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Ring Sizing Explained – What do You Pay More For and Why?

By Calla Gold

Diamond and Tanzanite Ring

It’s Your Dream Ring, But it Doesn’t Fit!

Do You Wear Rings?

Silly question, what woman reading this doesn’t—chances are you’ve had a little ring sizing experience. Unlike shoes and tires, rings in jewelry stores typically don’t come in assorted sizes—at least not rings in Santa Barbara.

If the one-of-a-kind ring in the display case you’ve always wanted is a size 5 and you’re a size 7…you’re going to have to size that ring. No two ways about it.

The Two Methods for Sizing Your Ring Larger 

1. Stretching

2. Adding a bridge of gold

The Full Description

Let’s start with the size 5, dream ring you just bought. You’re a size 7 and the ring will have to be sized up.

Tool to stretch rings

Ring Stretcher, I do not Own One of These

Let’s talk about #1, Stretching. This is going to be a short talk. I don’t recommend this technique! It makes the shank thinner and weakens the overall integrity of your ring. You know how a rubber band looks when you pull it apart? Now imagine that being done to your ring.

Let’s talk about #2, adding a bridge of gold. This is done by cutting the bottom of the shank, pulling the two sides apart, build a bridge of new gold the size needed and then solder it in preserving the thickness at the base of the ring where it is so needed.

Sizing Your Ring Smaller

Sizing a ring down is similar. The proper length of gold is cut from the bottom of the shank and the two sides are joined together and soldered closed.

Ten Reasons Ring Sizing May Cost More to Size

1. Channel Set Gems May Become Unaligned When the Ring is Bent into a New Shape

2. Prongs May Get Compressed or Too Spread Out During Sizing

Inlay opal needs a fix

Sizing Inlaid Rings Can Knock Out the Inlaid Stones

3. Your Ring Has Inlaid Stones

4. Your Pearls Have to Be Removed Before any Heat Can be Applied to Your Ring

5. You Have Opals, Emeralds or Other Temperature Sensitive Gems

6. Your Engraving Needs to Be Replicated and Put Back on After Sizing

7. You Have a Very Thick Ring

8.  Your Ring Needs to Be Sized More than Two Sizes Either Way

9. Your Ring is so Thin That it Bends Easily

Shared Prongs-Bad

Shared Prongs can Release the Diamonds When the Ring is Sized Smaller

10. You Have a Ring with Shared Prongs

Pick a Jeweler Who Really Cares About Your Ring

If you have an older or worn ring and the jeweler says, “Just get a new one, this one’s just finished,” you may want to look for another jeweler.

If your ring has special meaning that you want to honor, you should have a jeweler who respects that and has the skill to add to the long life of your cherished ring.

Pick a Jeweler Who Has the Skills to Deal with Challenges

Each of the above challenges comes with ways to work around them, like low heat laser ring sizing, gemstone setting skills and hand engraving skills.

There’s no shame in a jeweler not having all those skills, just don’t give your ring over to a jeweler who doesn’t have the know how to re-size your ring and return it in great condition.

How You Can Make Sure That Your Gems Are Safe After Re-Sizing

Whether the ring is being sized up and the shank is pulled apart or the ring is being sized down and the two sides of the shank are joined together, the gemstone settings at the top and on the sides of the ring can become compromised.

This is especially true for channel set gems. The internal angles of the channel can change and shift slightly when the shank is modified, thus upsetting its ability to hold its gems securely in place. This means that you should always examine all the gems and settings of a ring that’s been sized.

Try moving the stones with your fingernail or a toothpick. Obviously, they shouldn’t move. If any of them do, send the ring back for adjustments right away.

Check the Thickness of Your Ring at the Bottom After Sizing

Make sure the bottom part of your ring is nice and thick, too, so it conforms to the rest of the shank. Too often, I’ve seen thin and narrow sections of shanks due to improper sizing technique.

Where’s the Master Price List for Ring Sizing?

I get called regularly with the question, “How much to size my wedding ring?” Personally I want to see it first.

Your ring’s condition is a part of the cost of sizing. Just like when you take your car in because it’s pulling left and in a general check they find out your brake pads are just about worn out, a jeweler can see things that may need to be dealt with.

You may be hoping for a simple $50.00 sizing and discover one of your prongs has broken off and now your repair bill is going to be $110.00. Happily you didn’t lose your diamond.

There is no master price list for ring sizing. I actually tried to make one for internal use. It ended up being pretty useless so I just bid each ring as it comes.

Excellent Ring Sizing is the Best Value Regardless of the Cost

Get a good jeweler who loves and cares for your rings, because sizing is a fact of life. Did you know that your knuckles never stop growing? I know, weird huh?


June 16 2014 – Update

Platinum wedding set properly ring sized

This is an Ideal Looking Finger Fit

Don’t Pay Twice Because You Don’t Get the Right Size the First Time

I’ve edited this in later, because I know many people who have paid twice to have their rings re-sized. Read my post on measuring for your finger size properly. It talks about what is your comfortable fit feel and if that is safe or just too loose.

I also talk about the tools of sizing, because having the wrong ring sizing tool for the job can lead to a incorrect size. Read my blog about figuring out your finger size.

May your rings always be the right size!

Calla Gold
Ring Sizing Jeweler

PS: For more on ring sizing, check out my post on, weight gain and sizing your rings, and how laser soldering sizes unfixable rings.

If you’d like to see some examples of rings I’ve sized, and what the cost was, check out my other ring sizing posts:
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110 thoughts on “Ring Sizing Explained – What do You Pay More For and Why?

  1. I had not considered all these ramifications of getting a ring sized. Of course the solutions that come to mind are 1) get the right sized ring in the first place and 2) get a custom made ring as it will then be both the right size and exactly what you want. Cuz, yikes, I’d hate to have a stone fall out or my ring be compromised. Thanks for the tips, Calla!

    • Hi Kymberly,
      Thanks for your response. There are some silver rings that are offered in your size, even sizes only, for popular styles. I’d say 80% of the rings I sell need to be sized at a guess. Most of them are simple sizings. But there are always the challenges.
      Why do I like challenging ring sizing so much? I guess it’s fun to be the hero jeweler who sizes that impossible or difficult ring.
      You’re right that having a ring custom made in your size is the best all the way around!
      Calla Gold Jeweler

  2. I’m sure many of us come in with the idea that sizing is an easy task and you just move some things around and viola! Thanks for breaking down the steps of measuring for a correct finger size. I would probably be hesitant to size any inlaid piece–unless it was Calla Gold Jewelry doing it!

