Fix Your Jewelry!

Yellow gold wide ring with damage from garbage disposal

You Don’t have to be a Plumber to Fix a Ring If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Fix Your Jewelry! Like any other chore, this jewelry fixing jeweler has seen how easy it it to put it off. At some point, though, you just have to bite the bullet and…

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How To Buy Jewelry For Women, From One Guy to Another

The Trials and Tribulations of Shopping and Buying Jewelry for Her ~ by Jeremy Gold Question guys: Do you find shopping for jewelry a daunting task? Does the thought of walking into a jewelry store leave you overwhelmed and weak-kneed? Have you ever wanted to get the significant other in your life the gift of jewelry…

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Peace,Hiking,Looking Your Best…and Jewelry

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings on a Hiking Boot

Peace on Earth And Look Good!   When I was younger—before I was a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer—a friend invited me to fly to Oregon with her to march for peace with her favorite organization. She said to bring a sleeping bag and comfy clothes. We were young and we wouldn’t be staying at the Ritz. The march was…

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