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Ashton Kutcher and His Rhodium Wedding Band

By Calla Gold

Allen (Jon Cryer) holding Walden's (Ashton Kutcher) ring in Two and a Half Men

“My precious!” – Alan to Walden’s Rhodium Ring; Two and a Half Men: “A Fishbowl Full Of Glass Eyes”


Walden of Two and a Half Men Single-Handedly Raises Rhodium’s Profile

A couple of my clients who are Two and a Half Men fans told me about an episode in which Ashton Kutcher’s character, Walden, proclaimed that his Rhodium wedding band was made of “the most expensive metal in the world.”

This has caused a spike of interest in rhodium, it’s even been mentioned by ABC in their blog, found here: Move Over Platinum, Now There’s Rhodium. This blog discusses rhodium’s price as a metal, but ignores the fact that rings are not made out of rhodium.

Then Rhodium Was Trending on Twitter Something Fierce

I wanted to give everyone my 2-cents and clear up a bit of misinformation currently going around about rhodium in wedding bands. The first is that we don’t cast rings out of rhodium, we plate with it.

As my friend Bernie who does a lot of my rhodium plating says, “rhodium is super fine in the molecular department. Honey don’t quote me on that. But the bottom line is its fineness makes it great for plating but not so great for casting into jewelry.”

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a metal in the platinum metals group. It is very white. It is whiter than platinum. And even more white than white gold. When plated on metal rhodium often gives a shinier shine than the underlying metal gives.

On the East Coast it’s a big thing to rhodium plate your platinum rings as well as your white gold ones. On the West Coast, that jewelry beautifying trick with platinum jewelry isn’t as well known. Re-rhodium plating is common all over for white gold rings.

Reaching Out to the Stars (Yeah, I’m doin’ that)

Don’t get me wrong, I love that Ashton Kutcher’s character is loving his ring. Unfortunately the rhodium plated part of his ring will at some point wear off and need to be re-plated.

“Ashton, feel free to call on me for your next rhodium plating need!”

Rhodium 101

Pure Rhodium. This Makes for an Excellent Coating Material.

I’ve written about rhodium before because I use it in jewelry finishing when I custom make white gold and platinum jewelry creations. I also use it when repairing white metal jewelry.

It brings the pop to white metal color. This is my blog post and my explanation of rhodium.

My other blog post is about ways to fabulousify and beautify your jewelry with rhodium treatment.

I Love Rhodium

Ashton Kutcher loves rhodium too. Care to jump on the bandwagon?

Rhodium Jeweler,
Calla Gold

4 thoughts on “Ashton Kutcher and His Rhodium Wedding Band

  1. You love Rhodium, Adam loves Rhodium, we all love Rhodium! And Calla is definitely the go-to jeweler if you want some Rhodium plating or want to refurbish some of your needy white metal jewelry with Rhodium!

  2. Lazy writers. Makes me wonder if they get anything right in this show. Thanks for clearing that up Calla.

    • Hi Gabe,
      I’m reminded of some articles I read by the journalist who is trying on something new for a day. He could be plopping facts found randomly into a story that has technical and readability problems.
      I love to learn new things, but not from people who are clueless.
      Thanks for writing!
      Calla Gold

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