  3. I just paid 300.00 dollars to get my wedding ring resized. It sounded expensive but I haven’t been able to wear it and it’s getting sized up. Was that over priced?

  4. I already paid it and feel extremely stupid. what is the average pricing of sizing a ring up?

    • Hi Janet,
      The good news is that you can wear your wedding ring. There are reasons it could have cost a lot. But $300.00 is out of my charge range for a sizing.
      To size a 14kt white gold engagement ring with all diamonds on top in prongs, in other words no extra work because of heat sensitive gemstones or weird settings to work around, with no engraving to re-do after sizing, sizing up one size I’d expect to charge $40 – $60.
      There are factors that can add to the cost. I had a client who bought the engagement ring at a pawn shop. It was very thin at the back and a size 6. She was a size 9. I had to re-build the shank thicker and put on a whole new shank in the bigger size. That was around $250. It was white gold.
      Platinum does cost more to be worked whether sizing or soldering.
      Calla Gold

  5. My wedding ring was made by a designer–18k gold but no stones, with a beautiful knot of gold on the top. The finish was a combination of matte gold and semi-polished gold. I had it sized down at a local jeweler, since the designer lives in Canada and I live in NYC. When I picked it up I hardly recognized the ring. It looked like it had been polished, which ruined the character and artistry of the original design.
    The jeweler said it had not been polished, that when gold is heated the finish “wears off.” He is now “repairing” the finish, using a photo of the original ring, but I’m afraid it will never be the same.

    Is what he told me about heating gold true? Should I cancel the “repair” and send it back to the designer?

    I would greatly appreciate your quick response. Thank you.

    • Dear Katherine,
      Your situation is one that has occurred before. When sizing a ring is done, the area around the sizing has to be polished as the gold finish is messed up by the heat of solder. To get technical, the soldering heat shouldn’t effect more than a one inch-ish area. Whatever matte, satin finish, engraving or hammering finish is near the sizing has to get polished. Usually it then doesn’t match the rest of the finish. That’s when a jeweler proves their mettle. When we size engraved rings we have our hand engraver re-engrave the area. When there is a special finish we then work to replicate it.
      My guess is that the jeweler did the normal polishing in the area of the sizing and kept going while in a daze? If he is competent and has a photo guide, he may be able to bring your finish back. However if your Canadian jeweler uses a proprietary finish with steps uncommon to jewelers, the finish could be difficult to replicate.
      Some finishes are created with a fiberglass wheel, some with steel wool and some with sandblasting or a combination of the techniques. You might reach out to the Canadian designer and ask if he/she would give technical guidance to your local jeweler to replicate the finish.
      If you do this and your jeweler is successful then you’ll be able to have your local jeweler touch up your special finish and keep your ring unique. Your finish will wear off in time with normal wear and you’ll want to be able to re-do it as a normal maintenence.
      Special finishes are not the expertise of all jewelers, so if your local jeweler is not able to do this, look farther afield to find a good jeweler for the future maintenance of your special ring.

  6. I have a Michael Beaudry platinum set that needs to be re-sized what should I expect to pay?..scared it may be insane.

    • Hi Nancy,
      Since I can’t see your ring, I’ll just say for a simple size up, say one size larger, depending on the thickness of your ring, the cost of sizing each ring could be $80.00 to $150.00.
      If there are heat sensitive gemstones or complicated setting details that would be added. If you are sizing more than one size larger that can add to the cost.
      If you are sizing for example one size smaller it might be in the $60.00 to $90.00 range.
      If your ring is particularly wide or thick, that will add significantly to your sizing cost.
      I hope this helped.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  7. Hello there, Calla!
    I find your information very useful as I’ve been engaged for about 2 months now and I still have doubts about getting my ring resized. I’ve been wearing a snuggie and a another ring on the exterior part of my finger where I have my engagement ring on (just to keep it safe). My ring is a size 7 and I wear a size 5. I’ve been asking different jewelrers about resizing my ring. My biggest concern are the diamonds. I would hate for one to fall off. Many of the jewelers I’ve talked to said that there is a possibility for the side stones to come loose, but that they could be resized two sizes smaller or bigger, without a problem and without the risk of the diamonds becoming loose. What is your opinion about that? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hello Alejandra,
      Your concern is real. Without seeing how your side diamonds are set I can’t give exact advice. I will mention that if your side diamonds have shared prongs that they are more likely to pop out sometime after sizing. See my blog post with pictures of a shared prong setting:
      Rings are supposed to be designed to allow for the predictable future need to size.
      Some designers plan ahead better than others. Some designs are easier to re-size than others.
      If you could email me a few close up and different direction images of your ring, I’d be happy to give a further opinion. Email me at as that’s my best email to recieve images from someone who has never emailed me before. I will respond. Know that if you get no response the email didn’t reach me.
      I personally believe that a too large ring is at risk of diamonds falling out anyway, as it can slip around the finger and expose the diamonds to being underneath when you grasp a doorknob or your steering wheel. This could bend a prong or cause other problems.
      I’ve noticed as well that my clients who wear too loose rings risk having the ring shank go out of round. When it looses the integrity of its designed in shape that poses a risk for your set diamonds as well.
      Ultimately your ring needs to be sized properly.
      Do send me images.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  8. I just had a ring sized down from an size 8 to a 7. It was a bushed, white gold, flat on the inside and out. Also, was 10K gold. What I received back was polished, concave on the inside and out. Doesn’t even look the same! Clearly I am disappointed, but they said it was due to the compression method used to achieve this. What is your opinion of this, I don’t feel this is even the same ring!

    • Dear Andy,
      First in case you are curious what is meant by compression method ring down-sizing, here is a link from Ganoskin. Scroll down to “sizing down plain bands.” Link:
      That will explain the method. I do not use this method. Evidently they polished the ring after wards. Or they lost or ruined your ring and gave you another one.
      The part I don’t get is how a flat ring becomes concave on top and bottom. I’d guess it’s not pleasant to wear in that each time you wash your hands the water stays underneath and traps moisture on your finger.
      Something sounds distinctly weird about this sizing.
      If I were sizing your ring I would have cut it, removed a tiny piece and soldered it back together, re-polished it and then reapplied the brushed finish. And finished it with rhodium plating to give your white gold that brand new popping white color.
      Just thought that might give you a fuller response to your question.
      By the way was your ring hollow construction?
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  9. Hi Calla,
    Thanks for the response. It wasn’t a hollow construction. And I should clarify – I meant to say “convex” as opposed to “concave”. So the inside now has a comfort fit – but it didn’t before. The ourside now isn’t flat anymore. That’s the biggest issue I have it that sizing shouldn’t change the shape.
    I suspect they either lost my ring or I have someone else’s!
    Thanks again!


