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Bails vs. Enhancers, From Functional to Fabulous

Enhancer bail in 14kt yellow gold with safety catch

  Bails are Nice, But Enhancers are Spice! There’s a good chance you already know what a bail is. It’s that little loop thingie at the top of pendants and charms that your chain slides through. Enhancers are similar. They also go on the top of pendants. But there’s a big spicy difference. An enhancer…

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Top Ten Reasons To Restring Your Pearls

Stretched Out Pearl Necklace

  Pearls are the queen of gems. What’s not to love about pearls? Classic and classy, they are a staple in most every woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Many people don’t realize pearl jewelry needs special care.  While pearl jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed throughout the years, you will extend the life and the…

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Choosing Pearls: Five Things You’ll Want to Consider

Pearl expert Antoinette Matlins in Mexico discussing pearl culturing

Let’s get an expert opinion about choosing pearls. This  ocean loving jeweler adores pearls whether in round shapes or lumpy baroques. So when I read this great information from Antoinette Matlins, crazily over-qualified Gemologist and master of the gem and pearl universe, I asked if I could share it with you. She, awesome gem diva…

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Why Pearl Ring Sizing Costs More

White gold, pave diamonds in bubble theme with Tahitian pearl ring

  Peacock Tahitian Pearl needs careful consideration when sizing Your diva pearls demand your respect. Someone asked me the other day, “How come you’re charging me so much to size this pearl ring? Its band is half as thick as the sapphire ring you’re sizing, but it’s more expensive?” “That’s a fair question,” I said.…

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