How Much Does it Cost to Size My Ring? Platinum and White Gold

Calla Gold Jewelry Wedding Set with Floral Design and Diamonds

One Day This May Need to be Sized

Platinum and white gold rings cost more than yellow gold to size. Platinum rings cost more than white gold to size.

I see a lot of platinum rings and get a lot of questions like this: "Why does my gold band, (by "band" I mean a ring that is the same width all the way around), cost $85.00 to size one size larger and my husband's platinum band costs $140.00 to size one size larger? And how come my white gold band costs $105.00 to size one size larger?"

This was written in 2013 and has not been updated to reflect the rise in metal pricing, rhodium plating increases or labor cost increases.

How is Sizing Done?

Check out my explanatory post on methods of ring sizing.

Calla Gold soldering a ring

Using Solder to Work on an Older Gold Ring

Why Does White Gold Cost More to Size Than Yellow Gold?

With for example yellow gold wedding bands with no gems, they merely need to be polished after sizing and they are ready to wear.

White gold on the other hand needs to be rhodium plated (See my post on rhodium plating) after the sizing is done. White gold started its life as a yellowy, orangy metal and needed white metal alloys to create the white gold color.

It's not quite truly a white metal. The final process of making new white gold jewelry is to rhodium plate the piece of jewelry.  This gives your ring a very white and shiny finish. It has also been known to shield people from the irritation some people feel from the nickel in the alloy of white gold.

The extra cost in repairing white gold rings comes from the rhodium plating done after the sizing work. It is necessary, and it's a step that any fine jeweler includes when sizing or repairing your white gold jewelry.

Why Does Platinum Cost More to Size Than White Gold?

Platinum's Purity Adds to its Cost

The platinum in many rings is 95% pure platinum vs. 58% pure gold for 14kt white gold. This means that the metal costs are higher for platinum work.

Platinum is a completely different metal than gold. Gold is actually an easier metal to work with than platinum.

Among other things required for working platinum is a tank of different, hotter burning gas, used for soldering. Then there are separate tools that can not be shared with any other metals. Just like tomatoes, which prefer to grow in soil they've already grown in, platinum will discolor if you dare to use tools on it that have been used to work gold.

Picky picky.

Pie chart showing purity of gold in 14kt gold rings

Purity of Gold Metal in 14kt White Gold Rings

This means your jeweler must be versed in the quirky requirements of platinum and have the separate tools and separate gas and a separate work space to care properly for your platinum ring.

You pay more for the expertise and quality work space to have your platinum ring worked on.

Some jewelers do platinum jewelry repairs using 14kt white gold. This saves them money. If you get a low bid on your platinum work, before you say, 'sure, let's save some money here,' and use ABC Quickie Jewelry Repairs, ask if the repair work is being done with platinum. There's a good chance it is not.

So How Much to Size My Platinum Ring?

It'll probably start at about $90.00 for a very simple sizing.

How Does That Stack Up Against White Gold?

Simply sizing the ring one size lower could cost you $70.00 for a 14kt white gold ring. A sizing job going one size larger would start at around $90.00. This pricing is taking into account just sizing, polishing, and rhodium plating  for a fairly thin ring with no other issues. In case you've had irritation from your white gold ring, read about nickel allergies.

Work Costs for Real Rings

Halo engagement ring with diamonds everywhere!

Ring #1 is a Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring and a Challenge

Ring #1 - Extreme Sizing - Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring. Cost to size: $280.00

This ring came to me a size 7 and had to be sized down to a size 4.5. That is a huge size difference. This sizing can effect the angle of the design, where the diamonds are set and worse case scenario can cause visible crimping where the metal has to bend inward. Often diamonds in the area that will be effected are removed and then re-set after the work has been done.

Ring #2 - 18kt White Gold with Rubies and Diamonds. Cost to size: $128.00

Ruby and diamond baguette white and yellow gold ring - cost to size ring

This is a Before Picture of Her Ruby and Diamond Channel Set Ring

This ring needed to be sized from a size 6 to a 7.25. The gems were set in the more challenging channel style. This ring is gorgeous, but not a simple slam dunk sizing. It needed time and care in the work. The gems are at risk of damage when this work is done.

Specifically the square cut diamonds in their channel are at risk for cracking when the overall shape is changed even slightly. Opening the ring to the size needed is done slowly, checking the diamonds in the channel for movement or signs of stress.

After sizing and polishing, we rhodium plated the outer white part of the ring.

Ring #3 - 14kt White Gold Very Wide Band. Cost to Size: $180.00

Quarter inch wide white gold wedding band

Ring #3 is White Gold and a Quarter of an Inch Wide it Was Sized Larger

This wedding band needed to go 1.25 sizes larger to a 6.5. This wonderful ring was about a quarter of an inch wide.

One big concern was the long message of engraving inside. A couple of letters needed to be polished off and re-inscribed.

After sizing it we polished it and rhodium plated it.