    • Hi Andy,
      I concur that sizing does not change the shape of your ring. I’m thinking you have someone else’s ring. Out there is someone saying, “but my ring was dome top and comfort fit! How did it become flat all of a sudden.”
      I don’t suppose you had pictures of it you can show your jeweler?
      On the bright side comfort fit is awesome and you now have extra gold in your ring. But yeah, not your ring. Weird!
      Calla Gold

  10. Hi Calla,

    I have a $15,000 yellow gold ring with three diamonds, one huge one in the center and a smaller one on each side. My wife needs to get it sized up(we’ve been together for 23 yrs) as she never wears it. We are renewing our vows at the end of the month. My question is is that it is an engagement ring and the wedding ring soldered together and i was told that each ring had be sized individually. I was quoted a price to separate the rings, resize each one and then resolder them together again. Is that normally how its done when they once were separate rings and then soldered together? I feel that i might be being taken advantage of considering the price of nearly $600 dollars

    • Hi Mike,
      Thank you for writing. Technically that is the correct method for sizing.
      I have had people on a budget say to me “Will it cost less if you don’t separate the two rings?”
      “Yes, it will be less expensive. But it will be a less elegant sizing. Your two rings will be joined in a big way at the bottom and will not easily be separated in the future. And if they are separated later one of the two rings may not be usable without one of them being re-shanked.” See my blog post on re-shanking a ring –
      The best practices way in our jewelry industry is the separate, do the sizing and then put them back together. It is better for both rings. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it the other way. It is harder to do though. I have sized soldered together ring sets mostly by separating them, but also the do it together method for budget conscious clients who understood the down side of that method.
      I’m assuming your two rings are made of platinum as platinum sizing is more expensive than white or yellow gold to size. Oops, upon re-reading your comment you are asking about ring sizing costs for your yellow gold ring.
      The $600.00 does sound like a tremendous amount of money for this job. However in fairness to the other jeweler, I don’t know of reasons beyond the normal that could drive that price up. Having not seen your two ring set top, bottom and side I don’t want to condemn someone or what I feel is an unfairly high price for service given. BUT, it is yellow gold and if it is simple construction and you are sizing up around two sizes or less, I’d say it is WAY too expensive.
      I recently did a blog post detailing actual ring sizing jobs and what I charged for them with pictures to help people get a sense of what their project might cost. Here’s the link to that:
      Ring sizing costs vary from jeweler to jeweler and I admit I don’t charge the kind of prices that make me a great profit. I size rings as a service and to develop strong relationships with my clients so they will come back to me.
      Now I don’t begrudge someone making a living and my lowish sizing prices may cause some upset with other jewelers in my industry who have higher fixed costs than I do. A jeweler who has an on-site jeweler on his staff in an expensive area of the country has to pay his professional properly to keep him on staff. His costs will be higher than mine. That jeweler is not a crook, he’s paying a fair wage for his area and will charge more than I do.
      Mike, I’d love to hear back from you to know if this was useful to you and your wife.
      Congratulations on the upcoming renewal of your vows.
      That’s my opinion.
      Calla Gold

  11. Calla,

    Thank you for your rapid response to my inquiry, I live in a fairly smal town in Arizona and I’ve used this jeweler in the past but that was when his grandparents owned it and this is the first time i’ve dealt with the grandson. i don’t begrudge anyone trying to make a living especially the way things are today. i’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for and that goes for the techs i hire in my shop. if you know your stuff then i don’t mind paying $35-$50 an hour to a good tech.
    i’ll send you a pic of the ring and by the way you have one that is similar to the one i own.
    Thx mike

  12. Hi! I just got a beautiful morganite ring from my husband. It is 18k gold over silver and it’s a size 8. I need it sized down to a 7. What should I expect to pay for this? It’s an oval stone with a diamond halo all prong setting. Thanks for your help!

    • Hello Sarah,
      Without seeing your gemstone and setting design I do not know exactly what is involved in your sizing. Your ring will need to be re-gold-plated after sizing.
      To guess the price of sizing your ring it’d be in the range of $80.00 to $90.00.
      Without seeing it I cannot be sure. I hope this helps.
      Ring Sizing Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  13. As an Atlanta native, I was having difficulty finding the right jeweler to resize the custom wedding rings I had made for my fiance’. The original jeweler did a fantastic job, but when I approached them to resize, they tried charging me an arm and a leg. Having done my research, I came across this blog and immediately began consulting with Calla. Long story short, Calla’s expertise, honesty, and guidance led to the original jeweler remaking both of my wedding rings from scratch for absolutely free. I believe the best businesses and professionals work for passion, commitment, honesty, and for the overall good of the consumer and project. Calla never quoted me for her services nor did she try to win me over. She only cared about my fiance’ receiving the rings she dreamed of even if it meant I move forward with my original jeweler. For this, my fiance and I thank you Calla and the next time we are on the west coast, we’ll be sure to return the favor. Thanks again, Nick

    • Dear Nick,
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience long distance with me. I’m so happy at your wonderful outcome and that I was able to help. I just thought they’d charge you less for the re-sizing, that they are re-making her too big rings is amazing. It also tells me that they care about you too and want to continue to be your jewelers.
      Thank you again for taking the time to let me know how it turned out after our email exchanges.
      Your West Coast Calla

  14. Calla, I love what an amazing resource of information you are to your customers, and to others that are only seeking advice! Your generosity in sharing so much valuable insight and experience is very impressive!
    I’m guessing you are someone who loves language.
    In looking at some of your other jewelry definitions I found the link to your jewelry glossary. What a labor of love and amazing resource.
    I love that you share that freely with people who love jewelry. Is there a hardback edition of your full glossary?


