Antique Jewelry Restoration

Inherited & Antique Jewelry Restoration

Revitalize inherited jewelry or reimagine antique jewelry in custom designs. The possibilities are endless!

Working with your personal tastes and style, your Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold turns inherited jewelry or antique jewelry pieces into modern treasures. » What is a personal jeweler?

Inherited Jewelry Custom Design

Inherited diamond ring from a beloved Great Grandmother is combined with a worn wedding ring to become a gorgeous, revitalized piece of jewelry.

Our most meaningful jewelry pieces can be handed down over generations, or discovered in antique jewelry collections. Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold specializes in revitalizing and restoring to their original style inherited jewelry for renewed beauty and meaning! Calla Gold can also gently remove gemstones from your inherited jewelry and transform them into unique custom designs for a new style and new life.

The Perfect Gift: Revived Antique Jewelry

The story of your ancestors and revitalized jewelry from them is a special gift that shows you care deeply. Calla can redesign heirloom jewelry as an anniversary gift, or as a personalized gift for your children or grandchildren. Restoring antique jewelry for a unique birthday gift is a popular choice as well.

Custom Wedding Rings from Inherited Jewelry

Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold can tell your love story by designing a special custom engagement ring using inherited jewelry gemstones. Carry on the meaning behind a family jewelry piece, or reimagine your own tradition. Calla Gold creatively designs wedding rings with antique or heirloom jewelry details.

Broken Jewelry Repair for Inherited Jewelry

Let the love shine through in jewelry handed down by a family member. Calla Gold Jewelry can fix broken, fragile, or older jewelry and return it to its original glory.

Jewelry Resizing

Your jewelry box is full of treasures that just need a simple resizing. Why wait? Calla Gold will carefully resize your beautiful pieces so you can wear them (and love them) today.

Gallery of Designs

View a gorgeous collection of custom jewelry designs by Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold.


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