Review of Silicone Sliders – VS Plastic Disc Earring Backs

Ear lobe droop is the pits. I've previously talked about plastic disc backs and monster backs as a solution to the dual problem of having earrings point toward the pavement or pull uncomfortably on your ear lobes. And I failed to share my views on black pants. More on that later. Check out my previous post about plastic disc backs and monster backs to support droopy earlobes.

Happily my pal, smart guy Gary, shared with me the concept of Silicone Sliders and sent me a few pair to try out. Gary probably wonders why I kept them for two years before finally reviewing them. Here’s why, read on…

Plastic Disc Backs and Their Lack of Graceful Aging

Plastic Disc Backing

The thing about plastic disc backs is that they have a wax filled brass barrel. At first they grip like gang-busters.

Sometimes they break your post off if you’re not careful, they grip so hard. And sometimes metal sensitive folks find out that their ears are sensitive to the non-gold metal that makes up the barrel.

Large monster earring back next to a normal small earring back

Monster Backs VS Regular Size Backs

And when they get old they quit gripping because the plastic hardens after slowly getting larger.

That’s When I Fell Hard for 14kt Gold Monster Backs. I’m still in love with them. I   love that they are gold and don’t bug anyone’s metal sensitive ear lobes. I love that the gold hangs on to earrings reliably. They are strong and they look nice. But there’s a new backing in town and I’m here to tell you what I like about them.

All About Silicone Sliders

Silicone Slider Backing

First, it turns out that silicone doesn’t break down and go all yellow like the plastic in old plastic disc backs. That is the great news number one.

Great news number two, is that what is holding your earring post is a 14kt or 18kt yellow or white gold clutch back. It is surrounded by silicone, which has some flexibility to it, which has a nice tactile feel.

Large Size Silicone Sliders

I’m reviewing the large silicone sliders which do indeed keep your heaviest earrings from flopping forward and pointing toward the payment. Since we are comparing disc backs which also keep your earlobes from drooping I figured I'd spend my time with the large backs.

The company has had requests for smaller backs and are now making smaller ones which are nice in that they are easy to grasp and are still karat gold where it counts.

The Biggest Difference Between Plastic Disc Backs and Silicone Sliders

silicone sliders

Different Sized Choices

Earlier I mentioned for plastic disc backs that the wax inside the barrel holding your earring post hardens and quits hanging on to your earring reliably. Bummer if you didn’t notice this before your earring ends up crushed under your shoe by your car. Yeah, ah, that was me.

I also referenced going slow on my test of the silicone sliders. I used them again and again for about two years to see if they quit gripping well or if the silicone discolored or hardened.

That was how I saw that silicone flat out lasts longer and looks better as it ages than the plastic disc backs. So I won’t beat around the bush, I like these things.

Black Pants and Earring Backings

Screw Back Sliders

In case you’re thinking I ditched monster backs for my new earring back - silicone sliders, I didn’t. I’m loyal and I’m fickle. What I’m talking about is like this. I have more than one pair of black pants. My husband thinks they all look the same. Dude, I have tight leg, boot cut and loose waist (for well, when I need that looser fit, nuff said).

I have many black pants and many styles of earring backs. My monster backs go to special diamond earrings and a pair of fabulous heavy earrings that I adore. I’m using silicone sliders on other large earrings that I love. I have an assortment of pure 14kt clutch backs for my smaller earrings. I delight in the choices and pampering each pair with just the right backs. They even do a screw back version!

Who’s Not Losing Earrings?


I Love How These Go on Easy and Stay on.

That would be me. When you stop switching your backings around and have enough backings for all your quality earrings, your lost earring heartbreak falls into the distant past.

If you love your earrings, love your earring backings too. Don't switch them around, that way lies hell, or at least a lost earring. Which is essentially the same thing in my world.

And girl, I think you could use another pair of black pants.


Your Personal Jeweler,

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Betsy Smith
Betsy Smith
5 years ago

There is a product called Levears you need to check out. They are monster backs with a little curly Q attached that solve the droopy earring problem. I don’t trust them with my diamond studs but they work great with any post earring.

mj will
mj will
4 years ago

Where online can I buy silicone sliders?

mj will
mj will
Reply to  Calla Gold
4 years ago

Thank you – that was too obvious!