    • Linda,
      You’ve made my day. And you’ve outed me. I am a major lover of language. There are many words in my vocabulary I’ve kind of made up. Like “funkacetic” a hybrid of copacetic and funky. I could go on.
      I truly appreciate your kind words and am happy that my definitions are finding fruitful minds to live in.
      At this moment my glossary is in electronic form only. I may one day offer a hard back edition if there is enough interest in my doing so.
      Being told I am an “amazing resource of information” makes my day!!!
      Thank you.
      Definingly Yours,
      Calla Gold

  15. Thank you for your informative blog. I recently went to get sizing consultation for my wedding band. It’s going to be re-sized from 7 to 5.5. The band is 14k gold, simple, light, not thin, half dome. The jeweler at first was going to charge $82, but then he went down to $54. He will also give me credit once the gold piece is cut, and weighed. Is this price reasonable?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Marlene,
      I can’t see your ring, but from your description I’d say that sounds quite reasonable.
      Please come again to my blog!
      Calla Gold

  16. Hi Calla,

    Thank you for sharing so much valuable information! I know this is an older post, but I just found it after my fiancé and I won a wedding band on eBay that I’m scared we won’t be able to have properly sized. When we found the ring we got excited because it was the perfect design and time was running out on the auction, so we bid on it hastily. It is supposed to be white gold, 1/2 inch wide filigree/scroll design with 34 natural diamonds studs. It is a size 9 and I am a size 6. Does this sound like something that is even possible? And if so, will it set us back a fortune? I would be happy to provide pictures if it would help. If you have any advice for us it would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Emily,
      Congratulations on your win! I’m so pleased that you found my blog post. I hope it was helpful.
      Sizing three sizes is considered an extreme sizing. It often effects the way the ring faces up and sometimes effects the settings.
      I’d very much like to see images.
      Top, side and 3/4 profile, close enough to see how the diamonds are set.
      I’ll want to know the white metal’s karat.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      I’m e-mailing you also, so you can send the images directly to me.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  17. Wow, thank you for your response. I can hardly believe someone so freely offers their care and expertise. I wish I lived in Santa Barbara because I certainly would look no further for a jeweler. Thank you for continuing our email discourse. You are truly an asset to those of us trying to educate ourselves in these areas. Santa Barbara ladies, I envy you the opportunity to deal personally with Calla!

    • Emily,
      All I can say is “Day Made.” Thank you for your comment!
      My mom taught me to return calls and answer letters and I took it to mean respond on your blog. Good thing I listened to me mom!
      Your Happy Jeweler From Afar,
      Calla Gold

  18. I need to get my engagement ring resized. I haven’t worn it for over a year now, unfortunately. It fit twenty years ago, but no longer, though my wedding ring still fits.I have a fairly short distance between the are of my finger and the knuckle, a puffed shape to that part of my finger and a bit of a bulbous knuckle ( gee that sounds so attractive!). My fingers also swell quite a bit in heat and humidity and shrink dramatically when cold. Both rings have a flat band to them which is the same size all around the ring, with the wedding band being slightly narrower. The wedding ring fits comfortably at the narrower base of my finger, with a slightly tight on/off, which isnt an issue. But the engagement rings Wider band barely makes it on or off without an amputation and hits right on the largest part of my finger. it also leaves me feeling unable to bend my finger comfortably. I’m concerned that due to my finger shape, if I get the engagement ring made big enough to fit comfortably it will actually be too big and be at risk of loss. I feel like if the back of the band were made narrower ( not thinner, but narrower) in addition to a slight upsizing, my problem might be solved. Does this seem like a possible solution, and is it feasible to do? In retrospect it was probsbly not the best ring shape for me to choose, but I was young, and it was pretty and it worked okay for Bout 18 years except on the hottest of days. Your advice is appreciated!

    • Dear Cheryl,
      Congratulations on your long marriage. From your description I believe your solution to change the shape of your ring as well as its size is an excellent plan. I have narrowed the back of client’s rings for the same reason. Be sure that the depth of the ring where you’ll be narrowing it is quite thick. If it is not have your jeweler do a re-shank style sizing in which a new shank is made stronger.This is my blog post about re-shanking –
      The good thing you did years ago when you got married was to choose a ring you loved that has lasted. That you chose it in a metal that can be sized and changed is very smart.
      I wish you the best of luck in having this work done to make your ring more wearable from here on.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  19. I bought a ring that is a size 10. I am a size 6. Is it possible to get this resized without affecting the stones becoming loose or anything? It looks like a Princess Diana ring, with one center stone and diamonds around it. There are no stone on the band. Please help.


    • Hi Claudy,
      Could you send me a picture and explain where the silver and platinum metals are? That is a combo I’ve not seen. Email me at
      Where are you writing from? I wondered where ZA is.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  21. Calla,
    Great resource!!! Quick question though, will jewelers resize a ring for you even if you didn’t originally buy the piece from them? I feel like they would, since a job is a job. I bought it from bluenile, and they resize for “free”, but their turnaround is like 3wks, and it will cost $50 just to ship it certified with insurance so I’d rather have it done locally.

    I’m looking to have my fiancee’s 14K white gold (1.7mm thin) resized from an 8 to a 7.25 – I proposed while she was recovering from a broken arm (very swollen). Could you also guesstimate a cost? (ring image) Thank you!

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thanks for writing.I’m going to guess $80.00 ish because it’ll need to be re-rhodium plated. My concern is that in looking at the close ups of the ring it appears that they setting style on the side diamonds is shared prong. By making the circle tighter which happens when you go smaller it may subtly loosen the setting in one or more diamonds. You may have one to four diamonds pop out over the course of the year following the sizing.
      If the jeweler working on your ring figures out where the shifting takes place he could re-set the looser diamonds. That’ll cost more if re-setting is done.
      Just because I’d charge one price doesn’t mean another jeweler will charge the same.
      Thanks for writing.
      Calla Gold

  22. I bought a 14 kt yellow gold ring while on a cruise to the Bahamas. The lady at the store in Nassau told me that it could be resized. Now that I’ve given it to my husband 6 months later (on the occasion of our 35 wedding anniversary) we took it to a jeweler here near Seattle: and they said it could not be resized because it is hollow! True? I’m so upset! It’s needs to go up juts under two hole sizes. Can you please advise?

  23. I bought a 14 kt yellow gold ring while on a cruise to the Bahamas. The lady at the store in Nassau told me that it could be resized. Now that I’ve given it to my husband 6 months later (on the occasion of our 35 wedding anniversary) we took it to a jeweler here near Seattle: and they said it could not be resized because it is hollow! True? I’m so upset! It’s needs to go up just under two whole sizes. Can you please advise?

