Pearls Must Be Knotted! Or Pearl Restringing with Knots

Large baroque fresh water pearls

  Pearl Necklace Just After Restringing With Knots. Click on Picture to See up Close Tie the knot with your pearls. I love pearls. I live and do my Jewelry thing in Santa Barbara, right next to the ocean. I’m required by law to love pearls. I love that they’re organic and come from living…

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Pearls, Your Jewelry Divas and How to Store Them

large aquamarine pendant with halo of diamonds in pearl five strand necklace

  Pearls are the movie stars of your jewelry box. Pearls are often referred to as the “Queen of Gems,” in the jewelry industry, both for their beauty, and for their delicate nature. If you want your pearl jewelry to stay beautiful, then treat your pearls like a diva movie star. Find a spot to…

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Family Crest Jewelry Projects for Sons and Daughters

Family crest ring for a man

Felicia’s Story Family Jewelry, the Gift of Connection Felicia felt the sadness of seeing her two boys off to college and her daughters weren’t far behind. She asked me initially if I could make duplicate rings with the family crest for her boys using her husband’s as a model. I love being a Santa Barbara…

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