"Pierced Through," a Design Element. Is it Right For You?

|Ammonite Gem in Yellow Gold|

Adding Spice to Your Jewelry Design is Fun Cynthia had these awesome Amonites to be set. But she wanted sass, spice and something different. She asked me, “what can we do to set my ammonites uniquely? What Calla Gold Jewelry designing secret do you have up your sleeve?”.  As a matter of fact I did…

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Lord Google You’re the God-Father! It’s a Ring!

Side View Detail of Hand Engraved Ring by Calla Gold Jewelry

Do You Love the Internet? I’m definitely one that does! I love being able to communicate quickly and fluidly online. And I love that I can find what I’m looking for online. I love that when someone is looking for design ideas that Google exists and that Lord Google shares my design pictures with friends I…

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