The Directionator

The Terminator’s Girlfriend Would Wear This

As a huge Terminator fan, who has read more than a few YA novels, and goes to all the Sci-Fi movies, I couldn’t not review this Elements necklace.

I’m always interested when tech and jewelry meet, and this one is especially interesting. It’s a necklace for the directionally challenged, such as myself. It changes color when you face North, South, East or West. Motherboard wrote a fun article introducing the Elements necklace.

The Elements Necklace

Is it just me or would you have trouble seeing the color change on your necklace? I mean it’s right below your chin  right? Well I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. So I could carry a little mirror I suppose. On the other hand it is a largish necklace, if you were in a dark place you could certainly see the colors.

Elements Necklace by WXYZ

The Sci-Fi Awesome Elements Necklace

What I really like about the necklace is how it would fit right in on a Star Trek episode up in the future, it just looks like something from a world to come.

I love the fact that it changes colors, too. Hmm, I’m flirting with being drummed out of the jeweler corps by saying this. I’m supposed to only love jewelry colors if they are gemstones. And clearly that’s my first love.

I think Facebook said my alien name is Yadura, and seriously, Yadura would wear this necklace in her blue mesa’d, purple caved, red sunned world. On earth, I’ll stick to my diamonds and emeralds.

How Lost Can You Get?

Between the Colors of the Necklace and Flaming Drinks We’ve Got a Thing here

But let’s be practical for a second. Couldn’t I just enable a compass app on my phone? Ask Lord Google where home is?

It’s true I might leave my phone somewhere, but the necklace would certainly stay put. It could be a good drinking necklace, there could be games like spin the necklace, I can picture many drinking games using this necklace.

Hmm, it’s seeming more useful all of a sudden. I’m a fan of finding hacky uses for things that the maker didn’t intend. Sort of like how the “Go To Meeting” application by Citrix started out a little geeky tech thing and users found the killer app way it should be used and now it’s monstrously popular.

If There’s No WiFi in the Woods Are You Still Lost?

Elements Necklace

The Directionator er, Elements Necklace in Action.
Photo: Christopher Santos

You know where this could be really useful? In the woods when you are lost. Hmm, what if there’s no wifi? Well there’s always the, moss is on the north side of the trees, rule.

One of these days WiFi will be everywhere I suppose. And I like a cute necklace so for the directionally challenged of us who want to embrace the latest technology, look colorful and love all kinds of jewelry, your necklace has arrived!

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Tracey B
Tracey B
3 years ago

When I’m in the woods I wouldn’t wear that. But I’d definitely wear it to a club. And seriously at a club you can get turned around. Especially if you are short!
I like that you called it the Directionator, it’s perfect.

Sherrill Nickerson
Sherrill Nickerson
3 years ago

I need it to talk to me and say “nope, not that way.” My ability to get lost is uncanny-I am misdirectioned savant.