Diamonds vs. Forbidden Wedding Ring Gemstones

Scratched tsavorite gem in bezel setting, close up of damaged gem

Cracking, Chipping and Fading. Did You Know About the Risks of certain gemstone choices for your wedding rings? Some gemstones seemingly have no business in wedding rings. Some crack too easily and others are too soft. It seems as if some gems scratch with the swipe of a fingernail. Or they practically chip by looking…

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What About Moissanite for Your Engagement Ring?

Dispersion of Light in Moissanite image

  Do I like it and do I sell it? Read on and find out. What is this post about? As a Santa Barbara Wedding Jewelry Designer, I’ve had more than my fair share of questions about Moissanite as an alternate to Diamond. I’ll give you the history, what it is, the pro’s and con’s of Moissanite,…

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What to Do With Faded Gemstones, Cracked and Damaged Gemstones

Two amethyst gems. One is faded and the other is bright purple

Do you have a lackluster or faded gemstone? Chipped or cracked gemstone? Sad looking gemstone? That’s not right. And you’re probably avoiding wearing it because it doesn’t look like it should! As a busy gem fixing jeweler I’ve had the opportunity to work on some fun projects, that led to great before and after pictures.…

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