How Much Does it Cost to Size My Ring? Gold and Silver

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Amy May Want to Size Her Wedding Rings One Day. She’ll Want to Know What it Costs When That Time Comes

Every day I’m asked the cost of sizing a ring. It does vary from ring to ring, but I understand that you need information. So I’m going to tell you about five rings I sized recently and what they cost.

The Cost of Sizing Gold and Silver Rings Using Gold and Silver Metal Costs

As I write this blog post gold is selling for $1288.20 per ounce. Gold prices fluctuate and they are a factor in the cost of sizing a ring. Sterling Silver today costs $17.53 per ounce. Slight difference in the cost there! Check daily metal prices.

The cost of the metals is only one of the factors in sizing costs. The time spent, the complexity of the design, care taken to protect gemstones and polishing your ring back to new looking are all factored in together when writing up your bill for sizing.

Five Rings, Their Work Done and Their Work Cost

Ring #1 – 14Kt gold nugget style tapered ladies ring, cost to size $117.00


Ring # 1. How Much Does it cost to Size My Ring? $107.00.

This ring was sized up from a size 7 to an 8.5, one and a half sizes larger. We had to add gold by building a tiny bridge of gold the same thickness and width as the existing ring.

We used the open flame soldering method. There were no gems to worry about or design elements that needed special care. There was just a chunk of gold and a good chunk of time taken to do the sizing.

Ring #2 – a Sterling Silver two flower sapphire ring sized to 7.5, cost to size $35.00

Sapphire Flowers ring in sterling silver

Ring #2 Has a Thin Ring Shank Which Helps Keep the Price Down

The reason for the low price to size this ring is the fact that the ring is made of sterling silver which is way less expensive than gold. Another factor is its very thin shank.

There is less labor time needed for very thin shanked rings. Another factor is that it started out as a size 6.75 so it didn’t need to be made hugely larger.

A final favor was that this ring had sapphires in the top design. Sapphires are more heat resistant than fragile gems like opal, emeralds and tanzanites. The design had the gems quite separate from the main shank of the ring, so heat that would conduct was unlikely to make it to the gems.

Ring #3 – a 14Kt White Gold Three Heart Diamond Ring sized to 7.75, Cost to Size $99.00

14kt diamond hearts ring, we size this ring

Ring #3 Has Pretty Diamond Hearts and is Heat Resistant and Easy to Size

This ring being set with heat resistant diamonds didn’t need special treatment to shield the gems during the sizing process. The shank was pretty thin and we were sizing from a size 6 so it was a straightforward job.

After polishing the ring, we rhodium plated it. This is an industry standard step on all white gold ring repairs. This rhodium plating process costs $30.00 – $35.00. The heat of the work removes the previous rhodium plating and it needs to be reapplied. Read about Rhodium Plating.

Ring #4 – a Sterling Silver, Amethyst and Peridot Ring sized to 7.75, Cost to Size $39.00

Bezel set amethyst and peridots ring in sterling silver

Pretty Sterling Silver Amethyst and Peridot Ring.

This ring was a simple sizing from size 7.  We were careful of heat conductivity with the gems. The shank was not super thick.

The big concern in any ring sizing is the gemstones, as open flame solder, the easiest method of sizing, can damage gemstones.

Ring #5 – a Sterling Silver and Moonstone Ring sized to 8, Cost to Size $58.00

Sterling Silver Ring with Pretty Moonstone Set in a Decorative Bezel Box Setting, just sized

Ring #5 – Sterling Silver Ring with Pretty Moonstone Set in a Decorative Bezel Box Setting

This ring has a domed shank that is thick. Because of the shank’s dome shape it was more time consuming to build the new section of shank to insert. We sized this ring from a size 5.5.

Final Notes on Ring Sizing

When your ring is returned to you there should be no visible sign that it was worked on. The only exception to this may be if there is a symmetrical design all the way around your ring, or if an older gold is combined with newer gold causing a slight color difference.

At the end of each sizing, the ring is polished to make it look nice and new. It is necessary as the process of sizing makes the metal look funky.

I plan other example posts on ring sizing costs so you can compare your ring with the ones shown to get an idea of what your ring may cost to have sized.

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Tracey M.
Tracey M.
10 years ago

Calla Gold! This is so useful. Keep the pictures and examples coming. I do understand that each jeweler charges different prices, but knowing the neighborhood to expect is really helpful.
You claim you’ll do it again with other examples, I hope you do. This is great stuff.

Tracey M.
Tracey M.
10 years ago

This was very informative….I think all of us (ladies) have a least one or two rings that need to be sized sitting somewhere in the back of our jewelry boxes!!!

Linda Menesez
10 years ago

Calla, this is so helpful. I had my wedding and engagement rings resized a few years ago — before I met you. I probably would have done it sooner, if I had known the price range. Thank you again for being so helpful and writing such an informative article!


Renee Manseau
Renee Manseau
10 years ago

It’s nice to be able to get a general idea on the ball park costs of resizing a ring. There certainly are a lot of factors to consider, but even then, it seems quite manageable to resize, and revive, a favorite ring. And as you say, “Wear it, don’t warehouse it.”

Linda Perkins
Linda Perkins
10 years ago

Thank you Calla! The cost of sizing a ring was an absolute mystery to me. I’ve never had to have it done and frankly thinking about giving my ring to a stranger to size it freaks me out a little. I also was thinking it could be like $200.00 to size a ring based on something a friend said a couple of years ago. Luckily I am in Santa Barbara and to tell the truth my ring fits way tighter than it used to and sometimes when I want to take it off on a hot day, it’s just not… Read more »

Shadae Sweeney
Shadae Sweeney
10 years ago

My fiance actually proposed with the ring his mother had. So it’s important to us both. Her ring finger happens to be larger than mine. How much would down sizing cost? The ring is 6-7 and my finger is 5-5.5

9 years ago

I need to size down…what do the jewelers do with the gold. Do they simply remold it to smaller size, or do they take the gold away?

9 years ago

I have a gold ring with diamonds set like a bouquet of flowers I guess you could say, the ring is two pieces and fits together like a puzzle, the shanks are thin but the ring it self is a little big for my finger and I’ll need to have it sized down to a 6. I’m wondering if you could maybe give me an estimate on how much that will cost, any help would be appreciated, please contact by email, thank you. The ring was a gift to my fiancé from some one else as well, so we don’t… Read more »

Nicole black
9 years ago

I have a white gold sapphire and diamond ring that I had to get cut off my finger it’s a size 8 but my fingers are now a size 11 how much would that cost to get repaired and ‘re sized?

Selena Garcia
Selena Garcia
9 years ago

i have a Sterling Silver men’s ring size 13 and I need to get it sized to a 16 I was trying to figure out how much that would cost me. If you would please contact me by Thank you.