Ring Sizing, Weight Gain and Weight Loss


White Gold Eternity bands and Engagement Ring

This Symbol of Love Never Wants to be Left in the Jewelry Box

Don’t Wait to Size Your Ring. Georgia worked at a small plumbing supply house and I dropped in at her office the other day to say hello when I was in the neighborhood.

Being the Santa Barbara Repair Jeweler that I am, I immediately noticed she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. Oh, no! I hoped this didn’t mean she was getting a divorce.

What People Think When You Don’t Wear Your Wedding Ring

“Ah…I was going to check the prongs on your wedding ring, but I just noticed that you’re…ah…not wearing it,” I said, a bit alarmed.

“Oh, I know!” she said. “I gained all this weight and it just doesn’t fit anymore. Come the New Year, I’m going to join Weight Watchers and start working out at the gym. I figured once I’d lost a few pounds, I’d call you to come size it.”

Ring Wearing Has NOTHING to do With Your Weight

“Georgia!” I exclaimed. “Not OK! Your wedding ring is your ‘Ring of Love’ and represents your marriage and you should be wearing it so all the world can see you’re still married to Kenneth.” She nodded looking relieved.

Hand Engraving on Yellow Gold Three Diamond Engagement Ring

This Wedding Ring Wants to go Where You Go

“I bet since you haven’t been wearing the ring, you’ve been asked more than once if everything was alright with you and the man,” I asked.

“Yes! And it always makes me feel a little awkward…as if they don’t really believe me!” she responded. “As if they thought I was just using ‘weight gain’ as an excuse. Can you believe it?”

Not Wearing Your Wedding Ring Because of Ring Size Can Send the Wrong Message

“Unfortunately…I can believe it,” I said. “You’re not the first woman whose weight has fluctuated one way or another. I size rings up and down all the time.”

“You do?”

“Multiple times.”

“Doesn’t it hurt to do ring sizing too much?”

“Not at all. In fact, in addition to your ring sizing, I’ll check your prongs, and clean and polish your ring so it looks brand new. It’s like taking your car in for a tune up…With a car wash!”

To Stretch…Or not to Stretch to Size Your Ring

“I’ve always been worried, though, about stretching the ring to size it bigger,” Georgia said. “I had a ring stretched before I married Ken and it never felt the same. The shank was so thin afterwards and it ended up cracking!”

“The good news is I do not stretch rings,” I said.

“You don’t? What do you do?”

How Ring Sizing Should be Done

Bench Jeweler Working on a Ring, ring sizing

Carmen, One of My Bench Jewelers Prepares to Size a Ring

“If I’m sizing the ring up, I cut the bottom of the shank, pull the two sides gently apart, and add a whole new section of gold. After I polish it up, you can’t even tell where I sized it.”

“Wow. Ah…if I brought my ring in tomorrow, you couldn’t come in and pick it up, could you? I actually would like to start wearing it again.”

“I’d be happy to. How’s two o’clock?”

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?

Ring sizing can be done repeatedly. There’s absolutely no reason to let a ring that doesn’t fit anymore languish in the dusty recesses of your jewelry box.

Yellow Gold Bezel set Sapphire and Diamond ring

Wear it Don’t Warehouse it!

Ring sizing and weight gain is a fact of life. People gain weight. People lose weight. Big deal! It’s part of the human condition. So don’t punish yourself because you gained or lost a few pounds. Call your Jeweler to size your rings! You deserve to wear your rings, they are yours!

Your Santa Barbara Repair Jeweler,
Calla Gold

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Executive Coach
12 years ago

I had no idea it was so easy to size a ring. It is true that just like clothes that languish in the closet we let jewelry languish in our jewel boxes because they don’t fit anymore. As a coach, I can say neither is a good thing. Get it out, get it fixed and if you don’t want to, then get rid of it!
Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Ceritified Personal and Executive Coach

12 years ago

Calla Gold, Thanks for this ring sizing really good information. There’s no reason not to wear your wedding ring when sizing can be done very simply and inexpensively.

madeleine Vite
12 years ago

That is so true that your wedding ring is your Ring of Love and it does represent your marriage. Calla Gold is the best fine Jeweler in Santa Barbara to have my ring re-sized with. After this I’ll know I can wear my ring anytime whether I gain or lose weight. I’ll just have it sized. Thanks Calla for letting us know you can size your ring multiple times.

Jackie Ruka
12 years ago

I love jewelry , especially my favorite rings. Why have a beautiful ring if it sits anywhere than on your finger. Personally, I would get frustrated by not wearing a ring that I love! Perhaps the symbolism of the original ring has changed over the years, if so, then why not change out the design of the ring to fit and feel anew to where you as a couple are now. Change is good and it’s a reason to celebrate.

Geneva de la Rouge
12 years ago

Sizing a ring is so important and I’m glad Calla Gold takes all important details like this into consideration when working on a ring. It’s a good indication of someone who pays attention to detail when a Jeweler writes a blog post like this. I’m glad to know the difference between ring stretching and ring sizing. That’s the kind of thing you want to know about when you choose your jeweler.

12 years ago

So you don’t own a ring stretcher. But do you own a finger thinner? If so, you could expand that to a waist thinner and make a FORTUNE! I vote for the finger thinner!

Puzzle Bobble
12 years ago

Ring Sizing Due to Weight Gain or Loss is a good post. I enjoyed reading this.

Rene Brewer
Rene Brewer
9 years ago

Thanks for the great advice! I have gained some weight and can’t wear my engagement ring or wedding band. Now I just need to find a good reputable jeweler in my area. That is not something I want just anyone doing!

9 years ago

Such a great post, explained what needed to be done and I love the sentimentalism of the post as well. I have been thinking about buying a new ring just so my finger isn’t bare anymore. It has been over 9 years since I was pregnant and I haven’t fit my wedding ring since.
I am going to look for a jeweler in Canada to get my ring back on my finger this month.
Thanks :)

9 years ago

I had just dropped my wedding set off to be re-sized after wearing a silver set for 4 years. I MISSED my original set, the ones my husband slid on my finger 22 years ago. I was thinking maybe it was a bad idea and I should have stuck with the silver rings I bought. But after finding your website I am so glad I dropped mine originals off to re-size and my feelings were right. MY RINGS ARE SPECIAL. Thanks so much for the great info.