Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Your Parents Wedding Bands

Omega Slide with ruby and diamond and older wedding band

Debra's Precious Mom's Wedding Band Made Into a Pendant


After creating this beautiful memorial piece of jewelry for Debra, which ended up being written about in Dr. Oz's magazine, The Good Life ,

I became interested in what great ideas my fellow jewelers were coming up with to re-purpose wedding bands. Check out all the creativity out there.

parents wedding bands

A Celtic Knot Inspired Necklace

Lisa Fedor took a wedding set with its engagement diamond and found a way to weave the rings together in beauty.

I love how she created a flowing design where once simple circles lived. The symbolism of the togetherness of the parents in this design is especially moving to me.

A Father's Wedding Band Holds the Love

Pastor Darren Eastwood owner of Professional Jewelers of Asheville North Carolina, is a unique man. He's a man of God and a jeweler.

This beautiful and simple heart pendant created from a father's wedding band is an example of his creativity.

A Wonderful Before and After of an Engagement Ring

Rebecca Zurcher of Erwins Jewelers in Bellevue Nebraska showed how a simple diamond engagement ring could fine new life as a heart encircling the center diamond.

As a fan of the inspiring power of before and after pictures I very much enjoyed seeing how Rebecca skillfully re-purposed this ring.

Mixed Metals Ring Becomes a Cross

Steve Pahmeier of Rummele's Fine Jewelry in Manitowoc Wisconson created this one of a kind rose and white gold cross from a ring. The suggestion of waves is absolutely beautiful.

My hat is off the makers of this creation.

His and Hers Wedding Rings Become One

Steve Mcquerry of (I love this name), The Jewelry Doctors in Pikeville, Kentucky made this beautiful pendant using a two ring wedding set.

I think using an engagement ring as a heart is just perfect. Since that ring was worn many years in love.

A Cornucopia of Creativity

Ann Melodini Henderson, of Henderson and Co Jewelers in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania has many creative ways to give tribute to those you love using wedding bands.

Showing Support for a Cure and Love

Gary Dawson, Owner of Gary Dawson Designs in Eugene, Oregon has re-purposed many wedding bands of the beloved. This poignant design touches my heart. Cancer has taken a terrible toll in my family and in my circle of friends.

parents wedding bands

Two Parents Wedding Bands and a Tiny Cross

Steve Mcquery again. I not only loved the simplicity of reusing the wedding bands as they nested inside each other, but I love seeing his own wedding band.

In my heart I love seeing someone happily married being the one to handle these beloved rings.

A Heart Held in His Hand

Jenepher Ennema of Mastbergen Jewelry in Sheldon Iowa chose this way to re-purpose wedding rings. What I love about this, besides that she made a heart, is the way the side diamonds are able to be re-used.


Oregon Jeweler Dreaming up Drops of Love

Greg Salmon Owner of Ken and Daughters Jewelers in Newberg Oregon created this highly detailed pendant using his client's parents wedding rings. I love the hearts and tiny diamonds.

And here's one more great idea from Greg, a wedding band straightened out and engraved on beautifully, just in time for today's popular straight centerpiece necklace trend. I love his work.

Custom Creativity Ends up in Beauty and Sentiment

Alan Mark Vormbrock created these two hanging hearts. One cool element here is that one is white gold and the other one yellow gold.I'm a fan of Alan's work.

Do You Have Some Parents Wedding Bands You've Stored and Not Worn?

Now you have some inspiration. I hope you enjoyed our trip around the US seeing how different jewelers re-purpose parents wedding bands.

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6 years ago

thnx for sharing the nice jewellery information

6 years ago

Hi Calla, These are lovely memory pieces. Even though it appears the rings belonged to a parent or parents I was thinking they could be used to honour a late spouse as well. My friend lost her husband and later remarried. She had her beautiful engagement ring and her first husband’s wedding ring made into a pendant which she wore with great pride. They had sat for years in her jewel box unworn when her second husband suggested the pendant be made in memory of her first marriage. I always thought was a very sweet thing for him to think… Read more »

6 years ago

Thank you, I never thought of this approach. My mother passed away recently and this is a great idea for keeping her close and preventing her jewelry from just sitting in a box locked away.

The Jewelry Shop
The Jewelry Shop
5 years ago

It is really great to read this blog. Quite excited to know the ability to upload photos or designs with any piece of jewelry. I would really like to create one custom necklace. Great Idea!!!

5 years ago

Love these inspirational ideas. Another one I’ve heard of is to split the ring in half (especially if it’s an eternity band) and turn it into earrings. Or, two rings for two siblings.

Kornelia Hartwig
Kornelia Hartwig
5 years ago

My mom gave me the wedding rings as a keepsake. She is still alive. Is it bad taste to create a memory piece now?