fixes Fragile and Unfixable Rings


  Jewelers get challenged all the time, whether it’s sizing a complicated ring design that wants to resist being worked on, or a ring with a vulnerable gemstone. How your jeweler responds to this challenge can effect your jewelry collection.  Do you have a ring that is unfixable? Is it unfixable because one or two…

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Fixing Bent Rings and Cracked Rings

Engagement Ring Cracked

  Much Wear Has Weakened This Ring Have you ever had a ring bend out of shape? The bottom of a ring, or the shank, is the part of your ring most susceptible to bending.  I fix bent rings frequently. It seemed like time to share with you what I’ve told my clients. Five Causes…

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Ring Shank Tragedy – Lame Horses and Thin Rings

re-shank candidate, shank too thin on pearl ring

Tilda’s tragic treasure trouble started on a fun Caribbean trip. Tilda bought a “gorgeous” ring on her trip to Barbados. Within a month the shank, (the bottom part of the ring below the main design,) was badly bent. Tilda called me, afraid to wear it. Her question was, “How is this possible? This ring is…

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Inlay Ring Repair in Ring vs. Garbage Disposal Story

Yellow gold wide ring with damage from garbage disposal

Rings fall in garbage disposals. I know it seems like a death sentence for your ring, but it may not be. In this blog I focus on Stephanie’s ring because it talks about damaged metal and inlay, a setting style. This project was a real double whammy. I’ve run into about 25 clients who’ve had…

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Re-Shanking Your Rings; What, Why and When?

Too thin ring with a dropped diamond

    Like an iceberg to the Titanic, thin ring shanks spell trouble for you. Whether it’s a pinched finger with a little blood, because of a crack on the bottom of your ring, or a big chunk just broke away, it’s never good when your ring cracks. Like a weak link in a chain,…

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Jewelry Repairs – Life Extension for Your Jewelry

Too tight man's wedding band

Let’s talk about jewelry repairs. I’ve been hearing all the time things like, “my ring broke at the bottom”, “my diamond fell out” or “my pearls broke.” “My chains tangled.” The calls I want to get are, “seems like time to check my prongs,”  “I bet my pearls are due for a restringing,” or “could…

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