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Zombie Rings: How to Tell A Good Ring From a Bad Ring

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“I feel that some jewelry retailers are racing to see who can have the cheapest goods in their store. It is a race to the bottom. I do not see this ending well for them.” – Paul Levin Owner of Tairona Co. at the American Gem Trade Association Jewelry Show. Bitten by Zombie Jewelry Don’t you…

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Pawn Shop vs. Jeweler for Your Engagement Diamond

On occasion a client asks me about diamond shopping at pawn shops vs. diamond shopping with a jeweler, so I decided to write this to answer most questions you may have.  Let me start by showing you all this interesting exchange I got from “I plan on buying a possible engagement ring in a…

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Harry and Meghan, The Royal Engagement Ring


  In a world of amazing, theatrical, creative, expensive and elaborate proposals, I loved hearing the story from their lips as Harry and Meghan patch-worked the story of roasting chicken in the kitchen. He Proposed in the Kitchen Harry went down on one knee and Meghan was completely surprised. Was she happy about the proposal…

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