    • Hello Patricia,
      I’m guessing the salesperson wasn’t aware that the make of the ring was hollow. Rings are made hollow to make them lighter weight, therefore less expensive, yet to look big and sturdy. This is a practice I do not approve of because there is an assumption on all our parts that one of the reasons we buy gold or platinum is that we can size these rings.
      Without seeing the ring I cannot know whether it is sizable. The last time I sized a hollow ring it was fairly strong and I used laser soldering to do the work. I was able to do the work. It was a nerve-wracking job, but it did work.
      I’d guess it would be on a case by case basis that a skilled jeweler would take a sizing job on with a hollow ring.
      The biggest risk is that as the shape is changed a bend may appear in the gold which would mean more work would need to be done because a bend would look bad.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  24. Cella,
    I am planning for a Engagement rings(white gold), one with diamond studded and other with cubic zirconia. How long would you think it will take to re-size if the ready made ring is not our size? Please advise.

    • Hello Sowmya,
      A competent jeweler with the tools to hand to do the job can do the job in a matter of hours. What you’ll usually run into is that each job has to take its turn as all good jewelers are quite busy. Keeping that in mind that your ring will go into the line up of jobs to be done, you can expect a one week turnaround.
      Some jewelers send their repair work elsewhere to be done. If this is the case with your jeweler, then it might be 2 – 3 weeks wait for your sizing.
      CZ is sensitive to heat, so that might be more time consuming for the jeweler.
      Santa Barbara Jeweler,

  25. Hello,
    Im currently trying to buy my girlfriend a ring she has been wanting for ages, but got discontinued right as I finally had enough money for it. I’ve been scouring the internet and found one but it’s a size 7 and she’s a size 9. Do you have an estimate to re-size this ring:
    (Link hidden)
    Its the everlasting friendship ring from pandora. Thank you so much!

    • Hello Ian,
      It appears to be silver and the stone is unspecified. If I assume that it is not heat sensitive it could cost anywhere from $25 to $45. If however it is heat sensitive and needs to be removed and re-set it could be more like $45 to $75.
      Calla Gold

  26. Hello! My dad gave me my mothers original gold wedding set and I want it resized. It is a small size (I’d estimate a 5 or 6) and I wear a 10.5. It has a marquis diamond and then channel set diamonds on each side and the engagement band is channel set diamonds. I was told by Diamond Exchange in my hometown that I was better off just getting a new ring. The guy was super rude and finally told me it would be $900 to size and an additional $50 to replace each and every channel set diamond that broke. Now we’ve moved and I have heard of a jeweler in town that adds gold to the band to resize which is what I obviously need. What do you think I can expect to pay for this?

    • Hi Kirsten,
      Having not seen your ring it is difficult to tell. I’d guess that the rude guy wasn’t much of a repair guy, especially if he said diamonds would break during the work done. What is more likely is that the channel walls would have their integrity compromised with your extreme sizing. Channels can bend inward or outward when the curve of the ring shank is changed a lot. Your sizing is what I characterize as an extreme sizing. It has more issues than straight sizing as it involves the very design itself and settings.
      This is the blog post where I describe an extreme sizing:
      I would guess that the type of sizing to be done is more of a reshanking. They need to build a new piece in gold or platinum to keep the strength of the ring up. This is the blog post about re-shanking:
      Chances are two or more of your diamonds will need to be removed while the work is done and your ring shape is changed. As your jeweler is re-setting them after the work is done he or she may need to re-build a part of the channel.
      For this reason I’d have to guess quite widely as to the cost you may pay for your extreme sizing. I’ll say between $150.00 and $350.00 per ring.
      I hope this helps. That was nice of your dad to give you your mom’s wedding set.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  27. Hello i have a ring that’s a size 5 and i need it sized large to a 7 how would i go about having it priced ?

    • Hi Brittany,
      If you’re in the Santa Barbara area you can contact me at 805-963-4157 and I can take a look at it and see what is involved and give you a price.
      If you are out of the area go to a jeweler who specializes in jewelry repairs as opposed to just selling jewelry.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  28. What about a ring that has been sautered to another? My wedding/engagment ring are a size 6.75 but I now need an 8. They are sautered together, so would I have to pay for BOTH rings to be resized, thus costing double? They are both 14k white gold, with a few small stones inset a little less than halfway around the ring.

    • Allison,
      Generally when I size two soldered together rings I separate them and re-size and then re-solder them together. This keeps their original integrity. This would be especially smart to do when sizing over one size larger.
      Be sure to check the side diamonds going down the band. Sizing can cause them to pop out as the settings are subtly shifted. This is no reason not to have the work done, just something to watch out for.
      I hope this helps!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  29. Hi there! I stumbled on your site while panicking about wedding ring choices, and could use a professional opinion. I’m recently engaged, and I’ve never worn a ring. I was sized today being told I could wear a 9 or 9.5. Both fit comfortably, I’d argue my size is probably 9.25, but It’s been cold here so that was considered, and I have a tapered finger and a concern of losing the ring! I’m looking at buying this ring (link given) in a 9 and then seeing how it works and getting it sized up a quarter or half size if needed. Based on that design, do you feel it’s integrity would be damaged upon sizing? I don’t want to buy a ring that will immediately cause me problems, and it’s a large chunk of change for us. Very nervous.
    Thank you for any help. Just reading this page calmed me down, and made me feel like there’s hope yet! Since I’m not a jewelry person it’s a scary world but this resource made it a lot better for me. Thank you!

    • Hi Sara,
      It makes me so happy that my explanation of ring sizing helped you. Unfortunately the link took me to Blue Nile, but not to your chosen specific design. I did try searching the description and style number given in the search box. Both yielded a “no result found” message.
      If you’d like to try again, email a tested link to me at
      If they offer a size 9 any sizing of one size or less shouldn’t be a problem.
      I have other clients with the tapered finger shape, which is wider at the palm, narrowing toward the knuckle. This is indeed the finger shape most prone to letting you lose your ring. The good news is that our fingers dent inwardd around our rings pretty well. If you go for a snug fit and your finger adjusts it should be comfortable.
      Another safety idea is to put speed bumps on your ring to help it grip better.
      Most of my clients who use speed bumps are trying to keep their rings from spinning because they have enlarged knuckles. However a couple of my tapered finger clients have used them as well to counter finger size changes with heat and cold temperatures and hormonal changes during the month. It is an option. Here’s the post about it:
      Congratulations on your engagement Sara!
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  30. Hi Calla!