Ring #4 - Platinum with Burnish Set Tiny Sprinkled Diamonds. Cost to Size: $160.00

Platinum and burnish set tiny white diamonds thin wedding band - Calla Gold Jewelry

Ring #4 Platinum and Diamond Wedding Band With a Hammered Finish

This sweet little band needed to be sized from a size 7.5 to a 9.5. During sizing one of the diamonds became a bit tilted in its little setting.

We took it out and re-set it. Then we polished it and rhodium plated it. We also re-hammer finished it.

Ring #5 - Platinum and Diamond  Tiny Wedding Band. Cost to size: $95.00

How much does it cost to size my ring? Platinum diamond band and diamond engagement ring

Ring #5 - The Cost to Size my Rings is Detailed. Both of Them!

This very narrow platinum band with pave set tiny diamonds was sized up a half a size larger to 6.25. It was a simple sizing. It looked a bit grey, so we rhodium plated it as a final step. Its cost, $95.00.

As a bonus in the "what does it cost?" department, we also sized her 14kt white gold engagement ring up a half a size to 6.25. We needed to re-engrave the inside inscription engraving. The sizing and engraving came to $108.00.

Sterling Silver and Gold Sizing Costs

If you'd like to read examples of costs to size sterling silver rings and  gold rings, check out my "How Much Does it Cost to Size My Ring? Sterling Silver and Gold"

Is This What the Jewelry Industry as a Whole Charges for Sizing?

Keep in mind, these prices are only reflect myself as a jeweler in Santa Barbara. My prices do not reflect big city prices. Please don't think some guy in New York with killer rent is trying to rip you off. Rents, and the costs of bench jewelers on staff vary from region to region.

The expertise of the bench jewelers who size and repair your rings is vast and takes years to gain. I both value and honor them, and I don't want my blog posts with pricing to be used to make them feel like they charge too much.

Why Did I Start This Series on Ring Sizing Costs?

I've been asked so many times how much this ring or that ring will cost to size, that I figured I'd be super transparent and photograph actual rings and post the price I charged to size them.

More of my Costs of Ring Sizing Series:

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Donna Olenik
Donna Olenik
10 years ago

Sure explains alot and I definately need to shop for another jeweler. I was quoted $800.00 for my platinum wedding ring and engagement ring set that was cut off my finger for a surgery size 7. needing to be sized up to a 10 and i thought was a little too costly. Thank-you

Brittany Jantz
Brittany Jantz
10 years ago

I have a sterling silver cz engagement ring Tacori brand with engravings on the band very beautiful ring I love it and it has lasted. My fiancée guessed my size was a six, but its a 7.5. I have no clue how much he paid for it I have not asked because money is not a problem. How much should it cost to get it sized up?

drema cook
drema cook
10 years ago

Need to get the 4 prong shank side’s fixed. My Band has worn the sides of the engagement ring badly. The prongs are fine except where the platiumn band rubbed against the platiumn engagement ring. What is the approximate cost to repair? I wear these ALL the time.

jenna mataalii
jenna mataalii
10 years ago

i have my engagement ring, its a size 9.25 i need it a size bigger. i don’t know if its white gold or platinum. could i send you some pictures? i would love an approximate cost.

9 years ago

I’m considering getting my ring resized, but I’m concerned about trusting the jeweler I choose (I’m relatively new to town). Call me a pessimist, but how can I ensure that I get my ring back with it’s original diamonds? Are rings appraised before they’re resized?

9 years ago

Thanks for this post.
I play basketball and jammed my finger so my engraved platinum wedding band doesn’t fit down/ over the last joint anymore.

I’d love to wear my ring again. $120 or less for the small size increase should be good. Is that a good guess on the cost to me of sizing it bigger?

Susan Esser
9 years ago

I was doing an online search to find info on sizing platinum and diamond half-bands when I came across your website. It was very helpful, and informative – much more so than any other site I’ve seen.

I also want to thank you for your speedy email response to my questions! You’ve provided me with even more info that will be helpful to me in finding the appropriate jeweler in my area. I only wish you weren’t 5+ hours away because I feel I could really trust YOU to do the work! Thanks again!

9 years ago

This is really helpful! I’ve got to get my wedding rings resized as I’ve lost a significant amount of weight in the past 18 months, and now neither of my rings fits–my finger has gone from an 11 to a 7-7.25. I nearly lost my wedding band today and now need to find a jeweler in the Dallas area to resize my rings. They are platinum, and knowing that working with platinum requires a whole other set of tools is useful. Thanks for providing this info online. 🙂

9 years ago

I need to size a white gold diamond engagement ring from a 7 to a 6. It has diamonds along about a third of the ring and one on like a bridge above those.

Heather Mora
9 years ago

Hello Calla: I’m considering buying a white 14 k gold diamond anniversary band (7 diamonds, total of 1 carat, round) prong set, no channels. The ring is only sold in size 6 and I’m a 7-3/4. Someone suggested to me that I should go ahead and buy the ring and resize it. Now, I’m wondering how do I go about finding someone qualified to resize it. I had already spoken to one jeweler before I read all this helpful information about resizing a ring. Thank you, I won’t be using that jeweler. I don’t know any good “repair work” jewelers,… Read more »