Guys, And Lost Wedding Rings, Stop the Madness

Men, let's talk lost wedding rings! Most married guys wear wedding rings. The majority that do never take them off. As a Wedding Ring Jeweler, I've noticed that the majority of their wives like this very much.

The New York Times did this article on married people who lost wedding rings. Unfortunately a lot of guys lose their wedding rings! Why?

How Guys Get Lost Wedding Rings


His and Hers Custom Wedding Rings in the Wild

Your Rings Want to Share Your Life, Make Sure They Fit!

More often than not, guys that aren't wearing wedding rings simply never replaced them when they slipped off while surfing or fishing or washing the dishes or playing “touch” football in the field behind their kid’s elementary school.

At this very moment, somewhere on the planet, a ring is slipping off a manly finger. Happens all the time. Always has…always will. Guaranteed. I'd like to slow this trend.

Guys Say,"New Rings Feel Weird!"

Lots of guys have never worn a ring before getting married. It does feel weird at first. Like it’s constricting and shouldn’t be there.

For this reason, many guys get rings that are actually a size too big for their finger. These are the guys whose rings are sitting on the bottom of the ocean or in the sludge in the drain pipe under the kitchen sink or buried in the grass at little Johnny’s school.

If your ring is too big, get it sized down. It’s not hard. Most any jeweler can do it for you. Do it now before you loose it. Your wife will thank you.

Free Advice on How Your Ring Should Fit You

This next tip is super important so pay attention, guys. Rings should be a little hard to get off.

You should have to wiggle it back and forth to get it over the knuckle. Adding a water on your knuckle for lubrication is often needed. Don’t worry about it. This is a good thing. Loose ring: bad. Tight ring: manly.

Maintaining Your Wedding Ring

The other thing about rings is, like cars and houses, they need periodic maintenance. You know how good your car looks after it’s been waxed and detailed? Your wedding ring can look just as shiny. It’s an easy process. I love to clean and polish my client’s rings.

If your ring has gemstones in it, you should periodically get it checked out by a competent jeweler. The tiny prongs holding the gems in place wear out. They can bend and break and need to be replaced.

If you hold off on fixing your ring and your diamond might end up stuck in a crack in your driveway or sucked up in the vacuum bag the next time the cleaning crew comes along at work.

Too Tight Wedding Rings

Finally, I said a ring should be snug and that it should take a little work to get off, right? However…there’s a limit. As we age, our knuckles continue to grow. Many of us gain weight, too. Often, there comes a point where the ring is just too small and despite all the lube and manipulations, it just won’t go on and off your finger without a heroic effort.

Here’s what you don’t do: put it in a drawer and never wear it again. The only thing worse that lost wedding rings is unworn ones. Here’s what you should do: get your wedding ring sized! Most jewelers size rings. It’s probably the most common fix we do.

How to Say "I Love You" Without Moving Your Lips

Wear you wedding ring! It's a very nice thing to do for your wife.

Nothing makes me happier than having my husband jump out of the car, "be right back babe." He runs in to the house. I'm thinking he's grabbing his cell phone. He comes back and flashes his left hand and smiles. "I can't leave the house without this." I melt.

Happy Jeweler and Wife,
Calla Gold

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Dr. Lynn K. Jones
11 years ago

Classic Calla: “How to Say “I Love You” Without Moving Your Lips–wear your wedding ring!” Perfect! 🙂

Rae Largura
11 years ago

Calla Gold, that is such a cute article! Well written and fun to read too. I can tell you’ve replaced more than a few men’s wedding rings. But I’m guessing they aren’t ones you sized the guys for and then sold them! Thanks!

Amber Sims Hinterplattner
11 years ago

Calla Gold, you are THE go-to wedding ring jeweler! I know I can count on your jewelry expertise when it comes to important details about our most precious symbols of love, our rings!

The first thing I’m doing when my hubby gets home is to check how tight his wedding ring is on his finger!

Sue M.
Sue M.
11 years ago

Years ago this happened to us. I could have used that Calla Gold Jewelry advice at the time.
I loved his original band better.
It ain’t over, maybe I’ll have another one made in the right size and the right style.