    I just had a question about ring sizing, I’m looking to propose to my girlfriend and I found this really stunning bridal set that I can actually afford, however my girlfriend is wearing a 10 right now and it’s pretty loose, she even comments on how she worries about it falling off and says she would probably do best at a 9.5. The only problem is that this ring does not come in a 9.5, it comes in a 9 or 10. I figure her ring now is loose enough to where she can wear a 9, but I’m not sure. If I do need to have it resized to a 9.5, should I get a 9 or 10 or do you have a different suggestion all together? I saw how you said that if it’s bigger they just put some gold filler on…the only problem being is that this ring is black and I’m not sure if that’s a good idea,please help!


    • Dear Katie,
      The pictures are CAD representations of the ring and not a realistic view of how the ring will really look after a bit of wear. I personally am not a fan of sites that show CAD (Computer Aided Design) images as opposed to the real ring as they aren’t representative of how the ring will actually look, especially the black finish.
      I’d get the smaller one. Know that if you get this ring it’ll end up more antique grey as oxidation wears off.
      Thanks for visiting.
      This is a picture of what the finish will look like after it’s been worn a bit:
      That is silver that was oxidized to black and then re-polished a bit to get to the true oxidized color.
      Your Personal Jeweler,
      Calla Gold

  31. Have a five diamond anniversary ring in platinum with appraised value of $7600. What is the safest insured way to send this ring to you for upsizing from size 7 to 7 1/2 and how do you return same. What is the normal turnaround time?

    • Hi Terry,
      Thanks for writing!
      Most folks use FEDEX and UPS and insure through them. We’ve seen no losses so that seems a good way to go.
      I usually like a week to get the work done from reciept of your package.
      I’ll email you shipping info.
      When I return ship it to you I use UPS and insure it for the same amount that you have assigned to it.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  32. Hi calla you sound like such a great jewler i’m actually in the u.k
    my problem is my boyfriend plans to propose for my birthday.
    He plans to use his grandmothers ring.
    I worry it might need an entire new band rather than a really big bridge.
    However it obviously means alot to him if i could wear it.
    Is it even possible to maybe do that?

  33. So, I’ve got a Miadora 10k Gold Gemstone with a White Sapphire on the top. It has an infinity band towards the top with little round cut diamonds in the band. I’m probably asking for a miracle here but my girlfriends fingers are size 11.5 and the largest size they have online is a 7. I’m thinking about trying to size it up to her 11.5 size. I guess what I’m asking is would this even be possible and if so how much would it cost?

    Here’s what it looks like:

  34. Well thank you so much for your advice! It looks like if I want something like this I may just have to talk to a local jeweler and see if I can get something custom made that is more sturdy. Maybe less fancy because it’s going to cost more but still something she’d like. Thanks for warning me about the shank. I didn’t even think about that! I’ll make sure to get one that is a little bit thicker so it can survive longer. I’ll take a look at those sites you mentioned as well!
    Anyways, thanks again!

  35. Hi there,
    I would love to hear your thoughts and opinion on if it is at all possible to have a ring sized from a 7 to a 5.5. I have fallen in love with this ring that cannot be ordered smaller. It has diamonds down the side (halfway) which appear to be shared prongs. The upper part of the band with the diamonds is actually two bands that narrow to one on the side where the diamonds stop. I love the ring but I know this may be problematic.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    Thank you

    • Hi Cat,
      When you have shared prongs and size a ring extremely, (2 sizes or more), it creates more space between one or more of the settings. If the setting or settings that is affected can be detected and prongs altered that can help it work.
      Your ring will always be more prone to letting go of diamonds in the future. This is not the death knell for your ring choice, just a heads up that you need someone to work on it who likes to do a bit of jewelry detective work and understands that you’re not going to freak out or lay blame when the ring drops a diamond or two here and there.
      Think of your beloved ring as a sports car, it is different, it is special and unlike a tank is not impervious to the slings and arrows of outrageous life!
      If you are local to Santa Barbara I’d be happy to assist you. If not choose a jeweler who designs jewelry and understands more than a jewelry sales person about the significance of shared prongs and near extreme sizing.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  36. Hey Calla,

    I have completed the journey of finding the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé and now am venturing to find the right ring for myself. I came across a beautiful 14K gold ring (similar to the website attached) with channel inlayed turquoise around the entire circumference of the ring. My ring size is between a 7-7.5 and, I believe, the ring is sized at 8.5. What would you suggest the best method being in re-sizing the ring? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi Travis,
      The link didn’t go to a piece of jewelry. Would you like to email the corrected link directly to me at I’m giving you my shortest email here.
      The real issue here is that when you size inlay rings there is breakage and a need to replace the broken sections. Inlay stones can’t bend and when your ring is sized it gets subtly bent. There’s no way before the sizing is done to say how many sections will break. If you love this design, consider custom ordering it in your finger size. If that is not an option only use a jeweler who has access to lapidary services. A lapidary custom cuts gemstones for inlay. A lapidary cut the opal for this inlay ring repair in this post:
      Let me know what happens with your ring.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  37. Hey Calla,

    I just wanted to extend my thanks for all your correspondence, time, and expertise regarding finding the right ring for myself. You saved the day with the simple advice of attempting to find my ring size using a wide band sizer rather than the narrow sizer. It made a full size difference and I just so happened to have the same size in which my dream ring had been made. I ordered it and will certainly send it your way when maintenance is required. I wish there was a way to attach a picture of the ring. Best wishes and keep up the great work!

    • Dear Travis,
      Since you were in love with an inlay gemstone set ring I knew sizing it would break the inlay gemstone with the bending of your gold ring. Since it was wide I wanted to be sure you had the ring size. Seeing that in a wide band you are a larger size which enables you to fit the ring makes my sooooo happy!
      Thank you for sharing your great news. I’m delighted to be a part of this happy outcome!
      I look forward to working with you again.
      Your Personal Jewelry,

  38. Hi Calla. Thank you for this article. It has really helped me. I recently put my ring in for repairs. I needed a jeweler who was a real jeweler if you know what i mean. The ring had thinned out at the back and was broken through. The girl said the jeweler would check and reaffix the stones and the band. It was only going to cost $120 which I thought was very reasonable. I thought it would have to have a piece cut out and replaced. But now I have picked up my ring it is very thin and is starting to lose shape in the first day! I am going back because a good jeweller would have called me and told me the job would be dearer as more would have to be done! Now I will have to fight to not be paying a whole lot more for the job I wanted in the first place.

