Ring Disasters Part, 1 – Broken or Pancaked Prongs


Close up on Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring Needing Repair of broken prongs

Pancaked Prong on Left and Broken prong on Right on Diamonds

Your unchecked prongs could be in the red zone. Isn’t it annoying that just about the time your ring is the most comfortable it’s ever been and is not catching on any of your clothing, it’s the most likely to be in the danger zone?

Sad but true. This Santa Barbara Jeweler has noticed that new rings and the gemstones, with their sturdy and visible prongs are at their safest. However they are potentially the most likely to snag a sweater or otherwise annoy you.

Why You Do Not Want Pancaked Prongs

Vintage ring with much wear and tear

Pancaked Prongs

New prongs stick up. Old prongs wear down. Flat as a pancake. Hence my name “Pancaked Prongs.”

Click on image to get close up and see those flattened out prongs.

The Hidden Danger of Pancaked Prongs

Flattened Ring Prongs - close up

This Diamond is in Danger With it’s Prongs Worn Away. Notice the worn away engraving too.

Worn down prongs are one of the most common repair projects I have to deal with. You can’t see with your naked eye that the danger is lurking.

Unfortunately the call I usually get goes something like this, “Calla, I just lost a ruby,” or “one of my little side diamonds is gone,” or “I just got my ring out of the jewelry box and the main sapphire is missing, was I blind when I last wore it?”

Six Tips to Help You Avoid the Loss of Your Gemstones

Jeweler's Loupe in Stainless Steel

A Jeweler’s Loupe Reveals Many Secrets

1. If your ring feels scratchy, take it off and look at it under magnification. Sometimes that smooth flattened thin prong gets yanked up by something or gets hit just right and bends.

2. If you can see that a gemstone is loose, take it off and look at it under magnification.

3. If you can hear something moving in your ring, take it off and look at it under magnification.

4. If you’ve owned this ring for a while and haven’t had it checked, yup, take it off, etc.

Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

Perky Re-Built Prongs After Repair

5. Buy a loupe, your Jeweler’s favorite tool. It’s a little magnifier you use to look at  your jewelry and really see the details.

6. Have your Jeweler check your frequently worn jewelry every six months or so, even if there are no red flags warning you to check it out.

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?

You can prevent disasters in your World of Jewelry Love.

Yes you. Call me, buy a loupe, or have your favorite Jeweler check your most frequently worn jewelry regularly.

White Gold and Diamond Ring

Smokey Bear says”Only you can prevent forest fires.” Calla Gold says, “Only you can prevent jewelry disasters.” So keep on checking your Jewelry, it’s counting on you.

What’s Next?

In future posts I’ll describe the types of repairs and choices you’ll need to make regarding pancaked and broken prongs. Seriously, it’s good to know.

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