Engraved Rings – Five Things You Need to Know

Platinum Hand Engraved Three Diamond Engagement Ring

Hand Engraved Engagement Ring. Calla Gold Design What exactly is ring engraving? My phone rang on a rainy day. A nice guy named Lon said, “My girlfriend Sue wants engraved rings. We were talking about ring styles she likes, because I want to create an engagement ring for her. I haven’t started the design process…

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Signet Ring, What Should You Engrave? Vanilla or Chocolate?

Hand engraved B on yellow gold signet ring

Vanilla or chocolate engraving? Seriously, Rashida asked me on the phone if I do “vanilla or chocolate engraving.” I said, “I do both and banana split engraving.” (She had called me after finding me on the internet and she sounded fun.) “OK,” she said, “I was messin’ with you, but now you’re messin’ with me.”…

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Engraving Your Signet Ring

Signet Ring with Script Monogram| in old world script font

Engraving a Signet Ring. Get creative! Don’t go ordinary. That’s this engraving jeweler’s advice to those of you engraving a signet ring. If you want to engrave the preamble to the Constitution, your options are limited. If you’re engraving one to three letters, however, you have plenty of room for your imagination to run wild.

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