  39. Hi Calla,
    I got my ring in 2012 and I love it so much! It’s not a wedding ring or anything but it is very important to me. Unfortunately, it’s not anything special, only cost $15, but I can’t bear the fact that its slowly getting too small. It has a little plastic bead and it is made out of 2 little wires that look flimsy but are actually quite strong. I got this ring from a different country so it will be impossible to get a new one. Please tell me it’s possible to size and won’t cost a whole lot? I know I’m kind of cheap because others are worried about 1500 dollar wedding rings and I’m worried about a 15 dollar ring but it carries a lot of memories. Thank you for reading this!

    • Hi Krystal,
      Thank you for writing. I have respect for beloved jewelry whether it is expensive or not. My concern is that if your ring can be sized it’ll cost more than the $15.00 you paid for it. Since the color element is plastic it is quite heat sensitive. That means that we can’t use the most reasonably priced sizing method the open flame method as the heat would conduct up the metal and destroy the bead by melting.
      Laser welding would probably be needed. I write about it in this post:
      Laser welding for sizing costs more than the open flame method.
      Neither one would cost $15.00.
      I feel that if your ring is meaningful and needs sizing you may need to decide if you’re willing to pay $25.00 to $45.00 to have it sized. Since we don’t know what the metal is there is no guarantee that it can be sized. But a good chance that it can.
      Good luck,
      Calla Gold

  40. ive been reading all the comments as I was hoping to hear of a cheap way that a jeweller could up size my rings from a 5 to a 7. I have 5 that I was hoping to get done for besides my wedding rings and family rings the other 2 have special meaning to me as well, and one has a narrow band. I’ve heard people say the jewellers in my area replace the diamonds with glass but I’m sure that can’t be true since we could have them appraised. My question to you is if there’s a cheap way to have them enlarged if I’m content to forgo any other problems so long as the stones are centred.

    • Hello Beverly,
      The least expensive way to size a ring larger is to use open flame soldering. Heat up the gold, cut at the back, slowly spread the gold till your ring is now larger, build a bridge of gold, solder it in, cool, polish it.
      While this was being done any heat sensitive gemstones might discolor, crack, or fall out of a setting as you change the angles slightly of the ring by enlarging it.
      If the jeweler was merely doing these steps and no steps to mitigate gemstone damage and giving you the ring back with no other work that’d be the cheapest.
      That would be a version I wouldn’t recommend. As a jeweler, I feel like a doctor in that I want to do no harm to a ring. I would not do this least steps cheap job because I could damage heat sensitive gemstones.
      I feel that it is best to find a reputable jeweler and let them use their “best practices” methods and size your rings properly.
      Oh I forgot a cheaper way. Have them stretched on a ring stretcher. This may compromise your ring by stressing the metal and it’ll thin the gold quite a bit and the ring probably will break open at the back while they are doing it, but in case the ring held together that would be the cheapest way to size your rings larger.
      I do not recommend this.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  41. Hi calla. I have a pretty inexpensive ring. Its a promise ring i got my girlfriend but its to big. Its a size 7 and I need a size 6. Its a sterling silver ring with cubic zirconium diamond channel set band, 2MM round. How much would it cost to resize and how long would it take?

    • Hi Jay,
      I hate to say it but sizing can cost more than an inexpensive ring. The sizing is done in the good old USA. Many inexpensive rings are made in China in bulk. So you may be able to buy a sterling silver cz ring for $65.00 and yet have to pay $30.00 to $45.00 to have it sized. The time would be around a week max.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  42. My wife and I have matching wedding bands that have a floral pattern wrapping around the entire ring. My wife needs to resize her ring a half size smaller, but doesn’t want it to affect the pattern. Is this possible?

  43. Hi Calla,
    I’m based in the UK and would like to find out whether you would be able to resize my ring if I shipped to you. If yes, can you provide a rough estimated price range? The ring is a 9ct white gold 0.5ct diamond (120 stones) half eternity ring, 9mm width topside tapering to 6mm underneath, it’s a size P UK size and I would like to resize the ring to a size T1/2 (i.e. finger circumference 62.2mm, ring inside diameter 19.84mm).

    • Hello Olar,
      It would be more affordable to use a good jeweler in the UK than to insure and ship both way to America. I’d recommend finding a jeweler who makes custom jewelry to do thiss challenging ring sizing.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  44. Hi Calla – I am considering purchasing an 18k gold ring that only comes in a size 7. I am a size 9. The setting is a split shank an the stones are turquoise and rutilated quartz. Do you feel it is possible for the size change to work? Thanks, Kelly

    • Hello Kelly,
      I’m not as concerned with the split shank as much as the turquoise, which is heat sensitive and pressure sensitive. Do you want to send me a pic of it? Use the email since you are a first time sender and sending an image. Two sizes is significant in that it will subtly change the shape of the overall ring. I want to make sure that the shape change doesn’t cause undue pressure on the turquoise.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  45. Please email me, id likr to send u pics of a ring my husband gave me fir xmas… it was his mothers… was told it could only be sized up 1 and i need 2… they say my best bet is to get a new setting but then id lose the smaller diamonds… help, need opinion

    • Hi Ashley,
      Thank you for your pictures of your ring. Since the diamonds are grouped near the top your ring can absolutely be sized two sizes larger. I’m surprised someone suggested a new design for your ring because of the sizing “problem.” I’d try a designing jeweler. You may have been to a sales type jewelry store that doesn’t do much in the way of custom designing.
      Good luck with your beautiful new ring.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  46. Hi from Australia! A question for you-
    I have an 18ct white gold 3 X emerald cut diamond ring .40 / 4.5/ .40 flat bezel set ie encased not prongs. I love the setting style by I’m now wanting a diamond halo around the 3 diamonds. It is possible to just add on the extra diamonds and gold to the outside of the existing ring or is it a full remake? Thank you.

    • Hello Bronwyn,
      Hello down under.
      I would recommend having a custom setting made to create the halo look you’d like. If settings were soldered on they wouldn’t have the nice cast-in integrity that helps your ring to hold up to the rigors of daily wear.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  47. Hello:
    I just bought a channel set diamond wedding band on an auction site to go with a 3 diamond ring my husband bought me. I received the ring and it is lovely. My diamonds match well. NOW I am nervous about sizing it. The ring is a size 7 and I am a 5.75, give or take some change. The ring is white gold. Am I going to have a problem getting it sized? We have a wonderful jeweler here in town ( finally ) so, that part doesn’t worry me.

