Spinning Vintage Ring Fixed with a CLIQ Hinge Shank


Vintage Emerald cabochon platinum ring

Delicate Elements Rule This Vintage Ring

It is seriously annoying, having to take off your rings to type. Hilary keeps a jar by her computer to put her rings in when she types. She loves vintage jewelry and knows that top heavy rings are no-goes.

But she couldn’t help herself. Her latest dream ring was a large emerald cabochon cut vintage style. It called to her and she answered the call. She named her Jade for her beautiful imperial green jade color.

Between the narrow shank and the top weighted design this lovely ring couldn’t go out much. It spun on Hilary’s hand unmercifully.

You see Hilary has a 2 1/2 size knuckle to finger differential. She’s not alone. But happily she wasn’t willing to be uncomfortable in her jewelry, so she gave me a call. This is her CLIQ hinge story.

Can You Put a Hinge on a Thin Vintage Ring?

Gallery view of vintage filigree ring

With Cracks in the Gallery, and Thin Elements Everywhere, This Looked Like a Dicey Idea

Jade had a few things going on that would make any jeweler cringe at the thought of using a hinging shank.

She was delicate in every way. Her cabochon cut emerald had lovely inclusions, and emerald is heat sensitive and finicky about being bonked or even tapped against objects.

Jade’s shank was narrow and worn thin and there were multiple cracks in her gallery, (the part under the center stone, seen from the side).

She had the fragile look of a finely made antique. Her details were beautiful, but tiny.

When in Doubt, Beef it Up!

CLIQ hinge shank

Notice the Deeper Base Under the Filigree. That Gave the Hinge the Support it Needed

When you have a too thin ring that needs a hinge, you need to build an under-the-gallery bridge to strengthen the top portion of the ring.

Chances are you will probably need a wider shank for the hinge to be built onto.

A hinge puts more pressure on the top portion of your ring. If it is not supported properly it can bend and weaken.

Jade had cracks to boot that had to be dealt with before any strengthening work took place.

We fixed her cracks and created a subtle looking bridge and made her shank wider and deeper.

The CLIQ Hinge Shank

Why did I choose CLIQ hinge for Hilary? I knew that shopping carts, luggage, car seats and kids and spinning rings don’t mix.

I chose it because of its solid bottom section. There are a number of hinging ring choices, but for Hilary and Jade, CLIQ was the perfect fit!

Then Hilary Tried it On

Not only did Jade fit, but Hilary wore it while typing the email to me on her computer. Her computer ring jar was empty, because happily she didn’t have to remove her ring first, because the fit was so comfortable!

Here’s Her Letter

Cliq hinge

The Hinge is on the Side. This is the Tool to Open it, But You Can Just Use a Pen Too.

“Good morning Calla,

Thank you for the call yesterday, which made me smile all day as I suffered terribly at the farmers market with all the kids in 90 degree weather and very little shade. Today’s forecast is 105 with a heat index of 111. Apocalypto! 

I picked up my box on Wednesday and have been enjoying the anticipation of my Sunday morning, when I would be able to tell you all about it…

Jade and the CLIQ Hinge and Previously Impossible Feats of Awesomeness:

First of all, I am typing with her on, right now. All my life I have had a jar next to my computer because I had to take off my rings (with the recent exception of the eternity band you made me – I think I see a pattern emerging here). No ring has survived the jiggling of typing without spinning around and annoying me, until now. Working at a computer without wearing rings is a crime that I no longer have to commit!


cliq hinge shank

What the Smooth Closed Hinge Looks Like.

No more fear of the high rise – I have always avoided rings with a high rise off the finger because I didn’t like how they looked or felt. Well, that’s because on me, they always looked like they had been driven up on a curb, and felt like a rock stuck in between my fingers. Now, Jade sits up properly on my finger and the rise is gorgeous! Elegant, beautiful, I love it. All these years I have been constructing things to avoid in rings and it was all just about the poor fit. What a revelation!

No more fear of the shopping cart – As the mother of four, grocery shopping is naturally the bane of my existence. This was made worse by ring spin because I was constantly worried about damaging my rings, what with all the grasping, quick moves to thwart kids, grasping again. Now, Jade just stays put and looks fabulous and the wider band is SO comfortable. So many activities in my life require grasping and weight bearing, and this ring is now strong enough for the wear and comfortable no matter what I am doing. My family confirms that if the CLIQ shank leads to more or better grocery shopping, then I can have as many as I want!

But my favorite thing of all is the sturdy undergarments you gave her. I see how it strengthens the gallery and also gives her 1-2 mm higher rise. My favorite thing about this stone is the streaked inclusions that run through it, and I would often take it off and hold it up to the light to better view them. Now, with the little bit of extra lift, the stone is beautifully lit and the inclusions are clearly visible while it’s on my hand. It literally lights up the stone- I will take a picture of this and send it to you. If the person who designed this ring 100 years ago could see your addition to the gallery, s/he would say, Oh, that is so perfect! The change is organic and subtle but the effect is dramatic. 

Everything in the box is awesome. The fire opal just about tipped me over, I couldn’t believe how great it looks and fits. The bunny is back and better than ever. I love my pinky ring. The marcasite has incredible contrast. I’m forgetting something I’m sure! I am so delighted by the way you bring the life back to my grandmother’s old pieces, which are sentimental and I love to see them looking so grand. I have an amber ring of hers I’ll send along at some point. I hope you have a lovely weekend and I appreciate everything you do.”


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