How Much to Size my Ring? – With Matte Finish and Oxidation

diamond and dogs ring

When This Ring Needs Re-Sizing the Dog’s Heads Will Need Their Matte Finish Put Back on to Highlight the Details

I often get calls from people with unique rings who ask me for estimates on the ring sizing cost for their ring. It takes a while to run down the laundry list of factors that effect the ring sizing cost that applies to each unique ring.

In this entry of my “Costs of Ring Sizing” series I’ll discuss the ring sizing cost effect of working on rings with matte finish and oxidation finishes.

Ring #1 – 14kt White Gold with Matte Finish and  Channel Set Diamonds Wedding Band. Cost to Size $135.00

Ring sizing costs for diamond wedding band

Top and Side Views of White Gold and Diamond Band we Sized

This 14kt white gold band ring needed to be sized from 8.5 to 10.5. Diamonds aren’t sensitive to the level of heat conducted during this type of sizing so we were able to leave them in their setting.

Matte finish on part of wedding set

This is a different ring, but perhaps shows the matte finish better.

Additional to the sizing we reapplied the special satin finish on the top portion of the ring. The final step was a rhodium plating to give it that bright white finish.

Since we were sizing two full sizes and it is a thick band we added a good chunk of white gold in the space we created to enlarge this ring.

Ring #2 – Sterling Silver Triple Row Textured Design Ring with Oxidation. Cost to Size $108.00

Ring sizing cost for a large silver ring with designs and oxidation

Before (left) and After Sizing a Wide Detailed Ring and Re-Oxidizing it

This very wide, sterling silver designer ring with pockets of detail and dark oxidation in the recesses, presented quite a challenge. We couldn’t just put a chunk of flat silver in and polish off the excess bits.

Before Oxidation Treatment. I’m Showing This Different Ring to Illustrate Oxidation

We had to form the three humps worth of extra pieces and add them in one by one in their respective sections.

In each added section we needed to add  the detail to follow through with the existing design.

silver ring with raised details and oxidation

After Oxidation Treatment

Then there is the nice dark oxidation finish that sets off the design and gives it that nice pop. Oxidation comes off with heat work necessary to sizing and has to be re-applied. Even though we were only sizing her ring a half-size larger, the unusual shape added time to the work needed. Additionally we re-applied the oxidation after a thorough polishing.

This is one of those sizing jobs that you don’t want to give to a jeweler who doesn’t do a lot of repairs. By that I mean, make sure that they plan to follow the contour of your design in the work that they do. Ensure as well that they will reapply the oxidation finish.

I mention this because every year I get rings that have already been “fixed” where the design turns into flat boring metal at the bottom with no detail. Uh, no, that is not how it’s done.

And while we’re talking about how it’s not done, I have gotten my share of “fixed” rings where the oxidation was never put back on, thus the whole look of the ring is changed. Once I put that oxidation finish back on the ring, it gets its groove, character and unique vibe back once more.

Ring #3 – Sterling Silver Oxidized and 18kt Yellow Gold with White Topaz Ring. Cost to size $95.00

Sizing This Beautifully Detailed Silver and Gold White Topaz Ring Also Required Re-Oxidizing

Sizing This Beautifully Detailed Silver and Gold White Topaz Ring Also Required Re-Oxidizing

This beautiful design presented the additional challenge of replicating the oxidation after the heat of sizing burned it off the lower section of the ring.

This ring has oxidation on the silver and the gold sections both. Some of the oxidation had worn off the upper ring before my client asked me to size her ring. She hadn’t worn it for a while as it didn’t look that good with the oxidation worn off.

The whole ring needs to be re-oxidized after heat work is applied during jewelry alterations and repairs.

Even if only the lower part of the ring’s oxidation is removed by heat we don’t just oxidize the lower part because it wouldn’t match the oxidation left on the upper part. Oxidation wears off slowly as you wear the ring, so it always needs to be reapplied fully when work is done on your oxidized ring.

Happily the white topaz wasn’t vulnerable to the bit of heat conducted during the  sizing process and was able to be left in its bezel setting. We sized it from a 7 to a 7.75. 

Ring #4 – Inherited Diamond Ring With Worn Out Florentine Finish and Black Rhodium. Cost to Size $130.00

I Love to Use Black Rhodium When My Client Has Tats

I Love to Use Black Rhodium When My Client Has Tats

This ring needed to get jazzed up for the bride to be. We decided to remove the worn cross-hatchy looking florentine finish on the outer portion of the ring  and put on a simple matte finish.

Dark oxidation would have worn off too soon from the center section, but my client wanted that oxidized look, so we went with a black rhodium finish. It created a nice popping drama for the older fashioned style ring.

Black Rhodium Beautifies Older Settings Wonderfully.

Black Rhodium Beautifies Older Settings Wonderfully.

We sized her ring down two sizes. The white gold was thick and the ring well made. Once sizing was done we rhodium white plated it and finished the center section with black rhodium before the final matte finishing of the outer portion of the ring.

The matte finish points the eye to the dramatic center element very nicely.

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Happily Sizing Rings,
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Linda Menesez
9 years ago

I love how you value the original integrity of design, Calla. Doing it “right” might cost more in the resizing, but it also provides more future enjoyment of the ring.


Lynn K. Jones
9 years ago

I really like these breakdowns and how you go out of your way to explain what factors affect ring sizing cost.