    • Hello Laura,
      If you have a good jeweler in town that is a great help. You are sizing your ring 1.25 sizes smaller. Depending on how thickly made the ring is will determine the success of the sizing. Channel set rings can open a bit when sized smaller which can let a diamond or two slip out. If there are bars at the back at frequent intervals then this may not be a problem.
      Discuss your channel ring and sizing with your jeweler and hopefully it’ll be altered with flying colors.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

    • Hello Jacqueline,
      I have re-designed and re-worked platinum rings in the past. It’s fun to figure out what can be done to step up or modernize a ring. Feel free to send me pictures of the rings you are considering re-designing. My best photo email is:
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  48. Great site! I was hoping to have my granddads hollow gold and diamond ring resized (24k or 12 cant rememberer). I am really hoping to fill the ‘hollow’ with gold even if I have to use 24k or a special technique to do so because its the only thing I have to remember grandpa. Anyone have ideas on filling the ring?

  49. I’m looking to get my sterling silver opal ring resized. I know that opal is heat sensitive, about how much should I pay to get it sized down more than two sizes?

    • Dear Pearl,
      That’s a little like, “how much is a diamond?” The cost of sizing your ring will have to take in to account the setting style, the thickness of the silver setting and whether going up or down. If you were local to Santa Barbara I’d meet up with you, look at it and give you an answer, but I’m guessing you are not. I’m not wishing to do some other jeweler’s bid for them. Especially without seeing the specifics of your ring.
      The fact that you need a two size change and that there is an opal involved means this will not be inexpensive in my guesstimation.
      Sometimes the sizings of silver rings exceed the original cost.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  50. If I my husband a size 13 in a ring size and the ring is a 7 how much would that cost

  51. Your article is very helpful about the different types of sizing, but I’ve been trying to get more information about hollow rings. I’m needing to get my size 6.5 ring resized to a size 7.5. It’s a got a two band, crossover style, with one band white gold with small diamond near diamond and the other band is yellow gold, but it’s hollow and isn’t solid till back quarter. I was told that it couldn’t be resized by stretching as it is thin and hollow. Your article mentioned bridging. I’d this an option for hollow ring types

    • Hi Hilary,
      When I size I build a bridge of gold to put in the section that I create by making the ring larger. I then solder or laser weld that new gold onto the ring and polish it up so you can’t even tell where the work was done.
      So getting technical here; when dealing with a hollow ring, the risk when you ask the metal to change shape, is a risk to the smooth curvature of your ring. Where a solid ring can be heated and coaxed to gently and evenly change shape, some hollow rings can’t be heated without damaging them.
      Further when putting the bridge in I usually need to laser weld which is more time consuming. See my blog on laser welding:
      Even if I laser weld which helps me work safely on the hollow ring, there are still the bending the shape out issues. I’d need to see how your ring is constructed to tell you how it could be done. For the record I’ve sized about 11 hollow rings. One had to have a section rebuilt as it was too thin. We knew this going in and it all turned out well, but wasn’t a cheap sizing job.
      I would never stretch a hollow ring. It hasn’t the structural strength and integrity to be stretched. I’d add gold to your ring.
      Send me pictures if you are interested in more information on working on your particular ring. Use the email and instructions in this blog:
      I look forward to your ring being made the proper size for you!
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  52. Hi Calla,
    This year, I went through pregnancy and had my beautiful little girl. The only downside of this was the change in fit in my wedding set. I did not get to wear my wedding band and engagement ring, only my anniversary band, which also became too tight. I had to use the dental floss trick today to take it off, to avoid having it cut off. So this is my question: My wedding band and engagement rings are soldered together and I need to solder to that set my anniversary band. Obviously, all three need to be sized up about 1-1.5 sizes. All are currently size 4.5. All are 14k white gold. All three rings have diamonds that span halfway around the band and appear to have shared prongs. What is a fair price that I can expect to pay for these repairs?
    Thanks so much in advance!
    Meghan in SC

    • Hi Meghan,
      Thank you for sharing your situation. It is not unusual, you are graced with a wonderful baby and your rings and shoes no longer fit. It happened to me too. Just know that you size in a narrow ring and the three combined rings will be different. Check out this blog for an explanation and pictures of the sizers you should be using to determine your new size:
      Without knowing what size your rings are going to be, seeing them up close to see how much work it is to separate them etc, and seeing their designs up close I feel I’d do a disservice to bid for work another jeweler will do.
      Find a nice local jeweler you are comfortable with. you need a good bit of work and you have shared prongs which creates more potential problems down the line and with the sizing.
      It all sounds doable, but you want a designer, a real jeweler, not a hack to do this work for you. You may end up paying around a hundred dollars a ring when all the work is done at a guess. Just for a ballpark range.
      Well done on not needing to have your rings sawed off.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  53. Hi,
    I have a diamond engagement ring and wedding ring set that are soldered together that I needed sized up two sizes. The ring has a patterned engraved all the way around it and I believe it’s white gold. The guy charged me $145 per ring per size then $250 to blend the pattern where it’s sized in the back. Does that sound like a lot? They did come highly recommend. And it was my moms wedding ring which is the only reason I left it with them, I was nervous about taking it anywhere.

    • Hello Amy,
      It is on the high side, but not too much for skilled work. If they came highly recommended and they did a nice job that is the most important thing. It is a good bit of work to do what you have described.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

  54. I have an opal ring from my grandmother who recently passed. There are small diamonds surrounding it in a sunburst pattern. I believe it is White Gold. It is maybe a 1/2 too small. What cost should I expect from a jeweler. I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

  55. Hi,
    My husband’s wedding band is a 14k white gold, 6mm band with a diamond cut design all around the outside. It is a size 12. 18 years later it no longer fits him. I’m wondering if it would be possible to stretch it, add yellow gold around the edges (or inside) to make it a two tone ring? He needs a size 14.5 or 15. A new two tone 14k ring would cost me upwards of $1000, so I’m wondering if I could save money this way and he could still wear his original ring?

    • Hello Jessica,
      I’d say that it may be more economical to add two yellow gold outer bands permanently to his ring after sizing it. That’d give you the two tone look. When you have his ring sized, choose a jeweler who can replicate his design at least close enough that it blends in with the original design. I recommend against anyone stretching his ring. I’d recommend adding white gold or platinum to build it to a larger size. Stretching weakens the molecular connections of the metal.
      To see how two yellow gold bands look around a white gold ring see the pictures in this blog:
      Being the sentimental person I am, I’d love to see your husband wear the ring he said his vows to you and your marriage.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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