Insuring Your Jewelry: To Insure or Not to Insure

I am Not an Insurance Agent I am Calla Gold, an opinionated (and excellent) custom designing jeweler in Santa Barbara. So let’s talk about insuring your jewelry from the perspective of my not trying to sell you anything. Why Am I Talking About Insuring Your Jewelry? What got me doing this post was when my client Hildy…

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Ring Sizing Cost Explained – What do You Pay More For and Why?

Platinum wedding set with hand engraving

It’s Your Dream Ring, But it Doesn’t Fit! Do you wear rings? Silly question, what woman reading this doesn’t. Chances are you’ve had a little ring sizing experience. Unlike shoes and tires, rings in jewelry stores typically don’t come in assorted sizes—at least not rings in Santa Barbara. If the one-of-a-kind ring in the display…

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How To Buy Jewelry For Women, From One Guy to Another

The Trials and Tribulations of Shopping and Buying Jewelry for Her ~ by Jeremy Gold Question guys: Do you find shopping for jewelry a daunting task? Does the thought of walking into a jewelry store leave you overwhelmed and weak-kneed? Have you ever wanted to get the significant other in your life the gift of jewelry…

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Why Women Love Jewelry…from Men

A man proposing to a woman at the Santa Barbara Harbor

This Santa Barbara Jeweler heard this and had to write about it. Friends Beth and Laura met up a pool party. Beth turned to Laura and said, “I love that ring on you. Where did you get it?” “My husband got it for me for our anniversary!” beamed Laura. “It looks fabulous!” “Jake said he…

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Your Summertime Jewelry Care List

Toothpaste to clean jewelry, toothbrush and jewelry polishing cloth

Summer’s Coming and Danger May Lurk for Your Favorite Ring As your Santa Barbara Jeweler, who does your jewelry repairs, you know I’ll never give you a hard time for playing rough with your jewelry. I want you to wear it and love it. My motto is “Wear it, Don’t Warehouse it!” But it never…

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