Dear Calla, A Duchess Diamond

Dear Calla, I saw for the briefest moment a Duchess diamond on girl at a wedding. I’d never even heard of one? Can you show me a picture of one so I’ll know if it actually that amazing? I can’t get it out of my mind. How do people use them? As a center or…

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How to Wear Vintage Rings and Modern Rings Together

two rings, one pearl on scalloped yellow gold band and large shell in yellow gold ring

This Excellent Dear Calla Question Deserved a Big Answer Dear Calla,I have been enjoying reading your website for a few months now and I’ve found you and the ladies who post comments both informative and helpful. But I do not know where to post my dilemma. See I, along with my sister inherited mum’s vintage…

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Dear Calla, My Brother Wants to Make my Wedding Ring

Dear Calla, My brother has offered to make my wedding ring and I’m having some reservations. He’s been taking classes at the local City College, but he has a habit of starting and stopping things. He tuned my car once and, can I just kindly say, I didn’t have to sell it but….. Anyway he’s…

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