Is Your Jewelry Box a Minefield of Unworn Jewelry?

jewelry box issues

With the Above Average Women in Camarillo discussing hidden treasure in their jewelry boxes

Your Jewelry Box is the Keeper of Memories And Could be a Minefield of Unworn Jewelry

I recently gave a talk in Camarillo on “Revitalizing Your Jewelry Wardrobe” to a group of wonderful women.  They loved my motto, “Wear it, Don’t Warehouse it.”  Their great questions also inspired me to blog about unused jewelry.

Did you know that the average woman has five pieces of jewelry she hasn’t worn in the last five years? It’s true.

In this post I’ll delve into the types of forgotten jewelry one might have in their jewelry box, why we aren’t wearing them, and what we should consider doing with them.

Above Average Women in Camarillo

What I loved about my recent talk in Camarillo was the number of women in the audience that admitted they were above average! They had in excess of five pieces of jewelry they hadn’t worn in five years.

Five years without wearing a piece of jewelry is far too long!

issues in your jewelry box

Describing how a small change in length can make a huge difference in comfort

Your Jewelry Box Could be a Minefield

A minefield of memories that stop change. Your jewelry box can be a minefield of reasons why you don’t change out those pieces. Reasons like:

Why you can’t change that ring from your Grandmother that you’ll never wear in its current style.

Or why that chain with the incredibly tiny and annoying clasp  just sits there.

Or why you don’t wear or do something about your charm bracelet that clacks on your computer keyboard.

Or why you don’t deal with your pieces of gift and self-purchased jewelry that no longer suit you.

Defusing the Minefield in Your Jewelry Box

The first thing I talk about when discussing revitalizing your jewelry is why those unworn pieces aren’t being worn. And how good it feels to do something about it.

Check out my new video on what you’re not wearing in your jewelry box and why.

One of the key points in this talk of revitalizing your unworn jewelry is defusing the reasons why we don’t pick up that piece of jewelry and just wear it.

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When Someone Tells You Not to Change That Jewelry Gift, What do you do?

Don’t Change That Gift!

The topic that got the most response right off the bat was that of feeling that you’re not allowed  to change that inherited gift. That is a biggie and one that I run into quite a bit.

If it’s a gift it is yours to change, to give away or do what you wish with. Other people can feel that they control what is yours,  but it belongs to you.

If the style is not right for you and you redesign it, re-use the gems in a style that compliments you, you still have the loving story and gift gems.

Check out this blog post I wrote on the ring that my client’s dad told her not to change and how we solved that problem.   “What to do with Your Inherited Jewelry.”

Jewelry box re-do

How to Make my Day. Revitalize Your Unworn Jewelry!!

Take Back the Joy in Your Jewelry Box

One of happiest results I can have when working with a woman’s unworn jewelry is hearing what a pleasure it is to open their jewelry box once we’ve finished.

Mandy R emailed me this gem, “Calla, I open my jewelry box and I see only jewelry I love to wear. Even the jewelry we re-designed brings to mind a fun memory! This experience has been a really happy one. Jen, (her daughter), was ecstatic when you suggested re gifting the pieces that weren’t working and couldn’t be re-designed.”

May your unworn treasures soon see the light of day and the light of change.

Re-Designing Jeweler,
Calla Gold From an email received after the presentation:
Calla, I had over half a dozen rave reviews the next day and the day after. Your presentation was stunning according to many people and revolutionary according to some others! Thank you so much.  – Judith


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Patricia Schwartz
9 years ago

Oh gosh. I definitely have a few pieces of jewelry that I don’t wear myself. Great post Calla! There’s that pair of earrings with the weirdly long posts that caused me to bleed when I was vigorously hugged the last time I wore them. Then there’s an inherited ruby in a very, shall we say “not me” design. Oh and this chain that I bought on impulse that is really too long, so any time I wear it it falls too close to well it draws the eyes too far down and I’m not comfortable and so I take it… Read more »