Wear it Don’t Warehouse it, Rhonda’s Coin Earrings Re-do

Rhonda's Coin Earrings Re-Do

Rhonda and I had already met a bunch of times selecting jewelry pieces to define her new executive look. Before I tell you about the coin earrings re-do project, allow me to tell you about the amazing and fascinating Rhonda.

I'm Calla Gold and among other duties as a Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler I help people select jewelry specifically to communicate the look they want to show the world.

Out, were the dingly-dangly teenager earrings. In, were the tailored, close-to-the-ear styles.

Rhonda's Life and Look Were Changing

I noticed her hair dresser changing her hair style and her clothes were going through an up-styling as well. (Over the course of time.)

Fix What You've Got First That Works

At the beginning of our process we fixed all of Rhonda's broken jewelry. Now we were

earrings, pearls

Rhonda Did Not Own Pearl Studs!

filling in the blanks with choices like pearl stud earrings.

Who doesn't have at least one pair of pearl earrings? I ask you! Rhonda! How is that even possible? Well, Rhonda evidently was raised on a communal farm. No kidding, how cool is that?

Find Out What You Have That You're Not Wearing and See if it Can be Updated

I asked if she had any jewelry that wasn't broken, but that she wasn't using. So she brought out these coin earrings she'd inherited from her Aunt Tilda. She loved her Aunt, but not the earrings.

So we decided to re-design the coin earrings to work for Rhonda and be a happy reminder of good old Aunt Tilda. Evidently Tilda was quite an amazing woman in her day. The founder of the commune perhaps? I'll have to ask Rhonda one of these days.

Aunt Tilda's Earrings Come Out of Retirement

coin earring with diamonds around

Rhonda's New Coin Earrings Look Professional and Great on Her

In order to do a coin earrings re-do these earrings I removed the wire backs and put on post backs. Then I put settings around the edge and set the diamonds from her grandmother's pin and ta-da, tailored, close-to-the ear beauties.

Rhonda was originally concerned that the earrings would be too dressy or formal. Happily they really work with her look.

I'm a Curious Jeweler

So just out of curiosity I had to ask her how a girl from, down on the commune, comes to the big city and is so good at ordering people around, in a nice way, that she sails up the corporate ladder?

Well the answer included stuff about milking cows and shoeing her own horses. Hmmm. Sounds pretty interesting. I don't think I've heard of that method.

Maybe she should write a book. Something like "From the Milking Shed to the Executive Suite" or "How Shoeing My Horse Taught Me How To Herd Underlings." Oh, yeah it's a blog about jewelry. Did I digress?

If You're Not Wearing it, it's Basically Worth Nothing!

My point here is a piece of your jewelry may not be broke, but if you're not wearing it it may as well be.

Pull it out and treat it like a broken piece of jewelry. Show it to your favorite creative jeweler and see if it can be revitalized, renewed or in some way made lovable again. If you don't have a favorite creative jeweler, call me!

Calla Gold



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About Calla Gold

Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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Sue M.
Sue M.
11 years ago

Talk about your not-broken, unworn jewelry, it’s like it’s invisible!
I’ve had a few pieces that fall in that category. Putting Rhonda’s story front and center of the revitalizing your jewelry idea made me care.
It doesn’t hurt that I too love horses and jewelry!
Might have to give you a call Calla!

Sonal Sahrawat
Sonal Sahrawat
7 years ago

Coin earrings is looking very beautiful and antique. I don’t know why she didn’t loved that earrings.