Can Someone Size my Eternity Band?


Eternity band sizing

What Will My Eternity Band Look Like After Sizing? The first thing I tell my clients when they ask, “can you size my eternity band?” is that unlike a smooth all-gold area to size as we please, we need to size based on how we can add or subtract gems aesthetically. We will not be able to size to a specific size.

Brittnie’s Eternity Band Sizing

In the pictured example, Brittnie’s eternity band has alternating long baguette diamonds and shorter round brilliant cut diamonds. Each diamond is pretty big. The area of the sizing will not duplicate the pattern she has going.

If we were to make another baguette and round diamond section so you couldn’t tell where it’d been sized, then it would fall off her finger. Adding the new same pattern section of one baguette and one round would add 2 to 3 sizes to her ring.

How Will My Eternity Band Fit After Sizing?

size my eternity band

Malika’s wedding band is an eternity band. She chose it because she knew it’d turn and spin and she wanted the diamonds to always face up and sparkle. Smart choice.

Having kids has a way of enlarging our hands. Because the diamonds are so tiny in her eternity band, it was easy to size one size larger. After my warning about not being able to give her her exact size, it turned out that I did give her her exact size. That is not the norm.

When adding gemstones to make an eternity band larger, I always err on the side of too big, not too small. The only time our hands seem to shrink is when one gets very old and doesn’t use them as much. The rest of the time they seem to need to be sized larger.

Can You Size my Eternity Band With Enamel?

size my eternity bands

When Kathleen realized her three ring set didn’t fit anymore she just put them away. Her last attempt at sizing enameled Hawaiian jewelry hadn’t gone anywhere. She asked me if I could size them and I told her, not only could I size them, but I could size them to her exact size.

As you will have read in my blog post: How Much to Have My Enamel Ring Sized, the heat work of sizing and the changing shape of the areas that hold the enamel, both cause the enamel to break or melt. Going into your sizing knowing that the enamel will need to be re-applied is a safe bet.

The good thing about enamel eternity bands is that since you need to re-enamel them anyway, it is easy to size to an exact request and then when done, re-apply the enamel.

Different Sized Gems Require Different Sized Sizing Solutions

To size Teddi’s outer two eternity bands with their small rubies, would allow a pretty close to ideal end size to be achieved. This was because each ruby is fairly small and the design is uniform.

However sizing her center garnet and diamond eternity would be a bigger challenge. Chances are I’d set a second round diamond. Because that is not as pretty as the current pattern, I would recommend swinging the double diamond to the bottom of her hand.

The good news is it can be sized!

Planning Out Your Eternity Band Design, The 3/4 Eternity

Priscilla wanted an eternity band set to honor her mother who loved emeralds. Since we were able to plan ahead, I pointed out two things. One, emeralds are fragile and any emerald that ended up on the bottom would get damaged too easily. The other thing was that Priscilla’s hands were showing signs of knuckle enlargement. And I wanted her to be able to size this ring if her fingers grew.

Adding a smooth part at the back of an eternity band is called adding a sizing bar. And that’s exactly what we did for Priscilla’s eternity ring. Between the vine design and the delicate emeralds, sizing it as a full eternity would have been frustrating and probably not pretty.

Circling Back to the Top

Sometimes to get close to the size that is needed on a challenging eternity band design, a smaller gemstone is needed as in Brittnie’s case. She wears this part at the bottom of her finger and is happy to be able to wear her wedding ring again. Had we put in the same size diamond it would have been noticeably too large for comfort.

Eternity band sizing is challenging, but most of the time it can be done.

Your Personal Jeweler,

Client review: “The eternity ring arrived. Calla, it is truly beautiful! The work you did is completely invisible to our eyes. Ina is very happy, and I can tell you that my grandmother (who if she were still with us would be around 110 years old, and she received the ring as a very young woman – to give you an idea of its age) would be so pleased as well.” Peck and Ina.

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Your eternity band designs are really superb. I’m coming to a time to buy a ring, otherwise surly I will catch your band.